Selenite Discs


Selenite clears negative energies/ distorted frequencies. The plates are most useful to clear this from other gemstones, to keep them at their highest frequencies.

In 2022, the Seer augmented the power of Selenite to absorb hostile waveforms, in support of the Space Clearing Protocol. And we received a power sigil to boost its capacities in support of clearing our spaces and our bodies, as the interference from 5G, EMF pollution, radiation, and so much more is at unprecedented levels. Selenite’s power to purify the spiritual bodies has also been boosted, and it has been balanced to work with the powerful elite shungite in a harmonizer process. (See the Harmonizer process on the shop.)

With all purchases, you will receive the power sigil for Selenite, to augment this stone’s capabilities — it is to be placed under the plate.

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Ex Small (4in diameter), Small (5in diameter), Med (5.5in diameter), Large (7.5in diameter)


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