We begin with some highlights from the 36 Gemstones that support the body becoming a crystalline field of Tonal Luminosity. You can read about this profound activation and the 12 Triangulations to accelerate the inner body technology in the Gemstone Alchemy resources pages. Following this are other gemstones used in various alchemical processes.

The information on these gemstones comes at a time where their hidden qualities are needed in order to fulfill the current evolutionary mandate to express ‘what we are’ and establish life in the ‘real’, and no longer in matrices of separation. They are qualities of ‘integrated oneness’, that enable us to master manifestation of physical forms that can hold Divine Intent. The information comes from the teachings of the Seer — from alchemical ceremonies, her teachings, power sigils, and personal correspondence. (See Footnote 1 at the bottom of the page for references).

These gemstones are offered in various formats (necklaces, bracelets, pendants, spheres, raw or tumbled stones, clusters, etc), and you can look in the Shop for options by using the gemstone name as search word. All gemstone products are stored on various power sigils, and are in a space that is activated by the full Holy Quartz alchemy that acts as entrainment field in support of the awakening of the gemstones to their higher functions.

Most of the gemstones have Keepers identified by name, and many have angelgods invoked to support their awakening.

Keepers of the Gemstones are beings assigned by the Infinite Mother, to safeguard the gemstone on the planet, and ensure that it survive through the cycles of evolution. The Seer has identified deep repositories untouched by man — some very young, some old and powerful — that will grow in potency as the lightbearers take up the qualities and powers safeguarded by the gemstones.

Angelgods of the Gemstones are newly invoked beings from the high angelic realms that are assigned to transmit and propagate cosmically, to all life, the inner changes and embodied powers of the gemstones lived by lightbearers. As we evolve the activated body centers in us, DNA templates come online, potentials open to humanity, and spaces of higher realities open up on the planet and in the cosmos. The angelgods work with all these new possibilities, and propagate their impact to all life. These angelgods — beings of great ‘intelligence’ and illumination — are invoked through Power Sigils received by the Seer.

The gemstones are listed in the order of their meridian correspondences and the centers they activate in spine and joints (the system of 36, or 12 triangulations of higher space). Others that follow are in other alchemical equations and or activated to support planetary clearing and healing. Gemstone Alchemy is evolving, and so the list may expand over time.

Diamond ~

This gemstone is an immortal spirit that represents ‘ascension’ and the Incorruptible White Light. It will never lose its potency. Diamond holds the ‘song’ or tones of all other gemstones, much like the White Light contains all colors. When all gemstones’ songs are restored to purity and emerge from the Song of Diamond, a new reality of fluid incorruptible holy Matter will be realized.

Diamond clarifies and purifies all forms of perception. “Diamond energies are very strong and should not be used for children. In areas of the world where diamonds are found, confusion can result if its gifts are not accepted. This is due to its potency as an enlightenment tool.” And this applies too to those who covet diamonds for status or power.

In the 36 Gemstone Alchemy, there is a Power Sigil that activates all the gemstones, and one of its gifts is to restore the pure tones to all gemstones from the Song of Diamond, clearing them of abusive mining and other harmful chemical procedures done to them. This Power Sigil is given with all gemstones products on the shop, and supports the awakening of a new song of the gemstones on the planet.

In the gemstone alchemy, Diamond activates a fluid crystal on the spine at C1, and has as effect, “Seeing beyond limitation; boundary-less vision“. In the alchemy of merging the Masculine and Feminine aspects of being, Diamond brings that attitude of living from Unabashed Brilliance — this is to align with our unique genius.

Ruby ~

Gemstone of self-love and mastery of it. The Seer shares that Ruby is too strong a medicine if self-love is not present, because its influence pull into one’s life those things that indicate lack of self-love. But when on a conscious path of self-mastery, Ruby can be invaluable to purify our relationship with the self, and become comfortable in aloneness…in the company and love of one’s own Inner Family. With this forewarning, Ruby is good to place on the Crown or heart in meditation, or wear over the heart center, and on the middle finger where runs the Pericardium meridian.

In meditation, a stone can be placed at the Crown or 3rd eye, and with our intention and focus, it can assist to release old emotional injuries and armor around the Heart. The open Heart is what creates a life of resonance to our true desires, and protectiveness from perceived injuries only cuts us off from Source and the Power of the One. The Pericardium healed, brings fluidity and flexibility to empowered perspectives that see only blessings from the past, and no longer injury and victimization.

As stone of self-mastery, “Ruby demands that the wearer stand forth with their gifts and contribute with self-confidence to life.”

