Noble Elite Shungite ~ King of the Mineral Kingdom and Warrior Stone for Our Time


Elite Shungite is the stone of our time, to clear the interference in bodies, purify and oxygenate air, as well as water. Read about it many uses, upgraded functions, options and pricing below.

Note: You may specify a weight and number of pieces you wish to have add up to that weight. If you want 1 piece at 500 grams, choose 1 and “< 500 grams”. You will get as close to 500 grams (or a bit over). If the stone falls short, then you will get smaller stones added in to reach the weight. If you want 100 grams of 4 pieces for the 4 corners of a room, specify 4 and < 100 grams. If you wish to have 8 pieces totaling 200 grams, then purchase 4 at < 100 grams twice.

With purchases you also get a Power Stack to keep the elite shungite at highest activation power, and laminated power sigils with information, so you can connect with the stone in meditation, call on the angelgods, and strengthen Shungite’s function on the planet. You will also get a PDF on the many properties of and ways to use the powerful gemstone.


Noble Elite Shungite is a powerful warrior stone for our time. In communication with the Seer Almine, the Keeper of Shungite  revealed that it seeded rock beds eons ago, to support life at this particular time. It has a very important function at restoring the oxygen in air and water, which is being sucked out by the 5G satellite system. The rock is mined in Karelia Russia, and Russia represents “intuitive, feminine suppression” (1) And so it is no coincidence that Elite Shungite is stepping up in full power, precisely at the time (January 2023) that the cosmos has begun the ascension of frequency (the arising of the Divine Feminine).

In further revelations, the Seer found that

The noble elite stone later revealed to the Seer, its potential to champion the reclamation of the Earth our Home. Through a Power Sigil that she received in a vision, the Elite stone was upgraded and awakened as King of the Mineral Kingdom, tasked with the great service to the planet of “undoing the harmful machinations of the hostile ones masquerading as man”.

“For the human race is under attack and your (the elite shungite) power must stand forth and shield them from the undeclared war on the children of men.”

Those harmful machinations includes control and manipulation through harmful waveforms, control through 5G messaging that communicates through nano-particulates that have infiltrated into human bodies, the breaking down of cells and DNA through various means, and continual stress and tension-producing frequencies that undermine the body’s ability to self-heal.

The Seer later discovered a location of earth, where it’s power is concentrated:

In the same way that Elite Shungite clears the room of hostile waveforms, Lake Baikal clears the planet from destruction by the 5G satellites’ hostile waveforms. Its very deep foundations consist of Shungite. Located in eastern Siberia, it is a testimony of Shungite’s potential for clearing pollutants from water.” Lake Baikal is said to be the deepest lake in the world.

  • Through the upgrades/activations by the Seer that the Power Sigils help to sustain, the noble elite stone can now purify water without it being put into the water.  We will soon have water bottles with the stone under the water, on a power sigil stack to purify water and enliven it in various ways.
  • The large chunks can also be put into the bathwater, and it will activate the water to be free of toxins and to purify certain distorted frequencies in the body.
  • The activated elite shungite (with power sigils) can also be placed under drinking water, to get the effects as though in the water.  This is part of  the alchemy of the Alchemical Water Bottle

Elite Shungite is also a champion of truth, that restores fluid renewal to the body. It prepares the physical body to merge with the light bodies, by clearing all that is unreal and obsolete. It supports the restoration of ‘bodytruth’, that is, the inviolable capacity of the body to discern truth at very deep levels. To support deep attunement with the New Reality, restoring true memory in tandem is very powerful. Through ages of infiltration, memory has been tampered with by implanting false memory of trauma and re-activating past obsolete dreams.  Activated Quartz restores true memory, and together with Elite Shungite, a powerful alchemy is produced.  When memory is aligned with highest truth, it serves our destiny and empowers the moment unfolding. Life can then move on paths of ever higher potentials.

Elite shungite is used in the Space Clearing Protocol, the Body Harmonizer Process, and in the Water Purification products.  You can read more about these on their product pages.

