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Exploring Crystalline & Gemstone Alchemy - A Most Powerful Alchemy of Our Time

Crystalline Alchemy

The one who transfigures his body into incorruptible, infinite matter transfigures his whole world.” (1)

So much has been in place for the emergence of Heaven on Earth and a reality of ‘growth by grace’, but it has taken us years to integrate the teachings of the great Seer Almine, such that all would line up as alchemical keys to reveal that reality that is, always was, and ever will be. All else is illusion that arises only in resistance to life, and so the way to realize the new Reality is through surrendered trust that yields fluidity.  All is morphable to the one who lives in fluid alignment with Source by total immersal in the one eternally unfolding of here and now.  This is to live in no time, the only place of power…

Living in no time does not mean that you do not pay attention to what is  before you, but that what is before you is all that is.” (2)

We have very powerful and precise alchemy presently, to transfigure our body into incorruptible, infinite matter, and all who feel called are invited to take up the offerings of Crystalline Alchemy. There are three steps, and these are part of the crystalline alchemy we are exploring on the Academy.


Crystalline Alchemy is the most powerful alchemy that activates the DNA to far greater capacity beyond pristine humanness (144 strands) and  godhood (300 strands). It is the alchemy where 1 + 1 = 1056 strands of DNA. (3)

Think of every strand of DNA (or chamber of the Rose when seen as cross section) as a window into an evolutionary cycle, and that window when looked through, yields some gem as Tonal Luminosity’.  So the greater the strands or chambers, the more our resourcefulness and capacity to impact the whole of Creation. Think of the DNA chambers as keys of a musical instrument (piano keys, strings of the harp, metal bars of a xylophone, vocal chords’ capacity, for example). And each chamber used in a song forms a crystalline space of light, to illuminate what is to manifest within. Then each tone played as frequency, unfolds as melodies that manifest new life in the pristine space held by the gems of insight from those cycles. In this manner, we utilize the gifts of evolution to refine and create anew….into Eternity…

We are transfiguring the body to becoming a ‘crystalline capacitor of Infinite Intent’, such that we become a perfect receptor and emitter of the creational codes in perfect cooperation with what the moment calls forth through our Song of Self. It is a state achieved through wholeness, wherein we become portals of purification for life to flow through, as is, and emerge anew, in full alignment with the New Reality…all through these pristine spaces and songs that we sing in shaping life anew.


The whole body of Almine’s work comes into play in this, but we have 3 alchemical steps in particular, which  will accelerate the ‘landing’ of lofty principles that have been a guiding light all these years , into a fluid body of incorruptibility.  Everything now is about having the principles illuminate the fluid body such that physicality expresses as the place of holiness… We are not ascending out of body, rather we are ascending in physical matter, where density is seen as ‘pools of unarticulated potential‘ which becomes the power unleashed through embodied Tonal Luminosity.

The 3 alchemical steps are captured in the following:

1- The Holy Quartz Alchemy, which activates pristine humanness through healing the core layers of DNA (the 144 strands). It also begins the process of emerging the true ordinary meridians that were placeholders up to now. They emerge as massive powers to organize (function of their organs) life at ever higher orders of expression.

2- The Holy Matter Alchemy, which cause matter to become a portal of love that assimilates All That Is and yields infinite vitality and resources to all life forms on Earth.  In incorruptible Holy Matter, light is the illuminating power of the moment, frequency or tone is the instant communication across all dimensions so that all life is upgraded as we self-refine…Holy Matter is the result of the Marriage of Love, Frequency, and Light — a reality where all things can be engaged as doorways to higher reality, and material life expresses the sacrosanct, pristine reality of the Embodiment of the Creator in Its Creation. Every moment becomes one in which the unreal may be shed to fuel our ever deeper entry into the real…

3- The 12 Triangulations of Hope, which are the ‘boots on the ground’ self-actualization of becoming the Bringers of Hope on Earth.  Through the 12 activated Ordinary Meridians as formidable powers to order life anew, every step we take is one in which we open up new ‘spaces of Hope’ for higher reality to emerge into a lower one.  As we do this, the activated gemstones fulfill their higher function, which is to open up these spaces on the Earth. They hold crystallized within their hearts, Songs of Hope that the Infinite Mother ‘hid’ within them, for this time of the New Dawn of the Immaculate Reality we call the “Dream of the Infinite” and “playground of the gods”. 

Why are these 3 Steps of Alchemy so Important?

