The Spark of Life


This delightful alchemical blend promotes the unstoppable expression of an enthusiastic response to life — an essential quality needed for a heartfelt embracing of our eternal journey. This enthusiastic communion with the aliveness of all things is ignited by the Spark of Life resulting from a momentary glimpse of the Infinite Source whose presence permeates all things.

Application: Apply a small amount on the top of the head (on the crown of the skull; directly above the pineal gland). The pineal is the location where the Spark of Life ignites a wave that travels through every cell in the body — also called The Wave of Divine Recognition.

This oils supports the secretion of higher hormones, known as the god hormones. See below for more.

It is also the FA oil to enhance the Qi Vesta. In the language of the Ancients: Qi Vesta means: Spark of Life,

“The extraordinary power of this alchemical oil provides a boost of power to manifest the intent of the Qi Vesta master during the Qi Vesta protocol.” The Seer


The activation of ‘waves’ to manifest life anew is an evolved function of the endocrine system, and it supports the emanation of higher hormones as codes of higher living. We produce those higher hormones known as the god hormones, but so long as we are trapped in distorted emotions that make us an effect of the ‘mirrors’ and not cause of our self-sovereign reality, those hormones are blocked, and lower ‘death’ hormones are produced.

This FA oil is profound support to have those creative hormones that manifest life anew, be secreted and reveal to us ever higher orders of possibilities for life on Earth.

This oil comes with an alchemical device (a ‘magic square’), received by the Seer Almine,  to further activate the pineal as visionary of new reality.

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2.4 mls sample, 3.5 mls, 5mls, 10 mls, 18 mos


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