Alchemical Water Bottle with Tea Infuser


These beautiful glass bottles have all the alchemy of our Water Magic!

On the bottle, Love, Praise, and Gratitude sigils are printed, to retain the potency of your intentions that you set with the ‘Coaster’ Power Sigil used to program the water for various healing and activating effects. This is the tool to assist in structuring the Water Molecules to hold and transmit the divine blueprints to restore areas of intent to their original connection to Source. Body repair, healing, and evolution to becoming a Unified Field follows.

There is a compartment filled with about 30 grams of activated elite shungite and some activated quartz pieces including a programmed tiny high vibe Herkimer quartz diamond. They all sit on a Power Stack that supports the re-oxygenation of water that has been damaged by 5G, the neutralizing of toxins and nano-particulates, and clearing distortion waveforms through the potency of the quartz crystals.

If you have the Urusak Water Purification and Activation Device, then the water is made holy and powerfully healing/activating, and the water bottle will keep it at highest vibe throughout the day. And when you express your Love, Praise, and Gratitude to this holy substance that is the ultimate carrier of the codes of potentials of divine Intent for all life, you ally with the Spirit of Water.

“Befriend the Spirit of Water and you shall not want” — From the Pleidians, and one of the activation wheels of the Urusak Device.

The ideal is to use the water bottle with the full Water magic products, and it is recommended that you have the Whole-house Water Reviver Technology at minimum. See the Whole-House Water Reviver Disc for details.

Product comes with

  • Water bottle with full alchemy
  • PDF on how to engage with the coaster Power Sigil that is in the Power Stack, so that you can program intentions into the water.
  • A power sigil to prevent nano-tech from entering the body, to be placed under your mattress and office chair.


Note: All Power Sigils as well as the alchemy of Power Stack placement, comes from the Seer Almine (

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