Alchemical Rose Quartz Body Skin Activator (Blessed by the Seer)


The Rose Quartz Guasha Skin Activator is a ‘Comb Edge’ guasha piece alchemically enhanced to stimulate the whole body skin, through a light ‘scraping’. The Body Skin Activator (BSA) has been enhanced through specific activations/blessings by the Seer Almine. (more below)

The product comes with the following:

  • A PDF of blessings and suggested uses
  • Several Power Sigils (received by the Seer), to emphasize/complement certain of the Tool’s functions to clear programs, reset memory, and establish unhindered communication with Source
  • A power stack that it sits on, to keep its alchemical potency
  • A sample of the alchemical bath salts (for one bath)

A video that leads you through the full circuit through the 12 ordinary meridians
Meditations to activate the Gates of Limitlessness on the body, and a Flow-Through the 12 Meridians

If you have one already and wish to have  a second, then choose the replacement option. First time buyers choose the BSA with materials option.

The Rose Quartz BSA has been blessed by the Seer Almine (, for the series of Rose Quartz programs.


Body skin is the largest outer sense organ, that comes online when we embrace the never-ending journey of self-discovery as an intimate dance with the Source of our Existence. Body skin has given the impression of separation in the old dream of duality, and that obsolete dream is giving way presently, to the new Dream of Infinite, wherein growth is by inspiration, grace, and alchemical interaction with our environment. In this higher order reality where opposition is no more, the body skin is the ‘sensual interface’ between the Creator and Its Creation, and through it, we have a heightened sensory experience of multi-dimensional reality.

As the interface between inner and outer reality, the body skin is the organ that enables us to attune to the cosmic pulse and sync up  with the Song and purpose of Creation, such that our Heart’s desires become the desires of the cosmos.

The body’s skin is one of the outer sense organs that establishes the connection between outer and inner senses. When the senses unite across inner and outer reality, we become the ‘source’ and central expressor of reality around us.

Body skin has 672 outer acupuncture points that activate as portals to eventually receive and transmit Infinite Intent exclusively. The skin untouched becomes sensitively attuned to the potentials that may emerge from the Inner Space of the Infinite. The Guasha BSA tool supports all this. It can be used to trace the meridian system and clear layers of density so that the acupoints activate of portals to receive and emit Divine Intent.

The BSA supports memory to ‘reset’ itself, so that we hear what is emerging in the present moment, and are no longer reacting to the obsolete stories of the past.  It renews the cells and clears the layer of density that is typically found just below the skin.

It complements the alchemical bath salts, and may be used before a bath in the purification salts.

Properties of Rose Quartz:

Rose Quartz gemstone has been chosen for its broad properties to emit the frequencies of all-inclusive divine love. It helps open the body and fields to realities at higher harmonics, assists is self-assimilation to wholeness through self-love, which is necessary to establish fluidity in the body. Rose Quartz purified restores powerful magic to man — when self-love is foundation of being, life changes from a suppression to an expression.

Rose Quartz Fountain of Plenitude Programs:

The Rose Quartz Tools are used in a program series, the Fountain of Plenitude.  To explore these programs, visit at these links.


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