They bridge the self and the environment as the greater self.  Holy Quartz Alchemy leverages to becoming what the Seer refers to as the “Bridge of No Time”, enabling us to become the givers of movement (time). But the Bridge of No Space needs to be in place for this, and we emanate ‘spaces of hope’ into which the Infinite ‘flashes up’ to change all of reality in the holy instant.

In activating all this in us, we recognize that we are not here to govern life from ‘above’ but rather from underneath the design…we are the givers of the blueprints of higher life, through devotional living and expressing our lives as a work of art.

These alchemical activations establish the Heart-Earth connection needed for what Almine has called ‘incidental proxy magic‘ — where our reverent tending to the details of life, change life by the principle of: “As below so above“…

As allies of the interconnectedness of life (through the Quartz planetary grid of Tonal Luminosity that communicates Infinite Intent to all life forms), we may achieve this.  Earth and our true self embodiment become perfectly harmonized and in sync…As we embody as what we are, so the Earth is upgraded by proxy, as all that becomes ‘real’ in body has an Earth-equivalent.

And in establishing all this, the Earth supports our every step forward into our highest destiny.  Only in full surrender to this do we receive from Infinity and manifest life ever more abundant. We become the harvesters of abundance, where the bountiful harvest blesses all life to new levels of flourishment.

(1) Belvaspata of Oneness (Book 2) by Almine, almine.store

(2) From the Qi Vesta, Ari-Vesta #12, a powerful divination system by Almine, almine.store. The Qi Vesta is a most powerful Divination system and Tool of Higher Manifestation (High Alchemy) that is foundational to transfiguring the body to becoming a ‘crystalline capacitor of Infinite Intent’. 

(3) Given in the Seer’s older teachings.

Gemstone Alchemy

Gemstone Alchemy is a component of Crystalline Alchemy, which gives us the clarity on the tones we must live to embrace the interconnectedness of life….live the Kingdoms of the Earth within so that we express a New Earth through our indivisibility with the Source of our Existence.

Gemstones live deep in the ground for a reason. They make up a foundational Song from their qualities as tones or frequencies, which when fully activated on the planet, causes the inhabitants to feel fully supported to meet their destiny as contributors to the enhancement of life through unique and full expression.

The Higher Mission of the Gemstones is to Open up Fluid Spaces for Higher Realities to Manifest on Earth

In gemstones are held profound qualities of “I AM” consciousness, which is the consciousness needed to end static space upheld by the tension of polarity, and support fluid spaces wherein the poles become emphases or nuances of refined expression. 2023 marks the end of the dream of separation where we explored ‘what we were not’ in distorted mirrors, and the beginning of the exploration and expression of ‘what we are’. In the gemstones have been safeguarded qualities and attitudes to merge the poles of masculine and feminine, and outer and inner, and bring in higher reality in fluid space that support life ever new.

The higher power of the gemstones on the planet is to open up spaces for higher realities to impact on lower ones. This takes place as their qualities activate in us. Through them, we fulfill our destiny of birthing out of the matrix of space and time, which then become our tools.

The stones can guide animals and humans along best paths, they resonate with the authentic song of a being and release their gifts through resonant entrainment, and those qualities that activate at deep levels of the psyche cause beings to expect full support, command respect, live in dignity, motivate by inspiration from fullness and no longer from lack, impart boldness and courage to take inspired risks, and so on. With the full song of of mineral kingdom activated in humanity, there can be no poverty, fear, or strife, because all would be feeling abundantly supported and valued, and would cause that reality to manifest simply through new beingness.

Crystal Quartz 2 Cathy

Gemstones asleep and their tones suppressed and misused has enabled a mirror of illusion to form over the depth of inner space that is the place of power and all resources. In short, as we awaken the beautiful tones of the gemstones, the mirror dissolves and we ‘root’ in Source within. When that happens, nothing can convince you that you are what you’re not…that life is a struggle and that humanity is antagonistic and divided. The false agendas will have no foundation upon which to build its dystopian sub-creations.

In short, Gemstones hold the foundational support system from the Infinite Source to its rightful inhabitants, and we access this foundation that is the true subconscious as treasure chest of all potentials, through learning the tones and having them activate in us. We literally ‘sing our way’ into a New Reality, and the Mineral/Gemstone Kingdom is the ‘base layer’, if you will, of the symphony of thriving life.


Health of Gemstones Restored as we Respect their Role and Live their Gifts

The health of the Gemstones on the planet determines the level of comfort and well-being for all life on Earth. When fully activated, inhabitants will find themselves in perfect step (synchrony) with Infinite Intent (or Divine Will), moving along path where all that is needed appears with grace. As we live this reality, the gemstones awaken increasingly for all to experience a ‘nicer world’ through the principle of harmonic entrainment.

