5 Minds Activation, Spine Clearing, Cell and DNA Repair Gemstone Alchemy Nighttime Process


This gemstone alchemy protocol, given by the Seer Almine, has as functions:

  • Connection through the dreamtime, to your deeper dimensional levels of oneness to access greater potential
  • Activates the crystals in the brain to receive Infinite Intent rather than interference waveforms that keep a person in soul matrices and shallow brainwaves
  • Promotes deep sleep (deeper brainwave states reached) to allow the alchemy of the process to refurbish the cells and repair broken telomeres of the DNA in particular
  • Clears spinal blockages and enhances the flow of refined light through spine (assisting with higher consciousness).


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The process, blessed by the Seer, comes with

  • Quartz crystal, Rose Quartz, and Citrine gemstones (size options offered) that have been activated as power objects
  • A Power Stack to support the process
  • PDF of the process and video


Protocol and alchemical wheels and sigils are the original work of the Seer Almine, LLC Spiritual Journeys (www.alminediary.com)


Main functions of the protocols activated by the Seer:

  • Refurbishing of cells and repair of the telomeres of the DNA.
  • Purification and transmutation of emotions through the night.
  • Reaching depth of Oneness through the entrainment field of love – access point to the source of inspiration.
  • Repair of the blockages in the spine (that cut us off from our magic), and enhanced flow of vitalizing living light through the New Spine (merged spine and pranic tube)
  • Activation of the 5 Minds and living from the One Eternal Mind, through which we dwell in a timeless existence and flow higher resolutions for life.
  • The peace of surrendered trust in clear guidance and inspiration from Source.
  • Enhanced telepathic communication by having the brain crystals receive only messages from Source.
  • Evolving the body to be the perfect bio-conducive technology, capable of downstepping Infinite Intent to all levels of life.
  • Remembering the truth of who you are and the true history of Earth evolution, which enhances discernment what is real and what is unreal and no longer be deceived.


Gemstones in the product are all made into power objects (using the Bird Clock) to support the process.

The medium or large options include:

  • Quartz: cluster, small to medium sphere (110-170 grams), or elestial quartz (see below)
  • Rose Quartz:  heart  blessed by the Seer, or small sphere (110-140 grams)
  • Citrine point (in the range of 30-40 grams)


Elestial Quartz: These stones have natural shapes and terminations all over the faces of the crystal. Some have water inclusions, and most are smoky quartz. (From Brazil and Madagascar)

Known to facilitate the connection to our higher dimensional aspects, supporting ‘downloads’ from those levels. Smoky elestials are said to ground higher light into the body, and to lighten the heart. Good to structure higher energy, so good stone of manifest Divine Intent.

The one in the image is quite large (about 350 grams, and is not for sale). Currently I have a few pieces between 25 to 120 grams. I am on the lookout for more. Email for this option, and there will be a premium added to the price, depending on the size of the elestial piece.

Visit the information page for more details.  5-Minds Process to Enhance Communication with the Infinite 

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