The Holy Matter Alchemy (with 24 Holy Oils or Activated Crystals)


This most powerful alchemy first appeared in the online course Science of Alchemy given by the Seer (out of print), and the wheels were recently (October 2023) revised in support of the Gemstone Alchemy work we are doing.  This most potent alchemy assists the body to express as that which we are: a fluid field of coagulated, crystalline White Light, which is how we express life anew in fluid, Holy Matter.

It is the alchemical power to be embodied in order to be able to spiritualize matter and express life anew, as well as become the Harvesters of Abundance in each moment of full presence.

As the body is expressed anew, as what we are, so our environment expresses as a sacred sanctuary of fluid crystalline structures that renew with the newness of Infinite Intent in each moment. The alchemy activates the power in us to achieve incorruptibility in body and to open the gates of Heaven. We have all we need to establish this here and now.

Let the Marriage of Light and Love commence.

Two Sets of Alchemical Equations to Take Back the Earth Our Home…

This alchemical equation works hand-in-hand with the Holy Quartz Alchemy, which is the alchemy that activates the DNA of a pristine humanity that is capable of living in harmony with its environment, and thus to claim the Divine Heritage of All Abundance. With the Holy Quartz Alchemy, we establish in the zero point energy, where we are motionless at the center of our Tube Torus, and cause of mobilizing the universe to actualize Infinite Intent pouring through our being. The Holy Matter alchemy then follows, and causes the permeation of the material world with this centered stillness…,all life becomes imbued with awareness of being sourced from within…from a portal of infinite energy and resources.   Life on Earth then enters a new phase of flourishment for all, and the Quartz Planetary grid becomes the free energy ‘device’ on the planet.

Healing the Building Blocks of Life to Express them Anew

The alchemy of the Holy Matter / Holy Oils is the one that heals the building blocks of life so that they can unify in oneness to produce the leveraged power to express a new spacetime fabric that cannot be manipulated. The powerful equations coordinate the higher interaction of the building blocks of life, so that these form a unified field, and Matter releases from its cage that was the Seed of Life, to be birthed as the incorruptible element of Oneness. The Earth Element becomes the one element that contains All, and the planet becomes Home for the Embodiment, and the perfected, divine fractal pattern for the whole cosmos.

Read more details below.

In the product you receive:

  • The PDF of 24 equations
  • A Power Source wheel for the alchemy, with 24 angelgods to invoke (with PDF)
  • 24 Power Wheels for each equation as a set of cards, and a PDF with discussions of each wheel
  • A PDF explaining how it work, and how to work with the alchemy
  • Series of 12 video talks on pairs of Wheels/Equations with correspondences to the Ordinary Meridians (in progress)
  • A video talk on Crystalline Alchemy and how the Holy Matter Alchemy fits in
  • 24 bottles of alchemical oils to be used for in person or remote healing. Each bottle is identified by its Power Wheel as a label. (Read about the FA Holy Oils, below)
  • A PDF and audio ceremony to deepen embodiment of the equations (in development)
  • A video to assist with the integration of the alchemical equation of the Power Wheels (in development)
  • A PDF on how to use the Holy Oils and suggestions on application points on the body
  • Several Power Sigils to work with
  • Several Meditations by Almine to embody as a field of luminosity that is in fluid renewal
  • A meditation to play with manifesting possibilities (Bubble of Manifestation)
  • The Fragrance Alchemy oil Marriage of Light & Love that was created for this (3.5 ml size)
  • An audio meditation to help embody our higher dimensional selves, to support moving on an ever upward spiral to leave behind the subtle layers of illusion of the unreal and embrace our boundless being manifesting a life of limitlessness (in development)


Options ~ There are several options for the product, as follows:

**Protocol only, with all materials and audios

**Protocol with all materials and audios, plus a set of 24 activated Holy Oils in 1.5 ml or 5 ml size bottles (see note on oils below)

**Protocol with all materials and audios, plus a set of 24 activated Quartz in several size options. Best to email me for this option, as sizes and quality determine pricing.

