Power Sigil and Process for the Empowerment of Food


Almine received a Power Sigil for Food in 2022, which replaces the ones that came before, and is also a power sigil for the Earth Element as the element that contains all elements.

There is a process to do for the empowerment of food from light-filled intentions.  The downloadable product comes with the following:

  • PDF with the process to empower food from light-filled intentions
  • PDF with 4 Power Sigils that can be printed and laminated, and placed in fridge, lunchboxes, pantry shelves, spice rack, under placemats, under supplements and medications, etc.
  • PDF with information on eating and food as given by Almine


As the Power Sigil is also for the true Earth Element that contains all, it supports our body and environment to become Holy, Incorruptible Matter, or White Light — the substance of Oneness. Your ability to cooperate with the Power Sigil’s full function will be enhanced by internalizing the alchemy of the plant kingdom.  You can add this option to the product.

Additional information


PS and process only, Addition to Internalize the Plant Kingdom Tones


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