Full Self-Reclamation 12 Week Miracle Field – Fragrance Alchemy Oil Kit


This Fragrance Alchemy kit has the recommended alchemical oils for the upcoming program with the Rose Quartz Tools blessed by the Seer Almine. There are 15 alchemical oils for the 3 phases of the program. Purchasing these in the kit represents about a 13% discount than if purchased separately.

The program will cover what was given as three separate programs in the course of 2019-2023, aimed at clearing programs, memories, and trauma trapped in the body, so that true self-seeing can take place to support the emergence of godhood through authentic expression of what you are.  Essentially, the program will awaken body and being from the spell of separation so that you may experience ‘coming home’ to Oneness in each moment.  As we experience, so we materialize, and it is the mission at this time to “open the gates of heaven” in our lives as proxy for all life. You can read more about it HERE.

The FA Oils in the Kit

These are available in 3.5 mls and 5 mls, as well as sample size (2.3 mls). Oils are listed by segment of the program where they are used. To read the main function of the oils, look further below on the section, Properties of the FA Oils in the Kit. 

Note: The full 20 meridian FA oils are also ideal to have. In segment 1 they are used to clear the emotions using Krihanash Belvaspata, and in segment 2 they are part of the Belvaspata protocol to clear trauma from the body on all levels. So the options given are for the basic kit, then the kit with the full 20 meridian oils.

Segment 1 FA Oils: Self-Regeneration and Self-Rejuvenation through Self-Acceptance, Awakening Self-Compassion, Forever New (5ml roll on as that is used in segment 3), Flight of the Falcon

  • The 12 FA Oils for the ordinary meridians is ideal to have – choose the Full Kit option for this
Segment 2 FA oils – Lotus, Rose, Flower of Saffron, Innocence, Blue Skies, Eternal Love, Birth of Majesty, Black Wolf, Spark of Life
  • The 20 FA Oils for the full 20 meridians is ideal to have – choose the Full Kit option for this
Segment 3 FA Oils: Forever New (the 5ml from segment 1 is used here), Focused Light, Crystal Waters
  • The alchemical bath salts are also recommended, and you may purchase a bag separately. 

Choose the option of the kit: Basic Kit or Full Kit with Meridian Oils, then choose your size.


** With the Full Kit you will not get the Rose, Lotus, and Flower of Saffron repeated. 

** Whether 3.5 or 5ml kit sizes, you will get Forever New in the 5ml roll-on size, as this will be used much more with the facial Ikelke process in the 3rd segment. The bead in the roll-on cap is also a Rose Quartz.

** With the 2.3 sample kit, all oils are in 2.3, including Forever New.

** All prices are about 13% discounted from regular prices.



Properties of the FA Oils in the Kit

Self-Regeneration and Self-Rejuvenation Through Self-Acceptance:  This oil is ‘love in action’ in that we are assisted to bring parts back into our wholeness. The alchemical blend further assists with cellular regeneration by reminding atomic matter of its higher function – it overrides the memory of decay or impairment held in the atomic matrix (the electromagnetic field generated by the electrons). The result is a youthening and an agelessness…

Awakening Self-Compassion:  We cannot have the true compassion for others that makes our world deeply harmonious and brings graceful unfolding, unless we have self-compassion, as all originates within. (See the Q&A with Almine, below, for more details).

Forever New: There is a center an arm’s length in front of us, at the edge of our energetic fields and just below navel level, and it is indented when one is leaking to a sub-creation. It is here where our life-force can get siphoned. This is possible whenever we are seeking to get something external to us.  Since there is nothing outside the self, this cords us into illusion.  This FA oil fills this indented space such that the leak is plugged up…This striking blend has many critical functions, and you can read more about it on the AoFA website at this link: Forever New.

Flight of the Falcon: Another oil with so many important properties that you will need to read about it on the AoFA website  This oil activates the 9th extraordinary meridian that enables proprioception–the ability to receive non-cognitive information from beyond a current paradigm so that we can fluidly expand embodiments of ever greater vastness. Three centers alignment of Head, Heart, and Gut is supported through this oil, which opens the 4th portal of the observer self and our presence on the Field of the One. It does so much more, so read about it here: Flight of the Falcon

Heavenly Rose: An exquisite oil that reminds us of oneness and deeply supports opening to divine Presence. It is the oil of the Heart meridian that assists the Heart to step up as Regent, in poised peace of self-fullness that causes the whole meridian system to flow with greater vitality. It is used for clearing birth trauma imprints and opening the body to fully supporting the manifestation of our Heart’s dreams.

