Whole-house Water Reviver Power Disc


The Whole-House Water Reviver Power Disc– is a device that revives and re-oxygenates water. It uses a complex Power Source Wheel to revive dead water, transfiguring it into living water. This alchemical wheel comes directly from the Infinite, through the Seer Almine.

It is augmented by the addition of elite shungite that has been activated to re-oxygenate the water.  The Power Disc restores the sacred crystalline geometry of the water molecules, which is how water can store and carry Infinite Intent. Though the Reviver disc, the water is then ready to be structured further, through focused intent with the Water Magic Coaster and other vibrational tools.

What you get in this product

  1. The Whole-House Water Reviver Power Disc (see details below)
  2. A Water Magic Coaster with power stack — used to transmit intent expressed from Love, Praise, and Gratitude to the water container placed on it. (Additional ones may be purchased separately)
  3. A PDF with information and instructions on how to use the alchemical tools with conscious intent to connect deeply with the spirit of water.


The Whole-house Water Reviver Power Disc is a simple alchemical device placed on the input of water pipes to your home, and offers a whole-home solution to enliven and re-oxygenate your water supply. It work as vibrational technology, and the levels of impact are not easily measured by current methods, as it is inter-dimensional. The main Power Source Wheel is a complex

The disc can sit on most pipes coming into a home, but you may need to secure it, in which case simple duct tape works.

The Power Wheel comes with a Coaster with the special ‘coaster’ Power Sigil used with the enlivened water, to program the water for specific purposes of healing and activation. You can make several batches of water for loved ones, for your garden vegetables or house plants, as ‘homeopathic’-type healing elixirs to have on hand, for specific ailments, or to activate systems in the body. You can combine your other Water Magic rituals and your intentions will be amplified through the Coaster tool.

It has elite shungite in the disc, as well as comes with a chunk of elite shungite placed on the disc. The Elite Shungite has been activated on a dedicated Power Stack to become activated Elite Shungite. All these activating tools come from the the Seer Almine, revealed over several years of  studying ways to effectively clear spaces, which led to the power and necessity of Gemstone and Crystalline Alchemy.

Note: if you have an apartment with several places where water pipes enter, you will need a Power Disc for every set of incoming pipes. Email for us to provide a solution. Smaller discs are also available, but are produced when ordered.

For maximum healing and activation impact, you will want to add the Urusak Water Device to make ‘holy’ water that regenerates the whole body.  The Urusak technology restores the original Tube Torus and all toroidal movement in the cells in the body.



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