In the gemstone alchemy, Ruby activates a fluid crystal on the spine at C2, and has as effect, “Opening of Paradigms“. In the alchemy of merging the Masculine and Feminine aspects of being, Ruby brings that attitude of living Authentic Creativity — which brings out our genius and is cause of endless generativity through manifesting from our unique perspective–our true gift to Creation.

Golden Topaz ~

Called the gemstone of the mystery schools. The ancient Essenes was the order of this stone in area of Palestine. ” Golden Topaz assists in balancing bone structure, and may be considered the chiropractor of the mineral world. The skeletal structure may be viewed as the infrastructure for the fluid body of wholeness, and when the bones lose their self-importance and in humility, take up the grateful privilege of supporting the unfathomable vastness of ever new being, then embodying great magical abilities becomes possible. The spine for example, is the where the kundalini of higher consciousness as manifesting power rises and unifies the whole body as vehicle to manifest higher reality. The delicate bones of the joints support joints as portals of transcendence and unification of all dimensions of our being. In humility that recognizes all life as part of our being, there is no hierarchy of importance…only a sense of grateful privilege. When this is deeply active in us, then Golden Topaz can be used to manifest from highest truth that benefits all life.

On the 3rd eye in meditation, this gemstone can assist with accessing hidden information. Placed at the Crown, specially in spherical form (beads work), its energies can be directed with intent, to parts of the body to assist in bone alignment and healing.

In the gemstone alchemy, Golden Topaz activates a fluid crystal on the spine at C3, and has as effect, “Ally of the Interconnectedness of Life“. We cannot open up new paradigms of higher life unless we are all-inclusive of all beings in Creation. In the alchemy of merging the Masculine and Feminine aspects of being, it brings the attitude of Enchanting Beauty — only when manifesting from inclusive wholeness are we able to reveal ever deeper layers of the beauty and perfection of Infinite’s Creation.

Amethyst ~

Gemstones can grow old and lose potency, but they can also be revitalized. Amethyst is such a stone that is being strengthened to support humanity in times to come. Its function was necessary as life was fully in the ‘Fall’ into density, but as life enters this phase of chaos for many (on its way to ascension), it is still of great service. The Seer says that it is an excellent stone to banish frequencies that stimulate viruses. It helps clear density without becoming tainted itself. “Purple amethyst has both blue and red colors combined. It balances expansion and contraction, resulting in a masterful life of poise.”

Paler stones cut cords that form from neediness, while the darker ones remove density from the body by drawing it into itself. And their combination is complementary in purifying the body (mixed color beaded necklaces are ideal, and available in the shop). Darker amethyst helps also with clarity of knowingness.

Almine says you can place it on the 3rd eye and direct its energies where it needs to go in the body. It need not be placed physically on the areas of density.

In the gemstone alchemy, Amethyst activates a fluid crystal on the spine at C4, and has as effect, “Establishing friendship in the hidden realms“, which is how we evolve our capacity to perceive through feeling…through the inner senses, and fill the spaces of density in the body with Tonal Luminosity. In the alchemy of merging the Masculine and Feminine aspects of being, it brings the attitude of Embracing the Adventure — which comes from no longer resisting life, and embracing physicality not as a place of density but rather of infinite potentials with which to express ever changing finite forms of beauty. And this too creates a masterful life of poise.

Blue Sapphire ~

Blue Sapphire is a powerful gemstone that holds the attitude of love. “Sapphire is quite ancient, but its potency has been restored in that it has been granted immortality by the Creator.”

The Seer explains that it has a wonderful effect to enhance awareness by stimulating the ascension attitudes and pulling the awareness particles towards the wearer. This is tremendous, as simply wearing the stone causes the accumulation of awareness particles that can be directed toward desired manifestations at any given time. In this aspect, it is a gemstone of manifestation that increases the creative power of our intent.

Blue Sapphire is good to heal areas of the body of self-abandonment. “There is a sad attitude of most humans not to like areas of their body. These areas can be revitalized by the attitude of love contained in the blue sapphire.”

Blue Sapphire in spherical forms are very potent, though oval works well too. Beads around the neck, on the sternum, forehead, and on both hands’ ring fingers are good. The ring finger is the finger of the heart meridian. Beaded bracelets are also good, when they cover the important Ht-7 meridian point.

