Malachite – Gemstone to Empower Attitudes for Graceful Manifestation

Powerful gemstone that assists in embodying adoration to the Infinite Source of our Existence. Adoration comes from ascension attitudes of Love, Praise, and Gratitude, which amass awareness particles in our etheric field that are automatically directed into manifesting reality on our slight intent. Malachite is a very powerful gemstone for manifesting. Read details below.

We carry stones, hearts, beaded bracelets to activate the wrist chakras, and pendants in several styles. Bracelets and pendant styles are given below, and identified by lettering.

Comes with the Power Sigil indicated by the Seer to empower the function of the gemstone, and the sigils of the ascension attitudes.

Alchemical pendants come with a PDF of instructions on how to do engage in perpetual alchemy with your power object.


In the process of receiving information for the gemstones, the Seer saw several things about Malachite. Firstly, that it could be used in space clearing, to amplify the alchemical stacks we have set up. As a sphere, Malachite powerfully rays out the qualities of what it is intended to amplify. Worn as pendant, the beads and the larger spheres do the same, namely to amplify the vibes you are emanating.

Inherent to Malachite as well, which gets amplified of course, is the quality of embodying adoration to the Infinite. Adoration as as a quality of attitude comes from cultivating Love, Praise and Gratitude, which when combined in that order , produce “Adoration in Action”. And when attitudes of Trust and Hope are added to that, there is Adoration in Manifestation, which is the most powerful ingredient in manifesting from slight intent. Life gracefully and synchronistically unfolds when you are emanating that vibration.

In the gemstone alchemy ceremony to activate 36 crystals in the body, Malachite activates the wrist joints and chakras. Wrists open us to the adventure of life beyond duty and drudgery, and lighten relationships that we may be more appreciative and insightful in them. Bracelets on the wrists is a powerful choice.

Almine then said that the Power Sigil to enhance attitudes of empowerment would keep the Malachite in highest vibe, so all of our Malachite offerings come with that sigil. When the Malachite is placed on the power when not worn, not only is the stone’s vibe enhanced, but those qualities are amplified in the space where it is located.

All gemstone alchemy products are upgraded through several alchemical processes. One is the Seer’s blessings, which is the most powerful alchemy there is — either directly and/or through Power Sigils — and the second is a process to create power objects (using the Bird Clock on Infnite Intent). This later process imbues objects with tones, much like a song, and it makes the object into a power object, such that the frequencies can permeate all life around the wearer or in the midst of the object.

These power objects can be used in healing sessions for clients as well.


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