Not only do gemstones hold key qualities to live from the neutral pole of perpetual regeneration and abundance, but they have an accentuated ability to function as the messengers of the alchemical potencies of light. The potencies of light are color or ‘tone made visible’, and in color we have merged light and frequency. The next evolution of the gemstones is to be aware of others through telepathy, and their color potencies are part of how this unfolds.

When the Seer accessed information on gemstones for our work, she received messages through the night on several occasions, because Gemstone Alchemy is how we may open up spaces for higher reality on the planet. Opening to higher realities acting on lower ones is the definition of a miracle. Through Gemstone Alchemy, we open ourselves to the Miraculous Life, where change is instantaneous and blesses all life. Anything becomes possible! (The 36 Gemstones and Their 12 Triangulations of Fluid Space is the alchemical tool for this.)

Messages from the Seer and the Primary Colors

The messages she shared are as follows (parts in italics):

1. Gemstones have an accentuated ability to function as messengers of the alchemical potencies of light. 

2. The different colors found of the same stone, are not interchangeable — they behave differently. The different colors respectively have a different though subtle ambiance. 

3. The alchemical functions of the three primary colors are as follows: 

Red — expansive and energizing. Red gemstones draw their energy from the earth and broadcast it to the environment. They have a masculine positive charge. 

Yellow — maintains and resists change. Although it behaves in a neutral way; balancing the electric and magnetic influences, it does draw energy from its environment to sustain itself. In other words, it steals energy that it binds within and does not share. If red can be compared to a waterfall, yellow (like Citrine) can be compared to a still pond with its own beauty and inspiration. Yellow promotes self-sufficiency and self-trust (my being is my sustenance) it is valuable for assisting meditational states. 

Blue – blue stones withdraw,  center, and focus energy. They promote introspection and centeredness. Blue stones facilitate the building of a strong inner space infrastructure and help strengthen the ability to receive inner self-guidance. 

Blue has a negative, feminine, and receptive charge.

It is easy to see why the chakras have certain colors. The Root chakra connects us to the Earth as a source of vitality, and to be in balance, we express in a generative, fertile manner in our lives. The Solar Plexus is yellow, and is a chakra that balances the higher energies with lower ones. We express authentically, and draw resources from the release of programs and illusion to support manifesting a life of highest truth. The yellow in this case creates stability and confidence if our self-sovereign reality.

The blue of the Throat takes us to inner space, where we express increasingly from our essence that dwells in timelessness. From deep roots in inner space, we draw our whole beingness into expression that comes from guidance of Source within.

4. Non-primary colors, like turquoise, are a blend of colors and will articulate the characteristic of all colors involved (turquoise is a mixture of blue and green and will express the qualities of both blue and green). And whether a blended color has more or less of one primary color is also significant.

Observations on the Subtle Differences in Color Blends

5. Understanding the principles of the function of colors explained in #3, explains more clearly the strange phenomenon of orange-colored amber being receptive in some stones and proactively emitting information in other orange amber stones. (Almine noticed different effects of various amber gemstones I had sent to her.)

Here’s how this happens: 

Orange is a combination of red (which has the expansive, broadcasting quality that tends to energize its environment) and yellow (which has the quality of maintaining the status quo). To be able to hold its environment steady and unchanged; to maintain and balance environmental conditions, yellow draws energy from its environment. In some of the orange amber stones, one of these colors’ qualities is more dominant than the other —- the reason why it is necessary the reprogram some of the stones to be energy-giving rather than energy-taking. 

(Almine activated the supply of daytime Amber in our process to live from pure potential (see the Gemstone Alchemy process with Amber). It was to enhance and add certain properties in it, but also to ensure that color discrepancies in the stones did not interfere with the alchemical function of the Amber to all be energy-giving. So through the Seer’s alchemical activation of the daytime Amber supply, all the colors work to support the full functionality of Amber, as intended to optimize is powers to release potential to us. But her observation of the subtle changes in effects from the color blends underscores the importance of understanding the potencies of light in the gemstones selected.)

Another color combination is purple amethyst that has both blue and red colors combined. It balances expansion and contraction, resulting in a masterful life of poise.  While amethysts clear density in one’s space, the paler ones cut cords that form from neediness, while the darker ones remove density from the body by drawing it into into itself. And their combination is complementary in purifying the body. Darker amethyst helps also with clarity of knowingness. (1)

White opal is a good color to support the maintenance of the pearlescent White Light shield around the body and environment. (2) Pink gemstones such as pink tourmaline, rhodochrosite, or rose quartz are all Heart chakra stones that have red subdued by white that contains the Allness. So they support the all-inclusiveness of heart and the red creates an expansive, giving energy of the heart. They each have very unique functions, but their color shares the quality of supporting an all-inclusive field that emanates the gemstones’ qualities.

