Clearing the Ordinary Meridians through the 12 Tones of Harmlessness

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The 12 Insights of Harmlessness are the original work of the seer Almine, LLC Spiritual Journeys, (

The 12 Insights or Tones of Harmlessness are attitudes, perspectives, and powers, which when lived, ignite the 12 ordinary meridians to their higher function, that is, to organize life in response to the fluid parameters of boundless living upheld by the 8 extraordinary meridians.

With harmlessness coursing through the meridians, the body’s organs and systems are vitalized and regenerated, and body homeostasis is established at higher octaves of life. The body’s resources are then optimized from an inner sense of ‘selflessness’ or devotion to the whole–no longer do organs or systems operate within isolated matrices. In tandem, outer life becomes harmonious and unfolds with ever greater grace and in delight. Harmlessness is the basis to move out of polarity, and is foundational to wield the power of the tools of incorruptible white magic (e.g. Runes, Bird Clock, sexual magic).  

The 12 FA meridian oils, combined with insights that become embodied, accelerates mastery and transcendence of emotions. You become emotionally self-sovereign and live increasingly from the ‘eye of the storm’–no longer getting drawn into the drama of duality because it simply is revealed to you as unreal…as ghosts of dreams past and outgrown.

Program includes:

  • Audio meditation through the 12 insights of harmlessness, set to Almine’s sound elixirs
  • pdf with the 12 insights of harmlessness
  • Teleseminar recording from the Foundation to the Miraculous Life, part 2
  • Audio to clear disappointment and guilt from the 12 meridians
  • 12 Videos by Almine (Genk retreat) discussing each of the Insight of Harmlessness

To explore more deeply on the power of harmlessness, read the blog post on The Power of Harmlessness.


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