Options to jump in to live support with either Ciara or Anita (or both).

Adventures in Boundlessness

Anita’s Monthly membership offering, consisting of daily written messages and other alchemical inclusions as inspired that go deep into the metaphysics of this new time. Providing guidance and glimpses into a new reality emerging on the horizon that is the cutting-edge of evolutionary possibility. Ideal for those who want to immerse in the advanced metaphysics in daily doses that gain momentum as things are integrated and embodied in bite-size pieces.

The daily messages form the basis for the programs offered later, and participants are then perfectly poised to fully integrate the next cutting-edge inner body technology toward becoming ever more powerful Crystalline Capacitors of Infinite Intent.

You can join at anytime, and jump into the current daily stream, and if you need to gain greater context, you have access to the themes explored in prior months and years (the information is timeless). So you can join to follow the daily cutting-edge offerings, and go back to study meridians, higher function of the chakras, inner family, goddess archetypes, and much more.

Bringers of Hope

Ciara’s monthly membership offering for entrainment to a higher life of joyous co-creative soul fulfilment & mastery, in support of the mission of the Ancient Ones. Primarily consisting of monthly live calls (with a resource library of support materials). Ideal for those who would like to be actively immersed in live community and attend live calls with other Lightbearers.

Live programs

Some element of live support is included in all of our live programs and trainings. Subscribe to our email list to be kept updated on upcoming live programs, or check out the current range of programs here which will continuously be added to. Please note that self-study only programs do not contain live support elements 😊

Live sessions with Anita – coming soon

Anita’s great joy is the application of complex metaphysics into practical activation of body-level shifts through emotional alchemy. And she has found that the best way to stay true on the quest to deeply embody our higher dimensional aspects such that the metaphysics is made ‘to grow corn’, is through working one-on-one with clients. It is her grateful privilege to do so, as she can sense the potentials for transfiguration in clients, and through her years of deep exploration of the etheric level through which life emerges and her own body activation, is able to transmit this in session work through entrainment. She is currently serving current clients and those in the Adventures in Boundlessness membership, but will be opening private sessions up in the March timeframe. Stay tuned.

Join our free community

Not an active community space right now, but a place you can come to to ask questions about anything related to our exploration through the journey we are sharing on this platform. We may sometimes be able to answer questions directly, and other times we will use your questions to create support resources and materials to be shared widely. Click here.

Join the Almine International Telegram Group

Our beautiful family over at Almine International have created a very special Telegram space to support our global Lightfamily, if this type of format is something you will enjoy and find helpful for you! It’s a highly welcoming, deeply nurturing community of like-hearted beings devoted to this journey, and it’s completely free. You will be welcomed in with open arms – click here to join.