Alchemically Activated Rose Quartz Guasha Heart (Blessed by the Seer Almine)


The Rose Quartz Gua Sha Heart is used for gentle facial stimulation, to clear scar tissue, heal organs, and more. It can be purchased on its own, but is intended to be used in conjunction with the Rose Quartz Roller and Gua Sha set for face, body and life clearing, regeneration and rejuvenation.

This product has been blessed and alchemically activated by the Seer Almine, to support body fluidity and regeneration to a state of remembered wholeness.  It will help to restore frequencies of wholeness in face and body, and release distorted ones from the human stories and trauma we carry in the cells and other ‘minds’ throughout body and fields. To learn about all its alchemical powers, go to the product that has the full kit, click here.

The product comes with the following:

** The Wheel of Regeneration (laminated)
** The Song of Life Power Sigil — a gift from the Seer to all who use the Rose Quartz achemical Tools
** An exercise to open up the carotid artery to assist in manifesting the Heart’s desire (received by Almine)

Presently, the product is meant to be used with the many processes and protocols in the main kit and the programs in the series, The Fountain of Plenitude. (See below for linked products), and so little instructions for use are given here.

Eventually I will offer a standalone purchase option, with a pdf with suggestions on use. But for now the product is for those who have the Rose Quartz Facial kit.

Ideal for practitioners who want to offer “emotional/spiritual facials” and body renewal to clients, based on the processes taught in the main product and PDF that comes with the pair or trio. Having several Hearts ensures that you always have a cool one handy for longer sessions, but it can also be used to establish body harmony or ‘homeostasis’, to close the gap of left and right or feminine/masculine imbalances, for aligning the 3 centers, activating hidden body centers, etc (with the 3 Hearts).

** With the purchase of the pair, you receive a sample of the Forever New fragrance alchemy oil, that plugs up leaks of resources to lower realities

** With the purchase of three, you receive Forever New and a sample of the Fight of the Falcon fragrance alchemy oil, that harmonizes the 3 dantien centers and activates the 4th portal to the eternal self.


Blessed and activatated by the Seer Almine. The Rose Quartz Tools are used in a program series, the Fountain of Plenitude.  To explore these programs, visit at these links.

Properties of Rose Quartz:

Rose Quartz gemstone has been chosen for its broad properties to emit the frequencies of all-inclusive divine love. It helps open the body and fields to realities at higher harmonics, assists is self-assimilation to wholeness which is necessary to establish fluidity in the body. Rose Quartz purified restores powerful magic to man — when Self-love is foundation of being, life changes from a suppression to an expression.

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