Body Harmoniser with Elite Shungite and Selenite


  • You receive a Selenite stick or wand, and a wand-shaped piece of elite shungite.
  • A PDF explaining the full process of harmonization in the body, which was alchemically activated by the Seer Almine.
  • Power sigils for Selenite and Shungite, with a PDF of their amazing properties through the upgrades.
  • A Power Source Wheel to activate the higher codes of DNA (High Alchemy through Fluid Regeneration)
  • A Power Sigil for the activation of the endocrine system to produce higher (god) hormones


The Harmonizer process began as part of the Space Clearing Protocol, where the intent was to prepare the body to be as fluid and non-resistant to life as possible. Greatest power to impact on life comes when we are inclusive of what is, allowing life to move through the purity of our being that sees all life through innocent perception.

The Harmonizer process brings harmony to the body through dissolving the unreal and the obsolete, while integrating ever more light from the spiritual levels. It elevates the frequency of the body’s fields and creates a deep level of peace within. When we are no longer in internal tension, the mind becomes still and we are able to tap into the vastness of being and become the living resolution for what may appear in our reality.

As we establish deep peace in body from the inner harmony of our feminine and masculine aspects (soul and body), we operate from deeper presence in body…from the deeper brainwave states that know no separation nor limitation. We are at a time in evolution where this power is being called upon so that innovative solutions can flow through.

The main Harmonizer uses two gemstones that have been alchemically enhanced in their power by the Seer, namely, Elite Shungite and Selenite.

Through holding the two activated stones in each hand, a pulsing begins between the feminine and the masculine aspects (subconscious / conscious,  lower chakras / upper chakras, etc), and the tension of polarity gives way to their harmonious interaction in the ‘space in-between’. It is in that space where we are fluidly renewed in tonal luminosity.

When Almine first looked into the harmonization process, she upgraded the Selenite to be a match for the intensity of the Elite Shungite, that is a ‘warrior stone’. And later the guardian of Selenite appeared to her in dreamtime and asked her for further empowerment as it wished to be fully activated in support.

Below are some effects of these power stones used together.

Elite Shungite

  • Elite Shungite clears the unreal and the obsolete from the body. It is the Stone of Truth. No lie can be believed when the body has inner discernment — a sense of ‘bodytruth’–, and so programming is released.  Old patterns will no longer feel right, and much begins to fall away.
  • Truth is inseparable from the moment — ever changing and expanding, as the body in attunement to truth becomes fluid and ever new.
  • It supports quick alignment and presence in body, at times of overwhelm or hyper-active mind.
  • Body in the ‘Fluid Geometry of Wholeness’, becomes a vehicle for our vast consciousness. As the body receives and integrates the light bodies, the subconscious changes from a place of self-suppression, to one of endless potentials yet to be articulated.
  • Renders useless the artificial intelligence nano-particles in the body, so that we become increasingly impervious to the 5G and EMF messages of distortion and control.


  • Selenite absorbs distorted waveforms, and creates a pristine, interference-free field around us.
  • It purifies and attunes us to the real, where all is perfection, growth is by inspiration to express and self-discover.
  • It fosters living in innocence, through awe and wonderment as perspectives that support life ever new. We become the conduits of Infinite’s blessings on Earth.

The overall process done daily,

  • To clear the effects of 5G and EMF/EMF/ELF toxicity, after a day in crowds or office or on the computer
  • To flow light into the body and up your vibe
  • To clear the day, in preparation for dreamtime

It causes the a ‘reversing of the energies’, where outer reality is no longer cause and inner an effect, but inner reality becomes an open portal to the inexhaustible resources within, and outer becomes its expression. We become more centered, authentic, and self-sovereign.

New Additions

Elite Shungite is revealing as a magic stone, in that it can support all manner of changes in the body, and is able to bring in the energies of the gemstone it’s paired with.  Its all about embodiment in order to ‘grow corn’ in our lives.  Holding a piece is both hands is also a quick way to get back into the body and center and ground. But certain pairings of gemstones will produce unique effects.

Coming soon is the Harmonizer with:

**White Jade, which is the gemstone to bring deep peace in body, supporting us to find the stillpoint within. It also stills the mind and paired with elite shungite can be used for the following:

  • To still the noisy mind, clear spaciness, or reduce jetlag, to come back into the body, into the here and now.
  • To harmonize the Inner Family parts, as jade has a connection to the coccyx area, and helps cultivate the “peaceful journey” and promote flow of energy up the spine. White Jade in particular, supports the peace of wholeness.
  • Magic is the removal of filters formed by belief systems, from the windows of the body, soul and spirit. The coccyx bone is one of the areas where belief systems have gathered, and false histories have been placed in this memory-holding area (1). The clearing to reach peace is assisted through this process, particularly in those who have done the Gemstone Crystals Activation ceremony.

Rose Quartz, this is the gemstone of Mother’s Love — it modulates distorted emotions and hostile frequencies into waveform of love.  It’s the perfect pairing to meditate on self-appreciative self-love, embracing the past and seeing only the loving support from life to get you to where you are. Supports assimilation of suppressed parts…anchors all shifts around self-love into the body, promoting empowered perspectives to release past trauma from the body.

Harmonizing with Elite Shungite and Programmed Quartz

In may exploration of elite shungite and programming quartz, I began to meditate with a variation of the Harmonizer Process, with very amazing results.

I programmed a beautiful clear quartz cluster with to hold all the insights as I went through the crystal activations of the Qi Vesta.  After completing this, I placed my programmed crystal on the Wheel of High Alchemy to keep it at high vibe (with the power stack for quartz crystal on top).  When I did a next Qi Vesta ceremony I held the elite shungite wand in my right hand and the quartz in the left, and felt in instant flooding in of luminosity in my body, profound peace, mindlessness and expansion. I felt like I was in a vibrating crystal cave, in complete brainwave synchrony and deep well-being.  After 5 minutes of this blissful state, I began to formulate intent for the ceremony….

I have since programmed quartz with Reproductive System activations from Almine (protocol is given on how to do this), and also have another on the go to embody the Toltec “Flakes of Purity”.

The power of elite shungite with the activated quartz is the instant embodiment of what the quartz transmits and amplifies…it is instantly vibrating the body to higher harmonics!

(1) From Messages from the Atlantean Angels, by Almine,

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