The 24 Holy Quartz Crystals Alchemy Kit


The Holy Quartz alchemy is a profound alchemical protocol received by the Seer Almine, to be used with quartz crystals activated as ‘Holy Quartz’, to embody pristine humanness and begin to express greater DNA capacity and from higher functioning of the 12 ordinary meridians. As we take back Earth our Home, we are to express all the Kingdoms anew, and this alchemy is a tool for this.

The equations are profound ones to live, and as we do, we clear the overlays that are in the way to expressing or revealing the body as a field of fluid crystalline White Light. And because Quartz has been activated too, our engagement with the alchemy evolves the Quartz grid on the planet to communicate Tonal Luminosity to a higher humanity, and to produce tremendous energy to vitalize all life.  Quartz brings a flourishing existence to all life forms. Working with this activated Quartz also evolves the human brain to discern truth and express from higher potential and greater DNA capacity. (Read more below).

This is an alchemy of mastering the secret of manifestation, from pristine intent aligned in Source, to structures or forms in physical life that are aware and responsive to aligned intent. From Flow to Structure, and Structure back to Flow, is the secret of the meridian system as a unified field, and of Time and Space becoming our tools of high manifestation.

The protocol comes with the following:

  • The 24 alchemical equations
  • Two Power Source Wheels
  • The 24 Wheels to activate the the equation, also used to store the quartz pieces on. You get a set of small laminated wheels, and laminated cards to use in the processes (to pick a daily crystal or set up crystal grids to clear and activate around situations or issues)
  • A large laminated Power Sigil to ensure highest functioning of all your Holy Quartz, and harmony with the Mother Quartz on the planet and her mission
  • A large laminated Power Sigil to restore the song of the Quartz, Regent of the gemstones on the planet.  This Power Sigil can be used for all gemstones to restore their pristine song.
  • A PDF with detailed instructions on the many ways to do remote or in-person clearing, to bless/heal loved ones or clients, to clear spaces remotely or on-site, to do planetary healing, etc. How to permanently set up of the 24 activated quartz in healing spaces.
  • A PDF on how to do the ceremony to activate Quartz crystals yourself (you may want to have certain activated quartz to give to clients or loved ones, place in gathering spaces as power objects, etc)
  • A PDF with the qualities of the awakened Quartz, how to cleanse and program your crystals
  • A ceremony to deepen embodiment of the potencies of the equations and powers of the wheels (to come)
  • Video talks on the general principles of the alchemy
  • A series of videos (12 with a pair of equations in each) discussing the Holy Quartz equations and wheels, within the context of the 12 ordinary meridians


Options for Quartz

I am well stocked in quartz clusters from various parts of the world, so all options listed below are currently available!

  • 24 quartz crystals activated as Holy Quartz (in 3 price options that reflect the quality/quality  of the quartz crystals) (I program and activate all the quartz through the alchemy that turns quartz into Holy Quartz, and through ceremony.)  Read details on the options, below, before choosing the best one for you.
  • I also sell unprogrammed quartz if you wish to program your own. Email me for this option, as you may only need a few more pieces to add to your collection.
  • If you want specific quartz, send me an email. For example, you may wish all best quality quartz (from Brazil), quartz that you plan to bury as a permanent circle on your property and are happy with less clear clusters, or wish to have small points to give to clients as needed, and so on.


Note on programming clusters: It is worth getting at least one set of activated Holy Quartz, as much time and effort has gone into being able to do this effectively. I suggest programming your own once you’ve worked with the Holy Quartz equations and alchemical processes.


The Holy Quartz Alchemy is the original work of the Seer Almine that first came out in 2009 as Holy Water Alchemy. In October 2023, Almine redid the wheels and said it could now be done in quartz crystal, as quartz had been upgraded through the work with gemstone alchemy, and the effect to lift the planetary song and evolve the human brain would be of great benefit. LLC Spiritual Journeys,



The 24 Holy Quartz Alchemy is a powerful alchemical process to activate quartz crystals to hold potencies of equations to be embodied in order to live for the expression of a pristine humanity. Their leveraged power is undeniable, and they support higher insights to ‘land’ as embodied powers, with the help of gemstone alchemy.

The reality of separation from Source has run its course and is now an obsolete dream held in place only by your attention to it.

The biggest challenge for most, is how to re-imagine a world founded on harmlessness, benevolence, and truth.  When life is in resonance with the Ray of Truth, all deception becomes exposed and loses its power. This is underway on the human stage of life presently, and in order to sync up with Divine Intent and highest evolution, it’s time to withdraw all attention from the unreal by seeing through it with inner sight. We then vision life anew into the ‘vacant spaces’ where we once saw the unreal, as inspired by the desires of the Heart.

We are told by the Seer, to trust not our eyes nor our ears in the time to come, because the nefarious ones have so perfected the art of deception that we will be trapped in their dystopian world. Instead, we are to awaken depth within and trust only our inner guidance–the new reality is founded on an intimate relationship between you and the Source of your Existence, awakened in every moment…The Infinite Source is to be perceived through depth of feeling, in every moment…in every circumstance and encounter. And this we achieve through finding the true Self beyond programs and beyond the need to be understood by the masses. We awaken as a ‘tribe of one’.

