Activating the Black Blood Cell as Interdimensional Portals & 3 Brain Centers Activation


Healing the 3 brain centers that have turned the pineal gland into a “black sorcerer” through the feminine’s inactivity, is imperative in order that we leave the disc of linear change and be able to wield the power of the tools of incorruptible white magic. When the 3 brain centers become active, they support the pineal as the white magician through supplying it with the frequencies and tones that were missing for it to feel whole. When these missing tones are restored, in the pineal a 13th frequency-less tone activates, and it becomes ‘neutral’ and surrendered–this is the portal for divine expression. (There is an equivalent portal in the heart, which is the 15th point of the Divine Compassion star of the heart).

When these tones combine, the pineal becomes a seer’s stone and only then do the resurrection acupuncture points activate. Activating of the black blood cell may then follow, and is also imperative for the full activation of the capacity of the glandular system to bring about Infinite Intent into expression. When we so operate from integrated oneness–with simultaneous awareness and activity of horizontal and vertical axes of existence–the body become the gateway for Infinite Intent through the pheromones of godhood.

The material in the program is support for this to transpire. It is one of the key steps in becoming the Bridge of No Time, as the lost tones restored to the pineal and brain enable the full expression of the feminine–of which it is the pro-active part–, and the portal to the Embodiment within the center of the tube torus, which brings into a unified field, all aspects of our being through the power of consolidated divine purpose.

It is one in several steps, whereby we restore all tones of nature so that we become the benevolent custodians of the Earth, singing our home back into full expression. Other steps that open up the visceral sense of organs and sense of skin untouched (6th and 7th outer senses) are taught in the Rune Mastery Intensive program, and will be made into product at the end of the year.

This product contains FA protocols, processes, alchemical elements, and audio talks and meditations to support healing the 3 brain centers and pineal gland, activation of the black blood cell, manifestation through the hidden organs of the body, and restoration of songs that are needed to produce the god hormones. It is a jam-packed product.

Read about materials in more detail below.


The pineal gland, which is the gland of effortless knowing and high magic through its role in the endocrine and chakra systems, has been blocked from knowing Infinite Intent, primarily because of three brain centers that have been inactive. These areas are known as Broca’s area, Wernicke’s area, and the Planum Temporale.

It is said, that man once had the most powerful magic that exists, but this was forgotten when these three brain centers became dormant. Whereas these centers provided the pineal with the resources it needed in the past, when they no longer did, the pineal then had to ‘take’ from outer reality, which translated into it imposing its will on outer life. It became a “black sorcerer” that pillaged from life to feed its subcreations. Controlling outer life sustains neediness and guilt at manipulating, and the mind eventually became a powerful tyrant. Guilt has severed us from the horizontal axis of our vastness, and thus has bound us to linearity. The pineal must awaken as ‘white magician’, so that it hears Infinite Intent and we move off the disk of linear change. This is essential at this time, as we are merging the horizontal and vertical axes of existence.

Almine has stated that even if we intend to align with Infinite Intent, because of those three centers inactive, the pineal will interpret from distortion–it is key in becoming a wielder of white magic.

“The pineal, Broca’s area, Wernicke’s area and the Planum Temporale
will all blend as one and where linear time
formed before with separate functions, there will now be
timelessness. The whole brain will become a Seer’s Stone.”

(from Beyond Mortality,


The Black Blood Cell

Through sensing from our vastness, the inner senses become activated. The ability to sense from vastness comes from the interdimensional black blood cells. Without their activation, when we leave behind the matrix with its false emotions, we may judge ourselves unfeeling or detached. This can cause us to rebound into the false love of attachment that acts as a pollutants and hinders the arising of our godhood.

The black blood cell ignites through the higher functioning of the spleen. When we live the refined qualities of pristine man through the full expression of the 13 pairs of god and goddess archetypes, the gate of the High Heart opens, and we begin the journey to integrated oneness and full balancing and expression of the inner family of subpersonalities.

The black blood cell activates through living deep enjoyment, that comes from knowing the self as the center of one’s reality, and being fully engaged in life and simultaneously the appreciative observer–nomad of infinity who follows the trail of inspiration.

Living from surrendered trust (vertical axis) and unconditional impeccable self-responsibility (horizontal axis) enables us to be the center that is cause and no longer effect of life. As potency and engagement in life increases through the refining of inner senses, we have a richer sensory experience of life, which further deepens enjoyment. And so the upward spiral of evolving awareness gets underway.

Through the black blood cell, we may perceive and sense in the fields of black light, namely, the fields of Metaphysics (5th Field of Perception), of Godhood (6th Field), and of the Unfolding Journey (7th Field), further adding to the wonderment of the never-ending journey.

Why is the 671st acupuncture point so important? Besides being necessary to have the black blood cell activated in order to operate in oneness/vastness, activation of this point allows the life force center to move to the position of the heart. The life force center moves up to the heart in the 2nd phase of godhood, and this lends far greater power to manifest from the Field of Hope. Almine highlighted 3 decisions that are part of the key to unlock the 3 areas of the brain so they can start to conceptualize life with the inner geometry combined with outer, as well as to manifest fluid form, and to be able to interpret Infinite’s Will through the higher pheromones, and express it into articulation.
In this product, we explore healing the 3 brain centers to awaken the pineal as white magician, as well as activation of the 671st acupuncture point with the use of FA and several protocols and practices. Almine has given us 3 considerations or choices that must be made firmly, in order to become unstoppable on the path to the resurrected state.

The product also includes:

  • FA Protocols and exercises to activate the Black Blood Cell
  • Support to live the 24 tones of Contentment in Expression, which is the full song of the 24 cycles of the awake and dream states in the dream of separation. This song brings the vertical axis of existence into balance, such that we turn the tyrants of the stages of linear change into tools for a deathless existence. An exercise is given for this.
  • Audios talks and meditations (24 aphorisms), and pdfs  to heal the 3 brain centers that cause the pineal to move from being the black magician (imposing the egoic will) to the white magician (surrendered to Infinite Intent). This eventually brings effortless knowing and unselfconscious genius, through the metamorphosed cells that only hear Infinite Intent.
  • An audio with an alchemical equation to restore the song of the mineral kingdom (necessary to close down the directions and support higher hormones), as well as a light elixir to activate the trace metals of gold and copper to the body, to support activation of the BBC. The lost tones are key in resurrection, as we will not become neutral and without need without them.
  • Exploration of Surrendered Trust and an audio with angel elixirs for 3 aspects of surrendered trust
  • 2 audio talks: Beyond Memory, and the Magical Life
  • Audio meditations by Almine, to feel our vastness, and another to plunge in the black waters of the Haraaknit that become the black light.
  • An audio meditation for  manifesting through the body Anhk, which connects the hidden centers of the body.


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