Lotus Oil: This beautiful oil creates a golden aura around the wearer that promotes the feeling of being cocooned in a space golden light. It is the oil for the Small Intestine meridian, which strengthens living by resonance and trusting that guidance. Lotus is used in the ceremony to claim our Divine Heritage through embodied innocence and worthiness, and it is the oil to clear the 13 joints of ghostly imprints from past dreams now obsolete.

Flower of Saffron:  This oil heals the Bladder meridian that gets blocked when there is trauma in the body. It is the meridian that bring harmony from the eternal perspective, and that is blocked by memory of trauma held throughout the body. Flower of Saffron helps dissolve traumatic memories, and restores the power of consciousness and vitality that was lost from the original shock, and subsequent repetitive cycles caused by the shock.

Innocence: This Precious oil restores individual power through the restoration of innocence and fluidity, enabling magical manifestation and clear guidance for the life of the individual. Innocence is a power unopposed, and as we reclaim innocence and perceive all life as innocent, we become impervious to ill-intent that turns to blessings through our power to bring all life back to Source.

Blue Skies: This is the oil to heal the Inner Child that is the most ‘real’ part of the psyche. Trauma shuts down this aspect in us, and divides the Inner Family. But when the Inner Child heals, it permeates the whole Inner Family. We then see with new eyes that dissolves the old dream of trauma, and can magically manifest a world we keep re-imagining.

Eternal Love: is the quintessential fragrance of the feminine spirit. It embodies the deep under-currents of the love of a mother; the cherishing embrace in the nurturing arms of the Holy Mother. It has been upgraded through the years, to become the oil of the Rose Quartz gemstone’s powers to restore the Song of Life by the modulation of distorted waveforms of fear to harmonious ones of love. The beautiful oil supports this sense of love superseding all fear…

Birth of Majesty: A powerful oil blend alchemically formulated to alleviate the transitions experienced as an we evolve into a multi-dimensional being — a time that can be challenging and bewildering. This blend has been specifically created to assist with night terrors, feelings of disorientation and abandonment as well as depression and lack of self-confidence arising from the loss of familiar reference points. The lack of mental clarity that accompanies the evolutionary shifts is also assisted by the use of this spectacular blend.

Black Wolf:  The attitude of self-reliance precedes the reality of it. This High Magic oil has been alchemically blended to strengthen the belief in your self-sovereignty. It encourages self-empowerment.

Spark of Life –  “The enthusiastic communion with the aliveness of all things, is ignited by the spark of life, resulting from a momentary glimpse of the Infinite Source, whose presence permeates all life.” 

Focused Light – clears the subluxations from the spinal column where magical centers reside; prepares the spinal column to merge with the pranic tube for the rising of the kundalini – it is the FA oil for the powerful gemstone Citrine

Crystal Waters – to embody as a fluid crystalline capacitor of Infinite Intent — it is the oil be embody the Gemstone Alchemy that merges Light, Frequency, and Love to express the true body as that which we are, incorruptible White Light.


Q & A with Almine

Is there a difference between self-love and self-compassion? (this was asked with regards to their respective Fragrance Alchemy oils)

The Seer:
Self-love is the result of a self-approving inner family (the subpersonalities).

Self-compassion has the additional components of self-forgiveness and self-understanding that even the seeming foolish choices we might have made during the past, had a purpose that helped us in evolving awareness. It is spurred on by the understanding that painful events left us stronger and taught us lessons and delivered gifts that brought us whatever success and perception we later gained.

Thus, self-compassion is really the result of self compassionate understanding, leading to self-acceptance. It gifts us the acknowledged embracing of our folly as a teaching method, thereby eliminating self-pity and self-blame.

They are complementary oils and may be worn together, and with Eternal Love, which brings in the frequencies of being enfolded in a loving embrace by the Infinite Mother.  The three oils worn together is a very powerful combination. It is recommended when you do FA protocols, to do it daily for at least 7 days, also applying it before bed, asking for support to integrate the full alchemical equations through the night, as a new song in the cells.

Additional information

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Basic Kit, Full kit with 20 Meridian Oils


2.3 mls, 3.5 mls, 5mls


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