Black gemstones pull in energies, and are often very powerful purifiers (eg. black tourmaline and elite shungite).

Deep blue stones can focus energy in areas of of the body. This is one of the functions of blue sapphire, for example, that fills with inner presence, parts of the body abandoned through self-rejection. (1)

Red stones can demand that the wearer stand forth in confident expression. So they are not good for every circumstance. Red is expansive, but if self-love is lacking, then it is best to heal that before attempting to express, as it will not come from wholeness. This is especially true for Ruby that is known to pull into one’s life those things that indicate lack of self-love, so that they can be resolved. (1) This is fine if that’s the intention, but ruby is best as a powerful support to full and confident self-expression from wholeness.

Another red stone that has an expansive energy is cinnabar, which is used frequently in the Chinese culture to attune to living abundantly. Red draws resources from the earth in support of our expansive expression.

The Secondary Colors

Perfectly balanced blends of the primary colors that are emphases within the Incorruptible White Light, make up the secondary colors. Each of the three has 100 alchemical equations of light and frequency that are part of their powers that heal the rift of ‘separation’ experienced in the primary colors that characterize the three cosmoses of Spirit (Yellow), Soul (Blue), and Body (Red) that have been separated until now. (3) Their overall properties are given below, but with 100 equations, gemstones of secondary colors can have many nuanced effects.

Green ~ Made from the pro-active aspect of Blue and the receptive aspect of Yellow (B+Y-), the predominant characteristic of this color is creative. “It is to be used to create what was not there before, such as abundance, fertility, solutions, and so forth.” The Blue/Yellow balance with blue being pro-active, ensures that higher orders established in our lives comes from depth within…from true inspiration. This color helps prevent instability in times of rapid growth and change.

Creation can only occur in alignment with Infinite Intent and will not respond to anything else. It requires the power of awareness particles, which amass through Love, Praise, and Gratitude that finds the perfection of divinity in life — these awareness particles are directed into formations in our reality, according to aligned intent. Wearing rich greens opens the Heart, enabling manifestations in cooperation with the Mother’s energies.

Orange ~ Made from the receptive aspect of Red and the pro-active aspect of Yellow (R-Y+), the predominant characteristic is expansion. The 100 equations of orange enhance what already exists in one’s reality. For example, it can be used to boost business efforts, enhance a relationship, or promote growth in any established area of life. With orange, the receptive Red draws energies from the Earth as our ally–so resources already present–and the Yellow creates the richer infrastructures in outer that will support expansion of what exists. The Gratitude of Red supports the increase of what is. 

Red is expansive, yet its receptive aspect subdues it so that we do not expand into the new territory. Orange creates a comfortable dynamic balance between expansion and order in life, which is a paced, steady growth that prevents stagnation. Orange is supportive to allow life ever new, but without the overwhelm of too much change at once. Pacing allows for depth of insight to arise as we have time to be present with each step of change.

Purple ~ Made from the proactive aspect of Red and the receptive aspect of Blue (R+B-), this color produces a cleansing and purification effect. Purple restores purity and innocence. Unlike the other two blends of Green and Orange that produce balancing and contentment, this one does not balance. Restoring innocence is to bring things back to Source, and Purple has the power to clear corrupting distortions and illusions from all levels of being, so that true and authentic beingness can be felt once again. In innocence, we are magnetic to the power of the universe, and all ill-intent turns to blessings for us. Red expands but from a purification theme, we expand beyond illusion, and the receptive Blue keeps us deeply in the innocence of oneness.

With the Gemstone Alchemy program, you will get the lists of 100 alchemical equations for each color blend as well as deeper discussion, so that you can feel the nuances of emphasis in the gemstones that you wear, and can choose colors that best suit your needs.

Gemstone Alchemy mastered, causes all that we do to be generative for all life; we become an ally of the Earth, restoring the planet as central fractal pattern of the Cosmos. And as our Song of Self refines, so too does the Song of the Earth through the awakened gifts of the gemstones.

(1) From the Lemurian Science of Compassion, by Almine – unpublished.

(2) From correspondences with the Seer

(3) From The Thought that Fractured the Infinite, by Almine – out-of-print.