Rose Quartz Veil ~ “The Erenachva Heresvatur” – A Powerful Tool of Accelerated Evolution


This Rose Quartz facial ‘mask’ actually removes all masks of what we thought we were in the dream of separation that ended completely at the start of 2023, and restores a sense of self from the Song of our uniqueness as held by the Infinite.  This Song is of our true beingness that has had no beginning and will have no end. It is the Self that has never left the side of the Infinite, and the song calls us into true embodiment as our vehicle through uncorrupted space and time.

It was developed to activate profound oneness with the Holy Mother of Creation, and the Power Source Wheel created by the Seer for the Tool, came in with such massive power. It is the Wheel of High Alchemy through Fluid Regeneration — a DNA activation wheel of great intricacy, that supports us to express our own realities. With an equally powerful Power Stack,  we become activated as the masters of time and space, the Bringers of movement and measure…the Bridge of No Time and of No Space.

The RQ Veil, as it is called, was given a name by the Infinite as Almine blessed them. The “Erenachva Heresvatur, or the Veil of Endless Beginnings, as meditation ‘under the Veil’ fills the body with living, refined light such that new potentials and resolutions emerge in our awareness.

Through the Veils power,  mirrors of opposition become portals of beckoning mystery into the self, the old dream of separation dissolves and the true Dream of the Infinite emerges from full presence of our multi-dimensional being. By using it over a period of several months in 2020, a new vehicle of consciousness emerged, which Almine called the Merkaba of the Holy Masters.

It is a most miraculous meditation tool of high alchemy that dissolves the gap between your Self and Source, and merges your higher dimensions with your microcosmic self in physicality.

The product comes with the following:

  • The Rose Quartz Veil, blessed by the Seer
  • The Power Wheel Stack to store your Veil
  • Power Stacks for the meditation process
  • PDFs on how to use the tool
  • An audio meditation from a webinar (from the live course with the Veil)
  • Power Sigils to work with to awaken to your godhood
  • Ascension Attitude laminated sigils / 5 minds laminated sigils
  • Sample of Eternal Love (the oil for the Veil), and Marriage of Light & Love (the oil for the body as a fluid field of White Light)

This alchemical tool is so profound and layered, that more audios will be developed for it in time — all who have it will receive new materials as they are created, in due time.  It may well be the most powerful alchemical tool of communication with the Infinite Mother, and tool of self-revelation through which we become Alchemists of time and space.


The Merkaba of the Holy Masters

The Merkaba of the Holy Masters emerged through using the RQ Veil upon awakening, over a period of a year.  Almine identified it as the new Merkaba capable of speeds (its spin) greater than 15 times the speed of light.

The Merkaba is our vehicle of consciousness, and the ‘crystal’ configurations determine the level of consciousness, and speed of the spin determines the level of access to our vastness that we have in each moment.

The prior Merkaba spun at greater than twice the speed of light, and it was the vehicle to merge masculine and feminine realities in the creation we’ve know as the ‘dream of separation’. It took us beyond to a degree…

The Merkaba of the Holy Masters is the vehicle through which space and time move through us, while we stand still…And through fluid perspectives, we use the cycles of evolution like a giant xylophone, where we emphasize notes across the vastness of time and space. And from that, we alchemically leverage the possibilities that may open for higher orders of life to express.

Fifteen is 3 X 5 –

3 represents the three cosmoses that were separated: Spirit, Soul, and Body, that now turn from being tyrants to being our tools of perspective.

5 is the number that bridges inner space with outer space. There are 5 elements in created reality, 5 higher minds of evolved consciousness, 5 major fields of Existence, and 5 ascension attitudes. “5” comes from the One, and the 5 elements bridge inner space to outer space via the 6 pairs of ordinary meridians, with Fire element having 2 pairs.  The 5 into the 6 is how the Creator (the One) is indivisible from Its Creation (the 6 as the number of crystal formations…form).

So 15 times the speed of light (information), indicates that we can be ‘outside’ of the 3 cosmoses, with the awareness of the ‘All-Seeing-Eye’ that is the Creator in Its Creation.  Life is then renewed in each moment as we surrender to Infinite Intent.

And the Rose Quartz Veil leads to this activation, through the Power Stack that maps out what comes online in the body as massive powers of Love, Praise, Gratitude, Trust, and Hope.  All this gets activated through a new Power Source Wheel of High Alchemy through Fluid Regeneration.

The Rose Quartz Veil truly is an incomparable tool for these times!


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Dimensions 40 × 38 × 6 cm

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