Deep Clearing of the 12 Ordinary Meridians with Krihanash Belvaspata and Rune Protocols


This product has a set of 12 videos the clear the 4 layers of distortion of each meridian, on the 4 levels of existence upon which karma is accrued. Karma is unresolved layers held in memory, and the Krihanash has the capacity to clear those memories held in frequency at physcical, emotional, mental, and spiritual levels. Along with Tones of Purity and Clarity, higher insight and compassionate inclusion of all experiences and players then helps to dissolve the layers of karma, so that life can express beyond the repetitive cycles of the matrix that.  Free of distorted emotions, we begin to experience life as our greater Self that beckons us into ever greater fulfillment through expressing true self.

Includes a PDF to help transmute the 48 distorted emotions of the meridians.  These distortions block us from releasing higher hormones that attune us to ever higher possibilities. Distorted emotions bind us to hormones of stress and decay, and are part of the cause of aging.   Knowing how to transmute emotional reactivity is a power to liberate you from the dream of separation, and perceive life as bringing you only blessings. All distortions then are reclaimed as portal into deeper self-reclamation of parts left behind in the folds of space and cycles of time…

Comes with several audio meditations to perceive from each of the 12 meridians, and to shift perspective and attitude in situations.




Fragrance Alchemy Oils recommended

  • The 12 Ordinary Meridian FA Oils Kit
  • Clearing Energetic Pathways of the Meridians (for those who have the Urusak Water Purification/Activation Device)  or Spark of Life for those who do not. This clears the 12 ordinary meridians to be able to receive limitless resources from the extraordinary meridians of inner space — flows of Source.



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