Azeztulite – Gemstone of the Divine Feminine ~ Manifestation with the Power of Inner Space


Azeztulite is a most powerful gemstone of manifestation in the new reality, where outer reality emerges from a rich and fluid infrastructure cultivated in inner space, from the fullness of being.  It is a very high-frequency gemstone that illuminates the inner realm of the soul. Azeztulite has been identified by the Seer Almine as the stone to embody the divine feminine — the qualities of the goddess archetypes. It embodies the light that cannot be seen but must be felt, which is the non-cognitive knowing of the heart.

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Options for Azeztulite include:

  • Rough stones (50-120 grams)
  • Beaded bracelets (8mm) – Clear or Black (smoky) Azeztulite
  • Beaded necklaces (8mm) – Black (smoky) with a smoky quartz ‘Seed of Life”

All products of Azeztulite come with:

  • The Power Sigil for Azeztulite (laminated)
  • The Power Sigil to restore the pure song of the gemstones from the Indivisible Note of Creation that is Adoration in Action. This PS supports the ability of the gemstone to open up spaces for higher reality on Earth. (laminated)
  • A PDF with information on the gemstone, and suggested ways to use it




Azeztulite enables intuitive knowing to take place at all levels of reality. In other words, it has inter-dimensional influence, and is a most potent gemstone for manifesting from the Divine Feminine aspect that is expressed through the Goddess Archetypes.

Azeztulite is the last gemstone in the 36 Gemstone Crystal activation, and the significance of having it at the base of the device (1) is twofold: 1- it takes a completed manifestation cycle to a next level (ensuring that we spiral to ever higher orders of expression), and 2- it acts as a bridge of communication between the various gemstones, which promotes alchemical leveraging.

The gemstone is highly sensitive to broadcasting intent, and acts like a microphone that elicits a supportive response from the environment. So if you wear it as necklaces or bracelet, the caution is that you be very conscientious with intentions through the day.

It is the perfect gemstone to use when manifesting through the powers of the goddess archetypes, for manifestation ceremonies, and as a nightly ritual to ask for support during the dreamtime.

For more information on Azeztulite’s functions in manifestation, visit its dedicated page: Azeztulite ~ Gemstone for the Divine Feminine in Expression

(1) The Gemstone Alchemy ‘device’ is one that triangulates spaces for higher realities to enter into a lower one, which is how we may live the ‘miraculous’ life. See the 12-Triangulations Gemstone Alchemy product that includes the activation of 36 etheric crystals in the body.

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Raw Crystal 50-60 gr, Raw Crystal 61-70, Raw Crystal 71-80, Raw Crystal 81-90, Raw Crystal 91-100, Raw Crystal 101-110, Raw Crystal 111-120, Raw Crystal 120-130, Raw Crystal 131-140, Clear Azeztulite Bracelet 8mm, Black (smoky) Azez Bracelet – 8mm, Black (smoky Axez Pendant 8mm with smoky quartz hexagon (Seed of Life)


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