Blue Sapphire – Activating the God-gene and Creating a Wearable Seer Stone


This Gemstone Alchemy ceremony and process was given by Almine. It activates the higher function of the 3rd eye chakra, as well as the god-gene in the DNA to exit the captured matrix. The process uses a power stack and is done as a ceremony that causes the Blue Sapphire piece to gain in potency each time.

Almine describes the higher function of the 3rd as the capacity to see the unobvious, through sensing the currents and trends of life. This is refined seeing that must be felt from all senses, as it comes from non-cognitive levels of inner space.

The effect of this gemstone alchemy process is that when you then wear your activated Blue Sapphire, it acts as a seer stone, giving the power of omni-perspectives so that what we perceive is the Allness from our wholeness.  Not only do we see beneath appearances at the perfection unfolding, but we perceive the higher potentials that lay in situations that serve all life. From the capacity of the “all-seeing eye”, exponential change is instant because power flows where there is clear perception from wholeness.

A clear quartz cluster or small tower is also used to amplify the alchemy in ceremony, and the Blue Sapphire can be placed on it when it’s not being worn.

Blue Sapphire helps to assimilate body parts that we have judged and rejected. As we assimilate into wholeness, so too we leave the matrix of separation. Its tone is “Acknowledging the validity of the hidden kingdoms”, and those kingdoms hold our magic that activates as we bring online the tones of inclusive wholeness we lost through self-separation. Its blue color holds the potency of depth of soul that can access potentials otherwise unseen, and the purified emotion of love that assimilate to wholeness…

The main ceremony that is on video, uses the 144 Self-Wheels . As facets of self-acknowledgment and self-appreciation activate in us, we also begin the generate the magenta light for creating a peaceful earthly home.  This Gemstone Alchemy process is one that can be repeated at various times to increase the potency of the Blue Sapphire. It’s also a great process in preparation to activate the higher chakras in the body.

The product comes with the following:


  • A Blue Sapphire beaded bracelet (2 options, see below)
  • A clear quartz point or cluster to place on the power stack for the ceremony
  • Laminated Power Sigils for the gemstones


  • PDF with info on Blue Sapphire properties as given by the Seer
  • PDF of the GA Process to activate the God Gene
  • PDF with the Power Stack for the ceremony
  • The main ceremony on video
  • The 144 Wheels with a kaleidoscope background on video (no audio, as shorter contemplation and integration of the wheels)
  • Creating a Peaceful Earthly Home with the Magenta Light Equation video
  • Series of 3 videos with sigil and wheels from the Magenta, Violet, and Gold

You can purchase the materials only, as an option if you have your own gemstones. Note however that all gemstones have been activated as power objects to support this process.



The options for blue sapphire presently are the following (note options will change as I am always on the lookout for affordable blue sapphire)

Dark blue beaded bracelet in 6mm or 8mm (image to the left)

Lighter blue faceted beaded bracelet in 7mm beads (image to the right)






Additional information

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Dark Blue 8mm bracelet and activated Quartz with materials, Light Blue 7mm bracelet and activated Quartz with materials, Materials only


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