Notes on the Alchemical Holy Oils

  • The FA oil used is the base alchemical oil that Almine uses to create healing oils for individuals. (“This oil is like a receptive vessel that awaits its purpose to be programmed into it” Almine).  Almine then blesses the FA oil so that it is receptive to and can hold the potency of the Holy Matter/Oil alchemy.  The oils are then further activated into the set of 24 Holy Oils that each delivers the potency of one of the equations and its power wheel.
  • The larger 5ml size set is recommended for practitioners using the oils on in-person clients. The Holy Oil may be placed on meridian points or along the entire channel of the meridian.
  • It is recommended that you apply the 24 oils over a 24-day period, working with one equation per day. The sequence is an alchemical equation that builds up momentum and leverages power.  This can be repeated several times, as you feel to deepen in the alchemy over time.
  • The Holy FA Oils (or a set of 24 programmed Quartz) are needed to transmit the potency of the equations into the body of loved ones or clients in remote healing sessions. So the oils are not used up, and so the 1.5 ml set of 24 oils is an option for practitioners who do remote healing sessions. The Holy Oils (or Holy Quartz activated for the Holy Matter alchemy) is the only way to transmit the potency of the equations into the body of a recipient, as it is how they flow through the angelic gateways. Without them, the equations’ potency can only be sent into situations.  As this alchemy is about expressing the body as fluid coagulated White Light, having the option to transmit into the body is important.
  • Bottles come with labels of their respective wheels so they remain at highest vibe. The 1.5 mls are bottled in 2 ml size bottles so that the wheels fit (so they will not appear full).

Additional Support if you have Both Alchemical Sets of Equation

If you have both the Holy Quartz and Holy Matter Alchemy products, you will receive a 100-page PDF with in depth exploration of both sets of equations, which leverages the power to engage deeply in the true Dream of the Infinite. It becomes so much easier to move through challenges and embrace them as initiation steps along the way to ever greater self-sovereign self-empowerment.

Please note, some materials are in development, and you will only get them as they are completed.

The Holy Matter Alchemy is the original work of the Seer Almine (LLC Spiritual Journeys), and we are so grateful for these powerful tools.



Two Steps of Profound and Practical Alchemy

Alchemy is about turning lower substance into higher, and at this state of evolution, it must serve to ‘land’ lofty principles into the body, so that spirituality can ‘grow corn’.   As the Seer Almine has revealed, we are in a phase of evolution where we are to explore ‘what is’ from what we truly are, and no longer get caught in the unreal mirrors of illusion that generate distorted emotions. We are to reclaim the creative power of emotions through alchemy, so that is serves the expression of a ‘real’ environment that can be elaborated upon into eternity.

Alchemy is highest alchemy when it contains elements from all levels of reality — in this way, the alchemy can change the fractal pattern of life out of which life emerges.  The secret to manifesting lies in the relationship between Flow and Structure.

Metaphysical Secrets of Manifestation…Inner Body Technology of Mastering Flow and Structure…Time and Space

Flow is the impetus to movement; behind flow is intent, and when your intent is one with Source, then flow is ‘creation in action’…birth of new reality.  Movement is true Time.  Flow within the Body as central expressor of reality is the water it contains. Water has been deadened, bodies have been infiltrated, such that the body’s powers to express reality anew have been shut down. All this changes now with the inner body technology of the alchemical tools we have presently…The Seer has stated that man is at a crossroads: they either embrace artificial, outer technology or they activate the inner body technology. As all begins with the lightbearers of the planet, this website is dedicated to presenting those tools of Inner Body technology…

It is said that the body is about 70% water. When that water is living, flowing Infinite Intent, the cells heal and become receptors and emitters of Tonal Luminosity. The body in its true form is incorruptible, coagulated White Light…We are Crystalline Capacitors of Infinite Intent, and when we reveal this, then we are one with the Source of our Existence.

We dwell in incorruptible holy matter. It is the substance of all life. All we have to do is remember it.” Flake of Purity 11 (1)

Power is an irrevocably fused component of the incorruptible holy matter from which we are made. It is our inseparable birthright.” Flake of Purity 12 (1)

Infinite Intent flowing through our being as fluid Crystalline Capacitors causes us to be receptors and emitters of the codes of higher living for all life forms. We become the impetus for new reality…the Givers of Movement (Flow) and Measure (infrastructure or ‘space’) for the manifestation of higher reality.  Life then moves unhindered through our being and gets transmuted within, expressed anew in the crystalline formations according to Divine Intent.  Flow is the realm of Soul, while Structure…the ‘spaces’ we create for our reality to arise in…is the realm of Spirit.

**When you close your eyes and feel the impetus, the intent in you….you are tapping into the quality of your power of Flow…your mastery of Time.

**When you open your eyes and behold your expressed reality, you can see your beauty and potency, or lack thereof.  But even as you may see distortion, you can see ‘through’ at the newness you wish to have emerge, close your eyes again and perfect your being as Flow in inner space, through purifying emotions.

