Amber Pendants and 108 Mala Beads Alchemically Activated by the Seer


Amber is a stone to access the Feminine powers of inner space, to accelerate and enhance manifestation and align with highest destiny.

All amber pieces listed here have been alchemically activated by the Seer, to serve this gemstone’s highest function as a stone of actualizing full potential of the moment from deep connection to inner space.  In addition, all pieces sold are further enhanced as ‘power objects’, which hold a higher vibration attuned to the New Reality. So when you wear or carry the gemstones, they support a higher vibrational field around the wearer. Read about the activation on the amber below.

The yellow/blue amber 108 Mala in 6mm style can be ordered in non-activated for nighttime use and for meditation. Email for this option.

All purchases comes with the following:

  • Amber Power Sigil
  • Power Sigil to restore the pure song of gemstones
  • A PDF with details on Amber’s powers in manifestation from inner space (soul level)


In the Gemstone Alchemy process with Amber, we establish indivisibility from inner to outer space, such that what we access during the night, in communion with Source in the soul realm, becomes illuminated for us as highest potentials to be engaged during the day. The eventual impact is that life is streamlined on paths of inevitability toward highest destiny fulfillment. because we are living from dynamic balance of masculine and feminine powers.

Further Alchemy….

With some of the Amber pieces, an additional step has been done:

The activated Amber has also been alchemically enhanced by the Seer for daytime use.  This was necessary to get the ‘spirit’ of Amber to perform an additional function to support manifestation of highest potentials at this time in evolution. The daytime Amber, as we call it, is activated and blessed by the Seer, to support the wearer to feel the potentials arising for engagement in the moment. The Amber will help make this known as well as unleash the potential into one’s reality, supporting the manifestation of what has been tapped into in the dreamtime with the nighttime Amber…

The alchemical enhancement to make amber into ‘alchemical daytime amber’ impacts primarily the potency of light of the amber pieces. Because color variations occur with amber stones, Almine found that in order to function optimally to tap into and actualize potentials that were stirred up in the dreamtime (optimized by using a piece of ‘nighttime’ amber), the daytime amber pieces needed to have a specific potency of light — a specific quality of dynamic balance of expansion that is instantly able to ‘land’ through paced higher ordering of our reality. It prevents potential we call forth through intention from not being realized, and as we are assisted to perceive and engage it, other areas of stagnation release as well. This enables all that has been suppressed from past cycles, to be brought into the present moment where life is ever new.

NOTE: A Nighttime Option for Meditation…

The nighttime amber pieces are used to access depth of non-cognitive inner space at night, and they are also what is used in meditation. The only necklace option offered for nighttime is the Yellow-Blue Amber 108 Mala 6mm bead. You can find it in the list of options for purchase.

Read more about the Amber gemstone alchemy by following this link:  Amber Gemstone – A Dimensional Bridge Through Depth of Living

Participating in the alchemy…

Finally, the wearer can enhance the alchemy through the following:

** Living the ascension attitudes of Love, Praise, and Gratitude. Information on this is forthcoming on the website. Living from L P G creates a rich warmth in our relationship with our environment as our greater self that brings us ever greater potential. The warmth element activates the amber to reveal to us those potentials, and it closes the gap between cause and effect, because warmth speeds up the awareness particles across inner and outer space.

** Loving and honoring your gemstones pieces and connecting to the Gemstone Keeper of Amber. Loving your gemstones evolves them into having more awareness of their surroundings — the net effect will be amplification of their powers and qualities in support of your manifestation desires, as well as amplification of their ability to open up spaces for higher realities on the planet. It enlivens the gemstones as consciousness that we can communicate with more. You will receive the Power Sigils and steps to support this.

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Red Amber 108 Mala (8mm), Red Amber 108 Mala (6mm), Yellow-"blue" Amber 108 Mala (8mm), Yellow-"blue" Amber 108 Mala (6mm), Pendant Style A, Pendant Style B, Pendant Style C, Pendant Style D, Rope Pendant (Men-style), Nighttime Yellow-"blue" Amber 108 Mala (6mm)


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