Alchemical Water Bottles


These beautiful glass bottles have all the alchemy of our Water Magic!

On the bottle, Love, Praise, and Gratitude sigils are printed, to retain the potency of your intentions that you set with the ‘coaster’ Power Sigil used to program the water for various healing and activating effects.

There is a compartment filled with about 30 grams of elite shungite and some activated quartz pieces including a programmed tiny high vibe Herkimer quartz diamond, and it all sits on a Power Stack that supports the re-oxygenation of water that has been damaged by 5G, the neutralizing of toxins and nano-particulates, and the potency of the crystals structured in the water through the Water Power Wheel. If you have the Urusak, then the water is made holy and powerfully healing, and the water bottle will keep it at highest vibe throughout the day.

The ideal is to use the water bottle with the full Water magic products, and it is recommended that you have the Water Power Wheel for the whole house at minimum. See below for details.

Product comes with

  • Water bottle with full alchemy
  • PDF on how to engage with the coaster Power Sigil that is in the Power Stack, so that you can program intentions into the water.


The Alchemical Tools of Water Magic!

!- The Enliven Water Power Source Wheel is a simple alchemical device placed on the input of water pipes to your home, and offers a whole-home solution to enlivening and re-oxygenating your water supply. It work as vibrational medicine, and the levels of impact are not easily measured by current methods. The Power Wheel comes with coasters that have the special ‘coaster’ Power Sigil used with the enlivened water, to program the water for specific purposes of healing and activation. You can make several batches of water for loved ones, for your garden vegetables or house plants, as ‘homeopathic’-type healing elixirs to have on hand, for specific ailments, or to activate systems in the body. But for maximum healing impact, you might want to add the Urusak Water Device to make ‘holy’ water.

2- The Urusak Water Activation Device is the state-of-the-art alchemical water activation system given to the Seer by the Pleiadeans. It creates ‘holy’ water that gives your body all that it needs to heal and activate. The water you create with it becomes liquid, crystalline light-filled with awareness of the divine codes for all systems, organs, tissues, and cells in the body. Over time, the body repairs and heals, and is made whole as the tones are restored to all systems. It changes the song of the cells that shape reality around you, and restores the power of the body to be the central, self-sovereign expressor of your world. The song of the cells made whole, contains the tones of the kingdoms of the Earth, and so connects us deeply such that our evolution acts as a proxy for all life.

3- The alchemical water bottle is the perfect way to have this activated water at highest vibe throughout the day. Through the ‘coaster’ Power Sigil, it makes the water impervious to the harmful effects of 5G, radiation, and EMF pollution.  And it combines the many purification and oxygenating powers of elite shungite (1) with the power of quartz to embody and release tonal luminosity, augmented with your active intentions for the water.

If we lived in a toxic-free environment that supported health of the planet, all we would need is the Urusak Water Device to activate higher consciousness and regeneration of the fluid body to tonal luminosity. But as things are presently , we need these other levels of support, for which we are very grateful to the Seer!

The water you carry around in your bottle can be poured into bodies of water, to cause their structuring, so you can go on excursions to bless the waters in your area with it.

A PDF is in the works, with ideas on what you can do with the full Water Magic that these combined products offer.

There is a Fragrance Alchemy Oil that assists in embodying the crystalline structures so that the body becomes the expressor of beautiful forms in outer reality, capable of receiving Divine Intent and higher potentials. It is Crystal Waters — this oil is recommended with all Gemstone and Water Alchemy Tools.

Here is the link to read about this phenomenal fragrance oil: Crystal Waters

(1) Through the Power Sigils for the Elite Shungite, you can have the elite stone under the water (not in it) and get all the known benefits of the elite stone in purifying water. This is a great convenience, as the stone chips in water and you can get small slivers, and there are recommendations on how much to put it the water (with conflicting suggestions).

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