Healing Sexual Abuse through the 20 Meridians of the Body ~ 20 FA Oil kit


In response to the urgent need to facilitate mental, physical and emotional healing for the many survivors of the trauma of sexual abuse, this comprehensive set has been created.

It contains all the oils (3.5ml each) found in the 12 and 8 meridian sets. The trauma from sexual abuse is a complete violation to the whole body and affects all the meridians. Partially addressing this condition, is ineffective and a comprehensive strategy is required. An instruction booklet is included with the 20 oils,

The kit also comes with the protocol to clear birth trauma, using the Rose oil that is part of the kit.

For added alchemical support, the Rose Quartz Trauma Clearing Kit and Program are recommended. The next live program support begins on May 25th, 2024. Sign up to the newsletter for details.


Sexual trauma is devastating in that it separates a person from their power to manifest their destiny.  It shuts down the reproductive system most notably, which is the source of our creational power, and how an intuitive center far more powerful than the intuition of the 3rd eye center.

The body’s gift is to have a sensual love affair with life, which leads to passionate, joyful engagement with life as our greatest ally. Innocence too is lost, and that is a power unopposed, that meets with the full support of the Universe.

The reclamation and embodiment of what was lost to sexual trauma is necessary for a person to leave behind the obsolete ‘dream of separation’, and reunite in oneness with the Source of Existence.

Additional information

Weight 0.15 kg
Dimensions 17 × 14 × 4 cm

2.4 mls samples, 3.5 mls


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