Blue Sapphires go well with Diamonds, as both gemstones brings enlightenment. While Diamond works with perception, Blue Sapphire works with awareness. The color blue takes us to inner space, where heightened awareness is found, and so the gemstone can be made into a ‘seer stone’, such that all can be known when deeply aligned and in stillness of mind. The Seer has given us an alchemical process to turn our Blues Sapphires into seer stones. (See the Shop for Gemstone Alchemy Processes).

In the gemstone alchemy, Blue Sapphire activates a fluid crystal on the spine at C5, and has as effect, “Acknowledging the validity of the hidden kingdoms“, and similarly to Amethyst — though through a different mechanism of action — it can fill the spaces of density in the body with Love. When the body is fully presenced, we become ‘safe’ to the hidden realms. In the alchemy of merging the Masculine and Feminine aspects of being, it brings the attitude of Exquisite Grace, enhanced by the ascension attitude of Love.

Emerald ~

Emerald holds the purest ray of green light associated with the Heart chakra. “It is very soothing where distorted emotions have been.” It emanates the powerful green ray as the perfect balance of blue and yellow that support manifestation of the pure desires of the Heart. And as it soothes the distorted emotions, it assists in embodying the pure emotions of desire that attune us to a reality beyond separation. It is a gemstone to heal the heart, as well the liver. Heart meridian is the Regent, which determines well-being in embodiment, and Liver meridian brings the power to vision beyond a paradigm or current limitation, and to create the blueprints for a higher order of life. That is where the balanced green of the beautiful Emerald comes in — the yellow creates order, and the blue ensures that our visions are inspired by Source within. Its gentle energies lighten heaviness in Heart and anger that can be trapped in the Liver.

Emerald is still young — what you might call a twenty year old. It is a gentle stone and can be used in situation where there is not enough access to nature to bring balance to colors within the fields of the body.

Due to its gentleness, it is the perfect gemstone to cultivate trust in opening the heart, where there has been injury and guardedness. Only with an open heart can we attract a reality resonant to the desires of the true self.

Emerald can be placed at the bedside of children in need of healing and soothing (and is good with Rose Quartz). It is best worn over the heart, but the Seer also recommends it on the right hand ring finger. The Thyroid or Triple Heater meridian that runs through the ring finger benefits by its gentling influence. (Note: Thyroid meridian is the ‘guardian’ of the outer boundaries of one’s reality, suggesting that Emerald supports with boundary issues to establish healthy relationships.)

In the gemstone alchemy, Emerald activates a fluid crystal on the spine at C6, and has as effect, “Living beyond mortal boundaries“. Considering that our sense of self in the dream of separation has come primarily from what is affirmed in relationship, healing emotional triggers and establishing healthy boundaries that allows for our sense of self to come from our relationship with the self, we see how Emerald can assist with leaving the programmed reality behind. We can then show up anew in life, in devotion to our own self-fulfillment and in ever-strengthening self-love. In the alchemy of merging the Masculine and Feminine aspects of being, Emerald brings the attitude of Authentic Creativity — again, reinforcing becoming self-referring for approval and guidance on what is ours to manifest.

Aquamarine ~

Aquamarine is a luminous blue or blue-green gemstones that feels cooling, soothing, and illuminating. It is of the Water element, and so works on the emotional body. The gemstone is mined in oceans, and is even the color of the ocean. The ocean as a body of water purifies the pain body of humanity, and wearing aquamarine can have a gentle soothing effect that diffuses emotional triggering in one’s environment.

Its luminous clarity reflects its power to bring clarity. The blue (of the Throat chakra) means it can support clear communication from the poise of being centered within. The blue-green varieties can add stability and clarity in expressing creative solutions that bless all involved.

It can be worn by children, and is suggested to promote talkativeness in those who are shy (3)

In the gemstone alchemy, Aquamarine activates a fluid crystal on the spine at C7, and has as effect, “Complete integrity of self-empowering attitude“. As part of the vertebrae on the neck (see note below), Aquamarine adds the quality of ensuring that what we express in life comes from true self expression. Self-empowering attitudes open new doorways in life that would not be there otherwise, and Aquamarine can assist with this through promoting integrity with the self and having clarity on highest path open to us.

Depending on the color of the gemstone, it may work in Throat, Heart, and Solar Plexus chakras. And from the deeper connection to self while supporting clear communication, it supports the manifestation of what we cultivate in our inner space, effectively closing the gap between inner and outer space.

A note on the Crystals activated in the cervical vertebrae

The neck is the joint that supports the manifestation of our higher visions of our pure desires of the Heart, through the power to manifest in the body. It is the bridge between body and our higher dimensional selves. The crystals activated by the gemstone qualities from C1 to C7 are part of an equation that supports the bridging to take place. This is very important at this time, as the Seer has stated that energy flow through the neck has been blocked in most lightworkers. (See footnote 2, below) for more details).

