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Activated Quartz clusters are power objects. Quartz has been upgraded to fulfill its important mission on the planet, which includes restoring telepathic communication to humanity, and the ability to attune to a true history that is not manipulated. Truth heals the DNA, while lies damage it. Read about the powers of activated Quartz, below.

In our work, activated Quartz is used to amplify alchemical power stacks, in space clearing, to activate and attune the crystals in the brain to the New Reality beyond interference, to carry into dream time, with the Space Clearing protocol and Ceremony, with the Urusak Water Activation Device, in the chakra activation kit and ceremonies, and more.

The clusters are sold by size range and quality (clarity). Clusters are still in some of the rock they grow in.  All clusters are reconnected to the Mother Quartz and restored to highest vibration and full functionality. Read more on activated quartz below.

Note: For the full Space Clearing Protocol as well as the Urusak device, 6 clusters are needed. For the Space Clearing, medium is good, and for the Urusak, medium to large clusters work best, and the better quality ones too are recommended. When you purchase 6, you get a 7th cluster with the gemstone alchemy process given by Almine, to support cellular and DNA repair through the night. I also activate the sets of 6 before I ship them out.

The extra large clusters are all of good clarity that I have classified ‘mid’. Ones currently in stock range from 275-800 grams.  If you wish to have larger kilo or several kilo pieces, please send an email. As well, if you can’t find what you’re looking for or want to get many cluster for sacred rituals on land, email me as I have more than is listed.

All purchases come with the information on the powers of activated Quartz, and a laminated Power Sigil.


Quartz is one of the most ubiquitous and versatile stones on the planet — it is the gemstone that establishes the communication pathways to all the Earth’s creatures, and its use to evolve humanity out of the current dystopian world has now begun with our activated Quartz.

Owing to it being found everywhere and being so powerful in receiving, storing and emitting information, it has been used in many technologies with less than altruistic intent. This has disrupted true history and hindered communication from Source.

Its misuse is now coming to an end as we reclaim the Earth our Home. The powers of the healed and activated Quartz are tremendous, and these gemstones can begin to activate their powers in individuals, to attune to the New Reality. Abundance, well-being, and recognized paths of destiny are but some of the gifts that these activated gemstones have to offer.

  *   *   *   *  *

Quartz grows in many shapes, sizes and environments; natural clear quartz clusters have a variety of crystal points with cloudy areas and they may carry inclusions in the points. Many of the clusters are made up of individual crystals with good termination and nice translucency; others are cloudier, and this will be reflected in the prices.

Clusters are known for their ability to amplify energy because the crystals harmonize and vibrate together. This helps fill the room with their positive energies. A particular overtone of Quartz is it facilitates the attitude of living a flourishing existence. Quartz can help with opening us to receive all abundance from life, which is our greater Self. It helps with embodying the principle of being abundantly supported in order to fully express a life of flourishing from authenticity. Quartz brings so many other gifts as well.

These quartz clusters in stock are specially activated to support the reclamation of Earth our Home, and to elevate the frequency on the planet. They are first reconnected to the Mother Quartz, which the Seer found to be in a cave in the Andes, Peru.  Through a Power Sigil that each one sits on as it waits to be purchased, they are cleared of trauma from ignorant mining practices (blasting, bleaching, etc), and misuse in black magic rituals over the ages.

With their true song restored, the higher powers of Quartz, as revealed by the Quartz Guardian to the Seer, are now reactivating on the planet.

*** Quartz is the Regent of the gemstones, and it oversees the wellbeing of the mineral kingdom as a whole. And the well-being of the gemstones in turn determines the well-being of the planet and its inhabitants.

*** Quartz is the gemstone of Tonal Luminosity — the refined light that is inseparable from deep activating feeling that shapes life anew. As lightbearers work with the activated quartz, body evolution is sped up, as is a higher vibrational reality on earth, where illusion dissolves an untruth loses its power.

** As the quartz gemstones reconnect with the Mother stone, the true history will be restored to humanity, and its destiny will no longer be disrupted. Quartz is the keeper of the history over the cycles of Earth evolution, and misuse has enabled the history of humanity to be ‘hacked’. If you remember a false history of trauma, it taints your sense of self and creates false emotions of guilt that undermine the ability to hear and live highest truth.

*** Quartz is stepping up with its function to activate five crystals in the brain, which will support telepathic communication and one-mindedness in humanity and across the kingdoms of the Earth. With true history comes remembering who you are, remembering the glory of past ages and the overcoming of challenges rather than only trauma, which makes way for a higher future to appear.

*** By virtue of supporting the whole kingdom to awaken from the dream, Quartz is very instrumental in restoring the tones of the mineral kingdom on earth, which brings abundant flourishing through clear guidance on highest paths of destiny, and those paths of grace are ones in which we are continually vitalized and regenerated by Source.

*** Quartz provides a bridge to healing subconscious repression in individuals, enabling the merging of inner and outer reality, which translate directly into regeneration and rejuvenation when used with an alchemical ceremony to activate facial the acupuncture points to clear stories that no longer serve.

With any Quartz purchase, you will receive information on what is clearing and activating on the planet through the gemstone alchemy with these powerful stones. In addition, you receive the Power Sigil for Quartz crystals received by the Seer Almine.

Quartz clusters are good to use on power stacks, to amplify the alchemical effect of the stack. There is a gemstone alchemy process from the Seer, that uses a quartz cluster on a power stack, set up on your bed stand–this is for cellular and DNA repair through the night.

Having a Quartz cluster near your smart devices (cell phone, TV, etc), on its Power Sigil, along with a piece of Elite Shungite on the power stack to eliminate effects of 5G and EMF pollution, will augment the power and neutralize the programming effect devices can have on you. The crystals in the brain will be supported to attune to Infinite Intent, and will no longer pick up on messaging from the unreal, lower sub-creation.

Current cluster selections come from Madagascar (Africa), Minas Gerais (Brazil), the Himalayas (India), and their pricing reflects the varying quality of the clusters from these areas. That said, all are activated and receive ongoing activation through the Space Clearing Initiative that is underway.  The range of quality offers different price options.

If you are using them for the Urusak Water Device (High Alchemy), high-end clusters are recommended. For the space clearing 4-corners, you may choose a mid-range set, and for rituals where you bury crystals on your property, lower quality clusters or stones are adequate.  They are all loved and reconnected to the Mother Quartz. We have a full stock of Quartz crystals, including quartz cluster gemstone pendants.


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