Life on earth has been stuck in false matrix of lack, tension of survival, fear of the future, all from infiltration by hostile forces that do not belong here. The gemstones have been exploited for greed and quartz most notably, used for black magic. The net result is that the Earth’ inhabitants are disconnected from Source within and are easily exploited and programmed. 

Gemstones are the Messengers of the Potencies of Light — the Root of all Alchemy

Gemstone Alchemy is ‘Crystalline Alchemy’ — the most potent alchemy that can leverage to the power to activate the 1054 strands of DNA in awakened ones. It can bring reality back to oneness through activating the body as a portal of love that assimilates all that was and is, through which life is expressed anew in the purity of the Holy Mother’s Desire.

Crystalline Alchemy restores the body to the perfect fluid crystalline incorruptible White Light. It comes from the ‘Song of Diamond’, that contains all songs of the gemstones, much like the White Light contains all color potencies. Gemstones are the messengers of the potencies of light, which is the root of all alchemy. In studying and activating the power of Gemstone Alchemy, we are establishing the foundation to express all life anew, through living alchemically.

The Evolution of Gemstones and Reclaiming Organic Evolution from Healed DNA – The Task of the Gemstone Masters

“As gemstones evolve, they evolve from having awareness to having self-awareness. It is through the recognition, appreciation, and love of the Gemstone master (a gemstone master uses their aware appreciation of the aliveness and qualities of gemstones for self-development. In turn, their self-development is done as a proxy for bringing wholeness to the Earth and its creatures) that gemstones help purify the planet and its creatures.”

Among their many gifts, one gift of healed and activated gemstones on the planet is that they activate the capacity of magic that is the divine heritage of mankind.  And once activated in humanity, the gemstones will bring their gems of procreative magic, which is like a viral propagation of restored divine codes and aliveness to all life forms. Gemstones and their Keepers and angelic realms devoted to the mineral kingdom are tasked with restoring the integrity to life forms, as expressions of Infinite Intent, and this takes place through those who feel inspired to step up as Gemstone Masters.  A Gemstone Master need not get into gemstones per se, but it means to live their qualities that enables matter to become fluid, holy, incorruptible, aware Matter that is responsive to aligned intent. 

Quartz Must be Reclaimed and Reprogrammed

Quartz on the planet holds the history of the Earth through the ages, is responsible for the well-being of the whole gemstone kingdom, and establishes the intercommunication network for beings to become telepathic and operate in one-mindedness,by communicating with 5 crystals in the brain. Targeting this gemstone in black magic has essentially enabled the enslavement of the human race, and infiltration of all the kingdoms.

To reprogram quartz crystal assists the evolution of the human brain.

From the Wheels of the 24 Holy Crystals Gemstone Alchemy (a newly released alchemical process by the Seer)

Some of the Gemstone Alchemy Offerings

The 24 Holy Crystals Gemstone Alchemy is a clearing alchemy done with quartz crystals, to clear spaces, situations, and people (self, clients, loved ones). Gemstone Alchemy is the alchemy of Light, Frequency, and Matter. It establishes the true Holy Trinity of Spirit that serves the Mother, Soul that merges with Body, and Matter as fluid and aware…responsive to a person’s intent aligned in Source within.

One of the wheels of the crystal activation states, “Within the Heart of the Rose, hides the Clock of the Flowers”, and it is so with all of the material world when fluid and rooted in the ‘I AM’ principles held in the gemstones. The material things will then reveal the ‘sacrosanct, pristine Infinite Intent’ held in the Heart of Matter. (Product links below)

Another new Gemstone Alchemy process that is designed to support the triangulations of fluid spaces in support of calling forth higher potentials in to our lives. Called the 12 Gemstone Triangulations of Fluid Spaces for Higher Realities, this is a profound and simple process to be done daily or as inspired. It is the alchemy of the Diamond Song, through which we will reclaim our divine heritage of magic of the gods.

The other major alchemical system is the Holy Matter Alchemy that brings the union of Love, Light, and Frequency to activate the body as the portal of assimilation and purification for all life. Whereas The Holy Quartz Alchemy activates us as the Bridge of No time, the Holy Matter Alchemy is the next step where all that we have achieved is embodied and time and space move through our being as we stand still, as the participating observer of life ever new. This alchemy is activated in 24 Holy Alchemical Oils and master quartz sphere to hold a powerful entrainment field as we make the massive shift into the body that has become ‘what we are’.