The Holy Quartz Alchemy is part of ‘Crystalline Alchemy”, and it establishes the mastery of flow and structure within. It establishes the perfect communication within the inner psyche, which activates the ordinary meridians to much higher functioning, beyond the matrix of separation.  When reconnected to Source, the full power of the extraordinary meridians comes online, and life changes dramatically, to one of miraculous unfoldment. We have all the tools for this to activate in our bodies as central expressor of our reality. This alchemy cleanses the layers of distortion, so that we remember our incorruptibility. It is the first to two steps of alchemical activation to express body is the true substance of Oneness.

In the process of profound clearing, purification, and self-refinement that takes place through the Holy Quartz Alchemy, we attune increasingly to Source within and dissolve all ties of neediness to externals. We become wholly self-referenced, self-authorized, and self-sovereign, and that is necessary for the next step where we establish a ‘hermetically sealed’ reality, where outer reality emerges on divine blueprints that we nurture in our inner space.  From the first alchemy, we merge inner and outer space…light and frequency…and emanate Tonal Luminosity, that is a substance that dissolves the unreal and reveals the real beneath appearances.

And so the first powers to activate are those of the Holy Quartz equations, and then follows these potent equations of the Holy Matter Alchemy, which activate the body as the assimilative portal of unconditional, impersonal, Divine Love.  The body so activated receives the merged Light and Frequency achieved with the first alchemy, and this unites Love, Light and Frequency (Body, Spirit and Soul). Physicality, or the Earth Element is the one that is destined to contain the Allness…it is to be exalted as the place for the Embodiment of Source, and this happen through matter losing its density and becoming fluid, aware, incorruptible, Holy Matter — the substance of Oneness.

The Alchemy of Holy Matter establishes the creational potency of the Body as central expressor of new reality. We internalize the power to move and shape reality, and the Body then is a portal of purification, and the generator of the perfected blueprints of new creations.  To become so activated, we master the building blocks of life, and turn the tyrants of the matrix of separation into our Tools of alchemy. Matter then becomes whole…holy and incorruptible, and fluidly responsive to Divine Intent…

“Alchemy supersedes Science” (From the Urusak Pleiadean Water Purification Device)

As fluid crystalline substance, Holy Matter and the planetary Quartz then evolve as one.  Holy Matter holds the structures of living light into which may arise higher realities of Infinite’s Intent.   With this alchemy, we embody in the Fluid Geometry of Wholeness that expresses life anew, in full cooperation with our outer environment that is proxy for the New Earth.  Physicality is to become a ‘space’ that only responds to divine Intent and nothing else. Crystalline fluid forms in outer will then act like Quartz, and store true history, they will transmit to all life, and amplify the divine blessings to cause flourishing on Earth.

Together, these alchemical equations of the Holy Quartz and Holy Matter (Oil) leverage the power needed to become Alchemists of Time/Space, to bring online the ‘inner body technology’ to flow Creator power and take back the Earth our Home.

Holy Matter Master Quartz Spheres

Email for these options.

**Activated Quartz sphere as a pendant, that has the leveraged outcome of the full 24 equations alchemy. This Quartz sphere will ray out the alchemical potency of the Holy Matter equations, keep you in a sacred sanctuary of incorruptibility, and create a sacred space for a higher reality wherever you go.  Two styles — one on a strand of Herkimer quartz diamond beads ( depicted), another on a gemstone beaded necklace of your choice between: faceted garnet, aquamarine, rutilated quartz with the sphere in a beautiful silver cage.

** Activated Quartz sphere to place in a healing room or large gathering space, that has the leveraged outcome of the full 24 equations alchemy. This Quartz sphere will ray out the alchemical potency of the Holy Matter equations, and create a sacred space for a higher reality.


Fragrance Alchemy Oils recommended

The main oil for the Holy Matter Alchemy is the first one listed.

  • **The Alchemical Marriage of Light and Frequency — also called The Holy Trinity of Love, Light and Frequency, this oil helps the body to be able to birth an immaculate new reality in the Dream of the Infinite. Its power sigil is the Power Source Wheel of the Holy Matter alchemy.
  • Crystal Waters – the FA oil to activate the capacity for Gemstone Alchemy, and the expression of the true body of crystalline White Light
  • Clearing Energetic Pathways of the Meridians (for those who have the Urusak)  or Spark of Life for those who do not. This clears the 12 ordinary meridians to be able to receive limitless resources from the extraordinary meridians of inner space — flows of Source.

Also the FA oils for the 12 Ordinary Meridians are good to use periodically as you integrate the powers of this alchemy.

(1) Flakes of Purity is from The New Precepts of the Toltec Way, by Almine, LLC Spiritual Journeys (

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