Elite Shungite is sold in all sizes, and large chunks of up to a kilo (1000 grams) are also available.  We have power stacks to amplify/complement the power of this stone in clearing effects from 5G and EMF pollution, to enliven water, purify drinking water, and to alchemically enhance healing properties in water.  Read about all of its uses by exploring the other products listed above.

The Seer has recommended having a chunk in each room of the home, in four corners of room where electronic devices are used, to have small pieces on on devices, WiFi, fuse box, in the fridge, carried on your person at all times, and at the entry point of water in your home (with a specific Power Water wheel).

Prices go by weight, and you can choose from options listed or do custom orders via email. Emails will be answered within 24 hours. Specify use, number of stones and sizes, number of devices, and we will figure out the alchemical support wheels to be included.

Below is a list of pricing and options for size and uses of Noble Elite Shungite.

  • From 2 to 100 grams: 0.65 per gram
  • From 100 to 200 gram – .60 /gram
  • From 200-350 grams – .50 / gram
  • From 350 – 500 grams – .45 / gram
  • Above 500 grams – .40 / gram

Note: most places charge considerably more, and increase prices per gram with size increase, with an average of $1 per gram for smaller pieces and as much as $2-4 per gram for very large pieces. Our prices are the opposite, and we encourage the use of big chunks of this powerful stone.

All stones come with the two Elite Shungite Power Sigils (laminated), received by the Seer over several months, and a power stack to enhance clearing of interference frequencies from 5G, EMF pollution,  and geopathic stress.

Here is some of the offerings:

  • Elite shungite in a small power stack. This is to place in your pillowcase at night and pocket or purse during the day.  Free with the purchase of a large stone (100 grams minimum).
  • Elite shungite stones for room clearing – all sizes (see pricing by weight, above)
  • Elite shungite slab (large flat piece) – good to put a cell phone on in your office space or on your night stand if you must have it on when you sleep. Comes with a power stack, the elite shungite power sigils, and a sticker power stack for your phone. Sizes from: 50 gram to about 200 grams in the slabs
  • Set of 4 stones for 4-corners of rooms (approximate weight 100 for the 4 pieces) (See also the Space Clearing product for other options).


Powers of Elite Shungite at a glance…

  • Elite Shungite clears the unreal and the obsolete from the body. It is the Stone of Truth that aligns us to the new reality founded on the Ray of Truth. No lie can be believed when the Body discerns Truth, and so we can no longer be programmed. (bodytruth)
  • Truth is inseparable from the moment — ever changing and expanding, as the body in attunement to truth becomes fluid and has the power to regenerate. (Regeneration in body)
  • Helps clear density and neutralizes nano-particulates intended to receive the hostile messaging from 5G satellites and EMFs. (Becoming impervious to interference and control by hostile forces)
  • Assists the unreal parts of our body to release, so that we can assimilate parts of self stuck in past dreams, and be fully present in the present moment of power. Prepares the body as an infrastructure in the Fluid Geometry of Wholeness, to be a vehicle for our vast consciousness of our light bodies. This creates the body of incorruptible, infinite Matter. (Body evolution)
  • Re-oxygenates air in your space and all around you (when you carry it on you), and water so they are once again life-giving substances in our body and on the planet. (Water needs other alchemy too — read about it on the website). (Well-being and health)

(1) From the Dream Dictionary by the Seer Almine. (Free download from

Additional information

Weight N/A
Dimensions N/A

< 10 grams, < 25 grams, < 50 grams, < 100 gram, < 150 grams, < 200 grams, < 250 grams, < 300 grams, < 350grams, < 400 grams, < 450 grams, < 500 grams, < 550 grams, < 600 grams, < 650 grams, < 700 grams, < 750 grams, < 800 grams, < 850 grams, < 900 grams, pocket pouch

Number of Stones and Type

1, 2, 3, 4 for 4-corners of a room, slab for phone of device


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