Black Tourmaline – Purification Stone, Beloved of the Mother


The Gemstone for the Reconciliation of the Poles and Fluid Harmony with life

Rare is the gift that has been bestowed on the gemstone tourmaline. For it has the ability to self-purify. Untainted it has remained throughout the ages, digesting its own pollution. But it is generous in sharing this gift and so it purifies all other crystals and gemstones that come into its vicinity. For about the size of the reach of a man’s outstretched arms—from fingertips to fingertips, is the size of the space of its purifying influence.”

“A bringer of balance between opposite poles, a bestower of graceful change, and promoter of inner peace, tourmaline has been known since ancient times as the beloved of the Goddess. May its gifts to both men and women be strengthened and its vitality remain strong.” Received by the Seer

Options for Black Tourmaline include tumbled or rough stones, palmstones, beaded necklaces, women’s pendants. Some Pink Tourmaline and Purple options.

Until the shop is fully set up, you can email to order and if you cannot find what what you want!

See the various function of the different colored tourmaline gemstones, below.

All products of Tourmaline come with:

  • The Power Sigil for Tourmaline (laminated)
  • The Power Sigil to restore the pure song of the gemstones from the Indivisible Note of Creation that is Adoration in Action. This PS supports the ability of the gemstone to open up spaces for higher reality on Earth. (laminated)
  • A PDF with information on the gemstone, and suggested ways to use it




Gemstones’ functions differ depending on their color.

  • Black Tourmaline is the most powerful at dissolving negativity in the surroundings and supporting pristine space. It promotes Fluid Harmony (1) with divine intent, as it ensures that what is around us is ‘real’. It is used the Space Clearing Protocol, and recommended to wear a piece on you or have it nearby in your space.
  • Pink Tourmaline is a gemstone of the Divine Feminine, and recommended by the Seer to activate the goddess qualities in inner space. A heart chakra stone, its quality is Transitioning to a Higher Life (1), through the resonance of an open heart. As well, it promotes the reconciliation of outer and inner space through Enthusiastic Living.
  • Purple Tourmaline is the best stone to balance masculine hormones that get disrupted by eating non-organic foods. The Seer recommends it for men, but it serves all as everyone produces masculine hormones. I am having men’s styles made, and expect them in the  new year.
  • Green tourmaline is a heart gemstone too, but focuses more on the physical heart. It is the one to balance, harmonize and expand the bio-electrical field around the heart that expands as we emit higher hormones. Its power enhances heart field coherence, and the ability to be elevated through resonance. It encourages our Empowered Participation (1) in life, from a place of self-sovereignty.
  • Blue tourmaline, called ‘indigolite’, activates the Throat and 3rd eye chakras, clearing and opening open up the psychic senses. It promotes the ability to perceive from the observer self, and see life layers deep and from a vaster context. It is said to also assist in downstepping the healing light from higher levels into usable form in the body. It works well with other blue gemstones like blue kyanite and lapis lazuli — gemstones for deeper alignment with Infinite creative intent, and  exuberant living, respectively.
  • There are other colors, and they all have properties according to the color potencies of light, for which the gemstones are the messengers. Read about that here: Potencies of Light


(1) Certain gemstones have been safeguarding qualities through the ages, and we are now able to activate them in us, in order to become the Reconciliation of the Poles…the Door of ‘Homecoming’.  This is from the Seer Almine’s teachings and gemstone alchemy ceremonies.

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Black, Pink, Green, Purple, Mixed Colors


Beaded necklace, Bracelet, Pendant, Tumbled Stones, Palm stones, Rough stones small, Rough stones medium, Rough stones large


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