Garnet ~

Garnet is an Earth element stone whose time has come, as this element is now to contain all elements in a New Reality where Matter is holy and incorruptible. What makes Garnet stand out is that is brings the quality and power of “Courageous Individualism“, which may be considered the holy grail of our quest through the cycles of evolution. As reflections of the Infinite Source, our gift to the alchemy of evolution is our unique perspective. To stand alone as a ‘Tribe of One’, is to be uncompromising in integrity and devotion to our authentic expression that is accountable only to the Self and Source within. As we do not fear the rejection of the masses, we become strengthened in who we are, because what is opposed is made stronger. Garnet brings the support to stand alone in our uniqueness, and bring forth the blessings of our unique perspective that is our greatest gift to life.

Garnet activates a fluid crystal at vertebra T1, which is the intersecting point of the Governing Vessel (our mental strength and integrity with the self (uprightness), and the Urinary Bladder meridian (living in fluid harmony and alignment with life from an eternal perspective). Connected to UB-11 that is a ‘sea of blood’ point, T1 is a center that is strengthened when we express the true self that is unrestrained by programming.

Garnet is considered to be a great stone for prosperity, and the deeper secret is that unlocking true self expression causes us to become our own source of sustenance and of all that our heart desires.

(Garnet necklaces have been custom-ordered, and are activated through a dedicated Power Sigil for this beautiful stone.)

Peridot ~ coming soon

Pink Tourmaline ~ coming soon

Tanzanite ~ coming soon

Onyx ~ coming soon

Bloodstone ~ coming soon

Turquoise ~ coming soon

Carnelian ~ coming soon

Citrine ~ coming soon

Lapis Lazuli ~ coming soon

Amber ~ coming soon

Rose Quartz ~ coming soon

Beryl ~ coming soon

Augelite ~ coming soon

Kyanite ~ coming soon

Hematite ~

Hematite is a gemstone of grounding and connecting deeply to Earth evolution — it is the quintessential gemstone of spiritualizing Matter. We are ‘pivoting’ life to becoming an expression of what we are, no longer playing in mirrors that reflect inversions…what we are not. Hematite holds the qualities to embody what causes us to be that pivotal force in life. It can pull in focus, so create confluence or unification in the chakras, to be able to ‘land’ the higher light of our higher dimensional selves. From the work of the Seer, it is revealed that in past cycles, lightworkers attempted to shine light from above to below, and that always failed as it cast shadows. Presently we are illuminating from the inside out…raying out light from within the density that turns to fluid substance of new matter, which becomes imbued with light and is incorruptible. This is how life will pivot and exit the matrix. Metaphysically, it is the gemstone that creates the ‘Second mirror of Innocence‘ that flips the inverted distortions of the matrix, revealing ‘what is’ — it is the shield of invincibility in the story of Perseus and the Medusa.

The power of Hematite comes from the quality of humility that it brings. In mastery, ‘innocence’ flows through humility, and the power of innocence to turn distortion into beauty becomes ours through ever-deepening humility.

In the Gemstone Alchemy crystals activation, Hematite activates a fluid crystal at vertebra L4, which is the area of the back shu point of the Large Intestine meridian. Back Shu points are used primarily to treat issues related with the organ (the colon in this case), and they are especially useful with chronic conditions. When something becomes physical, it means it is deeply entrenched mentally/emotionally, and can be blockages to our higher dimensional selves that come from the deeper past. Thinking we know, what is best…what our mission is…what others need be aware of, etc, imposes our will on life and disturbs the flow of the One Life through us. We cannot possibly know what is best for others or for life, as everything unfolds in flawless perfection, and moreover, in a universe where life is ever new in each moment, we cannot possibly know. Only through profound humility — the quality that Hematite brings — can we participate in that perfection unfolding. “Humility as the cornerstone of mastery“.

From the teachings of the Seer, we are told that the master does not pursue power directly, as that disturbs humility and cuts us off from Source. Instead, we pursue perception. In humility, power flows to perception automatically, and the master becomes a conduit for miracles, most often without awareness of the full impact he/she is cause of. We walk in the poise of ever deepening alignment in Truth and communication with the Infinite, and graceful unfolding is ours.