The 24 Holy Quartz Crystals alchemy is a profound set of 24 alchemical equations and wheels that are very accessible.  They give guidance and they activate it in the crystalline substance of the body that is forming anew as ‘what we are’. We have crystals in the brain, along the spine, in the joints that are portals of transcendence, and more…We are purifying, restoring, and filling the Quartz of the Earth with the light of our truth, so that it will remember its holy task at this time. (See the information on the Quartz crystals as the embodiment of Tonal Luminosity).

DNA of Pristine Humanity as Core Power to Step Outside of Linear Time…as the Zero-point and center of the Tube Torus of One’s Reality

It is an alchemy of DNA activation, and it activates codes of higher living for a pristine humanity.  But much more it is as well. Almine shared that it is the alchemical equation for the “Practical application of establishing the Bridge of No Time”  — that is the leveraged power that results.

The Bridges of No Time and of No Space, the Seer describes as ways of connecting Inner and Outer realities. The availability of the Bridge of No Time happens after we have established ‘space’ as a place of pristineness and possibilities hoped for.  “The bridge of no time enables power to flow between the two realities by living from zero point energy. I have experienced it as absolute stillness where all striving ceases and everything is quiet. Intention is but the slightest preference; not even a thought and all of the cosmos responds accordingly. The bridge of no space is more like a perspective that comes from contemplating life as a river of transient shapes and events; realizing that solidity is an illusion and all is interactive energy fields.”

Power not in Externals, but in Our Proxy Magic

We live from zero point energy when fulfillment comes from within, and we know ourselves as source and cause of everything. The Holy Quartz Alchemy establishes this. Through very accessible, practical equations to contemplate and live, we leverage the power to completely disengage from the unreal mirrors of opposition.

Almine has stated that our power lies not in money, but in proxy magic. The new reality is upon us, here and now, for those who can see with their inner sight and hear with inner hearing. This is a tool of proxy magic.

The alchemy of the 24 Holy Quartz Crystals will activate a person to higher living to reveal the real beneath the layers of deception, and it supports a deeper connection to proxy living, where your self-refinement is communicated to the Quartz grid on the planet, which opens up ‘spaces’ for higher orders of life.

In proxy magic, we are allies of the interconnectedness of life, and all realms rally around us to fulfill our slightest intent.

Ways to Use the Holy Quartz Alchemy

It can be used as a powerful tool of remote healing for loved ones, clients, situations, parts of the world, etc, by setting up crystal grids and sending the potency of the equations into what is focused on.

You can pick a daily quartz to work with, and set it up on its power wheel on your altar or carry it around with you through the day, and place at your bedside at night.

Every time you use the Holy Quartz alchemy for personal clearing or remote work on clients or groups, you are assisting a higher vibrational reality on the planet, the restoration of true history,  the evolution of the human brain and ability to discern truth from lie, and the reparation of the human DNA in support of a higher, pristine humanity.

Options for the 24-cluster set of Holy Quartz

There are 5 options. All quartz pieces are numbered, and the numbers are well stuck so not likely to come off.

**The 1st is the budget option, where clusters may be smaller or of lesser clarity– may include some quartz points.

**The 2nd option are small clusters that are clearer overall.

**The 3rd options are larger clusters — clarity is mixed on them.

**The 4th option are much larger pieces, and this may be used to set up a permanent circle of 24 in a healing space, office, or gathering place.  The permanent circle creates a powerful entrainment field for all those who are in the space.  Email me if you want more perfect cluster and points, for example if you have a healing center and which all pieces to be of  certain quality.

**The 5th option are two sets, one set of small clusters (as in #1) and one set to set up in a circle (as in #4) — this has a small discount when purchased together.


Master Holy Quartz Spheres (Coming Soon)

These spheres, from tiny so it can be worn as a pendant or carried in your pocket, to over a kg in weight, are programmed to hold the ‘resolutions’ or source qualities of the equations. The vibe that emanates from these Master Holy Quartz Spheres is different than that from the permanent circle of the 24 Holy Quartz clusters.

To best characterize….

The permanent circle of 24 holds the power of transmutation, to entrain those in the space to resolve distortions and sense higher resolutions.  The Master sphere is a power object of Oneness, that holds the leveraged reality and emanates this as a refined space, into which higher realities may emerge (i.e. a space of miracles).

The permanent circle helps to clear distortions and activate paths of higher expression, while the Master Sphere creates an elevated vibrational field of holiness to activate the meridians of the body to their higher functions, which is a very specifically activated space of Hope.


FA oils recommended:

  • Crystal Waters – the FA oil to activate the capacity for Gemstone Alchemy, and the expression of the true body of crystalline White Light
  • Clearing Energetic Pathways of the Meridians (for those who have the Urusak)  or Spark of Life for those who do not.
  • Focused Light (Citrine gemstone oil) to clear the spinal centers (of proxy magic)
  • Fountain of Youth (to become source from the infinite life force that sustains the universe)
  • Sacred Space

Also the FA oils for the 12 Ordinary Meridians are good to use periodically as you integrate the powers of this alchemy.

With the Master Sphere, the Power of the One FA oil is also a good choice.


Additional information

Weight N/A
Dimensions N/A
Protocol with or without Quartz

Protocol Only, With 24 Quartz level 1, With 24 Quartz level 2, With 24 Quartz level 3, With 2 sets of activated Quartz


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