The Academy of Alchemy is founded by Nagual teachers and perpetual students, Anita Lucia and Ciara, in service to the Infinite Mother, to map out a path to living the fluidity needed to embrace the new reality of growth through grace. It is our joy to spread the teachings received by the Seer Almine to all truth seekers, in support of planetary and cosmic evolution.

This is not a “collaboration” between individuals, but a mutual devotion in one-heart-mindedness to the Goddess of Life, borne of 10 years of questing to uncover the mystery of how to function at this level of mastery beyond a mirrored reality. 

We are infinitely grateful to the Seer Almine for her incomparable teachings and the vast library of alchemical tools she has accessed over the years, in support of navigating these most challenging times! 

Email: team@academyofalchemy.com

All sigils and wheels copyright Almine, Spiritual Journeys LLC. All other information, unless otherwise specified, copyright The Academy of Alchemy. All Rights Reserved. Please do not reproduce without permission, if you wish to replicate any details to promote your own practice, please reach out to discuss guidelines.