The Pendants of High Alchemy


We offer two varieties of pendants of High Alchemy — these are women’s lockets on a beaded gemstone strand, with a Power Stack that activates specific qualities in the wearer’s body and space. They come with felt pads so you can add a drop of Fragrance Alchemy oil on it. Suggested oils for these power stacks were given by the Seer.

Options for more casual wear to come soon, see details below.

These power stacks came to be through of High Alchemy, and they bring online very refined capacities.

1- The Alchemist of space and time ~ expressing the Song of Self and weaving a new fabric of Existence.  This one has a Power Source Wheel to activate perpetual renewal in body and life, and higher DNA expression, along with 5 other Power Sigils/Wheels. Given by the Seer, along with the blessing of the Rose Quartz Veil, it promotes direct communication with the Infinite, Holy Mother. This pendant demands that the wearer stand forth in authentic expression and will enhance/empower all that you do.

2- Expressing the body as that which we are, a fluid field of coagulated White Light that contains all, this power stack creates a unified field of body and environment, for most  most powerful manifestation (received by the Seer). It has the Bird Clock wheel along with a Power Sigil for the Bird Clock that activates us as the “all-seeing eye” in the center of reality.

The Power Stack in a locket is a good way to generate a unified field.”  Almine – The Unified Field is one where all meridians and chakras operate in oneness, and the Power of the One flows through the wearer in support of higher life. It is best worn with the Power of One FA oil.

  • Pendants come with a PDF of information on the gemstone and the power stack and how to best work with it
  • A sample-size of the Fragrance Alchemy oil recommended by the Seer
  • A Power Sigil to keep the gemstone necklace at highest vibe when not wearing it.

All pendants are made into power objects, through an alchemical process with the Bird Clock tool of high alchemy.


The Power Stacks in these lockets are very potent and have many effects.

The two pendants of High Alchemy currently carried are:

1- Alchemists of Time-Space

The Power Stack is the one used in the Rose Quartz Veil product.  It supports the ability to alchemize situations around you, through perceiving beneath appearance, and in deep surrender, opening as a portal for life’s purification.  It is best worn by those who have studied the principles of the alchemical wheels– either through the various advanced training programs offered, or through studying the Seer’s work.  The Power Stack was given for the Rose Quartz Veil process– a remarkably powerful tool to know your divine essence and illuminate areas of your life from your multi-dimensional selves.

The pendant has 5 Power Wheels, with a 6th Power Source Wheel of High Alchemy through Fluid Regeneration. These were given by the Seer, along with the blessing of the Rose Quartz Veil as a tool of direct communication with the Infinite, Holy Mother. This is mainly for those who have worked with the incomparable Rose Quartz Veil, and wish to increase their capacity for high alchemy as incidental to living from heightened awareness. This pendant demands that the wearer stand forth in authentic expression and will enhance/empower all that you do.

2- The Bird Clock Power Stack for becoming the seer stone– the all-seeing eye

Blessed is the one that can read the messages of this holy instrument of life, for its depth of meaning has no end.”

The Bird Clock is the most powerful tool of high manifestation that we have.  Our Song of Self is the catalyst of evolution for the Cosmos, and the Bird Clock supports us to deepen in multi-dimensional awareness and self-communication so that our Song is rich and full. In ever greater wholeness and depth of presence, our power to manifest — first our reality, then reality itself — increases exponentially.  But it is more, it is the blueprint of embodiment in the true body of crystalline, incorruptible White Light.

This alchemical pendant is intended for those who are familiar with the magical Bird Clock and wish to carry its power to entrain the body as a fluid field of Infinite’s Creative Intent.  It creates a unified field of reality for the wearer, with powerful effects.  The ability to see from the center of interdimensional reality allows one to restore the flow of time where unresolved traumatic events pull time backwards as they seek resolution.  We become a field of resolution and bringer of grace and hope.

The Fragrance Alchemy oil recommended as best option for each:

1- Eternal Love — this has the vibration of the Holy Mother’s embrace, and is a most potent oil to feel yourself in the Infinite Mother’s Presence of unconditional love. The Rose Quartz Veil process is one wherein you hear the Song of your essence, sung by the Infinite, and you ‘re-enter’ embodiment from complete oneness, beyond any trauma of stories that have created overlays to obscure your luminous presence.

2- Power of the One — this oil emerged from the integration of the 5 elements as a unified field, where the Earth Element represents to Element of embodied Oneness. We are spiritualizing matter to be holy, aware, and incorruptible — ascension is now in the body and no longer out-of-body as it once was. ‘Awakening’ presently is about expression the new body of the Fluid Geometry of Wholeness, wherein nothing unreal can infiltrate.

Other oils that are good in the lockets too are Holy Sanctuary and Sacred Space. And it is always best to also apply the oils on the body, at their specific locations for most potent activation (as given by the Seer).

Choice of Beads for the Necklace

Depicted is the carnelian necklace, 6mm beads. Carnelian brings “Guidance through the Innocent Embracing of the Heart” and was selected because it is a most perfect gemstone that acts as a bridge between the physical and etheric levels of our being.  The other one in stock is Tiger Eye that brings “Fluid expansion through enjoyment“. Another in the works uses smoky Azeztulite.

Custom orders are possible, and options for other gemstones are possible. Some are listed below.  (Email for this option if it’s not listed.)

Bead size option vary depending on the gemstone and what is in stock. (3mm to 8mm)

Choice of Locket Design

Pictures to come. All lockets are an antique gold color, and they come with several different color felt pads for the FA oil.

Gemstone Necklaces Available for the pendants of High Alchemy

  • Carnelian
  • Tiger Eye
  • Rhodochrosite
  • Black Tourmaline

Alchemical Pendants to come

Other designs are in the works, and they will be accessible to a wider audience. Areas are for support include

  • Manifesting / amassing awareness particles through ascension attitudes
  • Emotional alchemy and equanimity – power to modulate distorted waveforms to ones of love
  • Being in a space of Peace for higher resolutions beyond duality
  • Emitting Tonal Luminosity and dissolution of illusion in one’s space,
  • Innocent perception that turns all ill-intent to blessings


Additional information


Pendant for High Manifestation, Pendant for the Unified Field & All-Seeing Eye


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