Large Intestine in full power leads us on a guiltless journey, in complete innocence, wherein all ill-intent is turned to blessings. Humility as a quality of mastery is such that we see with heart, layers deep, at the essence of divine love that permeates all life, and we become a conduit of that love. Resistance to life dissolves in humility, and we become able to transmute distorted past into gems on insight and wisdom. In transmutational purification, we turn dross into power to move life into higher possibilities. Through humility we make decisions of empowerment that pivot all life in directions of Infinite Intent.

L4 crystal is also on the Du-3 point known as the Lumbar Gate that is used to treat the lower warmer (in the 3 ‘warmers’ of centers), The lower warmer associates with the lower chakra loop that connects us to Earth evolution through the open Heart. L4 is the vertebrae of lower back flexibility, which translates to alignment of our creational power with Infinite Intent in the moment unfolding. And this leads into the next gemstone and crystal activation — L4 and L5 are closely connected.

As a gemstone that supports spiritualizing matter by transmuting density to incorruptible holy substance for higher manifesting, Hematite works well with black tourmaline, elite shungite, jet, smoky quartz and other stones that purify density and distortion. It also blends well with gemstones that hold the Incorruptible White Light like diamond, herkimer quartz, opal, pink tourmaline, and azeztulite. Ruby can be a good one too, as it opens up new paradigms, while Hematite illuminates them from within.

Hematite is a perfect balance of receptivity and pro-activity, and can also be used to embrace life from the poise of mastery, where one is ‘in the world but not of it’. Its receptive aspect hears Divine Intent, helps with mindlessness, and with surrendered flow with life. Its pro-active aspect bring courage, self-belief, and becoming unstoppable in illuminating our lives and meeting destiny.

In the literature Hematite is considered to have healing properties that are related to the blood system (eg. anemia), and to help with the formation of new blood cells as well as helps with the production of blood within bone marrow. Esoterically blood is the substance of love expressing through the unique self. Invigorating the blood comes from courage to express authentically, in deep alignment to our higher aspects that are indivisible with Source.

Amazonite ~ coming soon

Jade ~ coming soon

Fluorite ~ coming soon

Opal ~ coming soon

Rutile ~ coming soon

Purple Aventurine ~ coming soon

Malachite ~ coming soon

Jet ~ coming soon

Lemurian Seed Crystal ~

Lemurian Seed Crystal, also known as Lemurian Quartz, is a form of quartz, found in a specific location of Brazil. They are very delicate crystals and often naturally fall out onto the floor of the crystal cave. It is said that when ancient communities encountered these caves and discovered the crystals waiting for them on the ground, they sensed them as seeds of knowledge planted for those who would find them. The characteristic of Lemurian Quartz is that they have lines either in or on the surface of their facets, and these lines are said to contain information of the time of Lemuria as the Motherland—the wisdom of the Divine Feminine.

In the gemstone equation, this quartz brings the quality of Joy in Participating in Creation, which activates the attitude of gratitude in experiencing life and our role in it, as a grateful privilege and never a burden no matter what we are called in to.

Lemurian Quartz activates fluid crystals in the knee joints, to support us to embrace life by going inward to find the unexpressed tones (dormant potential held in inner space) in situations, rather than to resist (which suppresses the feminine).

Being a type or Quartz, this gemstones share the same properties and it too embodies Tonal Luminosity. Tonal Luminosity is such that higher perception and deeper feeling arise as one, and as we strive for illumination, we root deeply within, and rooting deeply begets higher insight. Tonal Luminosity is the substance that emanates from us, dissolving illusion wherever we direct focus.

Quartz also is the Keeper of the history of the planetary cycles on Earth, and Lemurian Quartz in particular holds the history of the cycles where feminine wisdom was emphasized over reason.

Cinnabar ~ coming soon

Rhodochrosite ~ coming soon

Tiger Eye ~ coming soon

Azeztulite ~ coming soon

A card deck with the 36 Gemstones is being created, and may be used with the full alchemical product, or as a standalone deck of guidance.


(1) Information comes from The Science of Alchemy and Beyond Mortality (online courses), The Thought that Fractured the Infinite (book), many Power Sigils, and private email correspondence with the Seer. The online courses and book are out of print.

(2) The Seer has identified an acupuncture point on the neck that is blocked in many lightworkers. This is LI-18, and it can be assisted to unblock with the blessed Rose Quartz roller of Guasha Heart. Additionally, the Heavenly Rose Fragrance Alchemy Oil is also able to restore flow and clear the underlying causes of the blockage.

(3) The Book of Stones, by Robert Simmons & Naisha Ahsian, Destiny Books. Copyright 2021 by Robert Simmons. Beautiful, quality softcover with many illustrations.