There is the Space Clearing Protocol that also uses gemstone alchemy, and is a powerful process to have in place and work with daily, in order to change possibilities in our self-sovereign reality and by proxy on the planet. As we establish pristine spaces in homes, we start to create ‘loops in time’ that resolve portions of cosmic distortions, and the resolutions that we are cause of emanate from us as we step out into the world, supporting more graceful change.

There are Gemstone Alchemy Power Stack Protocols for various outcomes, such as, releasing higher hormones into the environment, activating a seer stone in the 3rd eye, enhancing communication with the Infinite and activating the 5 new minds through the night, merging inner/outer, sleep/awake, for powerful manifestation, and more.

You can explore the various products under Gemstone Alchemy. And of course, we carry many of gemstones for the ceremonies and as wearable jewelry. All gemstones sold have had their songs restored and come with one or more Power Sigils, including the one to maintain its pristine tones.


Why are there such hostile forces on Earth?

The Earth has been the most sought-after planet because is the place where is found the Seed of Life and Life-Force of the Mother. Earth is the ‘jewel of the cosmos’, the fractal pattern out of which all other life is shaped, and humanity through its DNA, is the root race of all races through the cosmos. Hostile races know that the ‘power’ and life force for all life is on the planet…And though they are trying to find it and capture it for themselves, what they fail to realize is that it is hidden in beings and activated on merit — it cannot be stolen and used for ill-intent.  But meanwhile, they are trying to stifle it…to bind it… But the time of expressing our greatness and luminous presence has come…

And to not cast a shadow with our light, it must emerge from within Matter…and that is why Gemstone Alchemy is the alchemy of the times.

Crystal quartz Cathy

Illuminating Life From Within Matter

Life is truly “As below so above“…and not the other way around as a statement of cause. The ‘above’ cannot change the material level of existence directly–only through programming people to feel trapped in their reality. It is the inhabitants of the earth that are the ‘densest’ and therefore the most impactful in the material world…And when matter is spiritualized to holy, aware Matter, it becomes incorruptible and ‘unhackable’.

The mandate of lightworkers at present is to refine in the details of one’s life, and activate all the missing tones within, to enable an ever fuller Song of Self to be expressed…And that awakening Song will cause Matter to shape and morph accordingly, from the inside out.

Crystal forms Cathy

The law of attraction was only a half-truth that has wrought immense harm on the planet as everyone felt entitled to indulge their lack-based needs. The bigger truth is that we are powerful and harmless manifestors when we align with Source within, and are moved to expression by our innermost desires for expression of the essence of our being. Manifestation must come from embodied fullness and not from perceived lack. It is then that our visions from pure desires of the Heart meet with full support of the Universe, because they are the Desires of the Infinite as us, and they fulfill a role in evolution.

Fluid Patterns Cathy

Crystals Activated in Spine and Joints

Gemstone Alchemy is the alchemy to bring back a sense of full support and connection to Source. Their tones activate centers of ‘magic’ along the spine, so that mankind can ‘transcend’ the weight of density and embody in lightness, with gratitude as the new force of gravity.  The physical spine then merges with the etheric pranic tube, putting an end to repetitive cycles in linear time. The gap of linear time closes, and manifestation in ‘aware’ Matter becomes effortless. This is all a very precise study, deeply supported by metaphysical principles laid out by the Seer, and the beauty is that the secrets to manifestation are also the secrets to regeneration and true fulfillment.

Gemstones make up one of the four Kingdoms on Earth (mineral, plant, animal, human — each with its own alchemy), and because it is necessary presently to ‘land’ our spiritual insights into new, fluid Matter, it plays a very important role presently. It is the foundational power to express the New Reality that has no shadow or hostility.

The Seer accessed gemstone alchemy of tremendous power in 2009 and again in 2011, and it recently became very clear that we needed the gemstones to express full power to deal with the 5G, EMF pollution, and nanotech invasion in the body. This began the process of revisiting the alchemy and recognizing that it was really intended for this time. Spiritualizing Matter closes the gap of the material versus the spiritual, and leaves no room for anything unreal to enter in.


The Seer has shared that the first two gemstones to have fully integrated their spiritual bodies into the physical are Elite Shungite and Rose Quartz. This means that those stones are immortal masters, expressing in spiritualized, aware Matter. They are now able to take up their mandate and higher functions on the planet, and others have since followed…

We are very excited with these offerings, and with the opportunity opening up to step us as High Alchemists. To this, we dedicate our work.

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