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Quartz is one of the most ubiquitous and versatile stones on the planet — it is the gemstone that establishes the communication pathways to all the Earth’s creatures, and its use to evolve humanity out of the current dystopian world has now begun with our activated Quartz.

According to the Seer, Quartz crystal is the Regent of the gemstones, as it communicates Infinite Intent throughout the kingdom over which it presides, which in turn impacts the Song of the Earth that supports the well-being of all earthly creatures.

Quarts is the gemstone of Tonal Luminosity, and we are told that sound and light ‘shooting’ through the crystal on the planet, produces ‘tremendous energy’.  The Arcturians have shared that because of this, there can be no shortage of energy on the planet.

When asked when we will see ‘free energy’ technologies on the planet, the Seer replied that those technologies will not longer be able to be suppressed when the major lightbearers on Earth have recognized their source of all sustenance to be within. And it is from Tonal Luminosity flowing through the fluid crystalline body that will make this a reality.  Our activated Quartz crystals, and protocols/ceremonies done with them, that we we reclaim the communication channels on Earth, and establish infinite energy and resources in support of the flourishment of all beings.

Owing to it being found everywhere and being so powerful in receiving, storing and emitting information, it has been used in many technologies with less than altruistic intent. This has disrupted true history and hindered communication from Source and so also, communication across the Kingdoms.

Its misuse is now coming to an end as we reclaim the Earth our Home. The powers of the healed and activated Quartz are tremendous, and these gemstones can begin to activate their powers in individuals, to attune to the New Reality. Abundance, well-being, and recognized paths of destiny are but some of the gifts that these activated gemstones have to offer.

You can read about its amazing contributions to healing the planet on the Quartz Crystal information page accessible through the Gemstone Alchemy portal. In the following discussion we focus primary on the effects of using the quartz sphere.

These quartz spheres in stock are specially activated to support the reclamation of Earth our Home, by establishing a powerful intercommunication grid across all life on the planet. As with all of our quartz, everything is first reconnected to the Mother Quartz, which the Seer found to be in a cave in the Andes, Peru.  Through a Power Sigil that each sphere sits on as it waits to be purchased, they are cleared of trauma from ignorant mining practices (blasting, bleaching, etc), and misuse in black magic rituals over the ages.

With their true song restored, the higher powers of Quartz, as revealed by the Quartz Guardian to the Seer, are now reactivating on the planet.

Many Uses for an Activated Quartz Sphere

Having a Quartz sphere in your space, with the Power Sigil for Space Clearing and creating Sacred Spaces, you are establishing your space as a proxy for all life, and this is carried in the Quartz sphere as its intended communication to the whole planet.

With a Quartz sphere on the Power Sigil for healing Disrupted Destiny and embracing New beginnings on past achievements, the Quartz sphere is supported in its function to restore and spread only true history to all the nations of the Earth.  When you work with these power sigils while holding the sphere, all that you shift in yourself in transmitted as power to the Quartz. Working with it to release false history and implants and remember yourself anew, will start to activate the power of discernment in the body.

The Quartz sphere on a healing altar will amplify and ray out the intentions you set for your ceremony. As intercommunication device connected to the Mother Quartz, what you achieve in terms of High Alchemy will spread to the whole planet. Hold intention that it be so.  You can also have the sphere on a Power Stack, and it will amplify and transmit throughout the earth, the alchemical power in the stack as you work with it.

Sleeping next to a Quartz sphere (with the 5G and EMF Power Stack under a chunk of elite Shungite) is also recommended, so that the crystals in the brain are attuned at higher vibe and no interference can take place.

When you order an activated Quartz sphere, you can add on the support materials — with materials and you will get all the support for the options listed above.  This package of materials is $50 (includes a small 25-35 gram piece of elite shungite on its Power Sigil and the 5G/EMF protection power stack), and a special protocol to support regeneration through the night.

If you have the Urusak Water Activator Device, you can infuse the living Water with the function of Quartz to activate the acupuncture portals on the face and neck, providing a bridge to healing subconscious repression, and merging inner and outer realities as one. This and more, will be given in a PDF of suggested processes with the Urusak device (to come).

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