Carnelian – For the Innocent Embracing of the Heart


Innocence is a power that stands unopposed. When we embrace life from innocent perception that is inclusive of all, we dwell in fluid surrendered trust of life’s flawless unfoldment, and all that comes are blessings. Carnelian holds this quality and power. It activates the root, sacral, and solar plexus chakras of life force, creative energy, and authentic will.
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Innocent embracing of the heart supports the powerful ascension attitude of love that clears density in the body and amasses power to manifest higher reality. When we allow ourselves to be guided by this, we live also from surrendered trust in the life, releasing resistance and allowing life to renew itself in us. It is a power to flow with life ever new, on paths that are ever more vitalizing and fulfilling.

The Gemstone Guardian of Carnelian activates a crystal in the spine — a center of magic — at vertebrae T8 – which interestingly does not have an associated acupuncture point (as do all other vertebrae), which may indicate that its power comes from a deeper level of inner space. The vertebrae location runs to the xiphoid process, the uppermost part of the solar plexus known as the place of Divine Love.

As a stone that supports the lower three chakras, it helps to transmute obsolete subconscious patterns so that obstructions clear from the chakras. The gemstones are activating on the planet, and Carnelian’s qualities of innocence and guidance from beyond programs can support the higher function of the three chakras it resonates with. Innocent embracing will help bring fertility to endeavors (root chakra), it stirs the inner senses which enable us to hear Infinite Intent, and it helps discern that guidance is coming from the ‘right place’.
Often used as the stone for the sacral chakra, the guidance from innocence leads to automatic action that is the power of the 2nd chakra to align us with the magical life.

With any purchase (except the tumbled stone), you will receive the power stack and PDF of the 99 Tones of Innocence, received by the Seer, that you can store your carnelian piece on, to imbue it with greater alchemical potency. You may wish to also get a tumbled stone that you can activate on the stack, and carry it around during the day to remind yourself to live and more deeply embody the beautiful qualities of Carnelian.

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Large Sphere, Standing Stone (150 gr), Standing Stone (230 gr), Tumbled stone, 6mm bead- 18 inch plain pendant, 18 inch lock pendant (6mm), 4 mm bead- 18 in plain pendant, 6mm bead bracelet


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