Amber Gemstone – A Dimensional Bridge through Depth of Living

Amber is a unique gemstone in that it is really fossilized resin. It is the ‘gemstone’ that holds unarticulated potential whose time has come to be in full power. Amber bridges the past cycle of evolution to the present, and opens the way for deep integration of the soul with the body. It is associated with the warmth element, and so responds to depth of living with soul, supporting manifesting from this greater power. The soul level takes us to inner space, where 9/10th of our power resides.

Amber is known to support recovery from illness, as its warmth is nurturing to the body…as we surrender to life, the insights from our experience of illness will reveal in time. As amber warms the inner being, it activates the life force, which can directed to any and all parts of the body and of one’s life.

When illness is debilitating, it can force us to hold back in expressing in outer life, and holding back is a deepening in inner space. Though what transpires may not be grasped cognitively, at a non-cognitive level, holding back is to open up deeper places of power that later become faculties to manifest powerfully when they can be presenced cognitively. Amber supports this to transpire.

The Discovery of the Powers of Amber

Amber was one of the gemstones identified for the Space Clearing Protocol triangulations. And it had much information, qualities, and powers to share, which reveal it as a gemstone of great mystery and unique power to support us to root in inner space and engage life from that depth.

In receiving the Power Sigil for Amber, its angelgod has shared many deep insights with Almine relating to our destiny to express life anew. Amber is the stone of omni-sensory perception that merges inner and outer space, and merges life/awake and death/sleep into a seamless whole. The gemstone embodies unarticulated potential from past cycles, and when we work with it to tap into this, we manifest new reality from higher insight that could not be grasped in those past cycles. In bringing unexpressed potential from the deeper past, we assimilate the past into the present that is the place ‘where future hides’. In other words, we close the gap of potential and actualization, and thereby we dwell in timelessness of the present moment as the only place of power… all that we do then has relevance to our Eternal Existence.

Amber is a gemstone for this phase of evolution, wherein we are to step up and express what we are, shaping the body as fluid luminosity….coagulated White Light that contains All That Is, All that Ever Was, and All that Ever Shall Be. As bridging stone, Amber helps us clear the membranes between dimensions of our outer expression and out inner levels of being.

The process that the Seer suggested to support the full powers of this miraculous gemstone required two types of Amber, which is described further below.

The stone also achieves the simultaneity of potential and actualization, through the following:

  • Increases speed of the awareness particle through the principle of warmth — warmth takes us into the reality of soul’s timelessness. Timelessness, no-time…allows for simultaneity in permeating all levels of life with awareness.
  • Removes obstructions from the Bridge of No Space, which ensures that spaces fluidly emerge to support the actualization of potentials being focused on. As we align deeply with Infinite Intent, life moves through us as a river of synchronicities.

The Seer’s Notes on Amber:

“Amber is a unique gemstone in that it is warm to the touch. It is the embodiment of the principle of warmth practiced by Seers and mystics. Toltec mystics regard the principle of warmth as a tool of manifesting inner intent in our outer reality. They describe warmth as a spiritual tool of the direction of the West— which is indicative of it being a tool of one’s inner reality.

The Voice of the Infinite’s Intent communicates to us through inspiration. It is felt as a motivating ripple through the body — much the same way that the strings of a harp trill under the musician’s fingers.

The goal of an enlightened life is to refine our ability to experience these subtle vibrations of the Infinite’s communication, to be able to discern the refined nuances of divine guidance through the ripples of warmth that stir our souls.” The Seer – Notes on the Amber Gemstone

Two Types of Amber to Merge Outer and Inner Space

From the many revelations on the power of the Amber gemstone, the Seer suggested that we work with two types of Amber — one that would be alchemically activated for daytime — to enable us to recognize the potentials seeded in the dreamtime and enhance the ability of the outer sense organs to pick up on the subtle messages of the inner sense, and the other, ‘ordinary’ amber would be carried with us into dreamtime, to fan with warmth the dreams and desires of the Heart, taking us into the depth of the non-cognitive where those potentials lay, to express ‘what we are’. From this, a profound process of living outer and inner realities as indivisible emerged. This greatly enhances the ability to shape of life of our dreams, minimizing interference and increasing the ability to interpret Infinite’s Inspiration.

Through it, we become the lucid dreamer and the dream, shaping a self-sovereign reality of fulfillment of the true desires of the Heart.

In particular, the activated

You may participate through the Amber product offerings on the shop. We offer many wearable Amber pieces that have been alchemically enhanced by the Seer to be worn in the daytime. Mala beads, bracelets, rings, polished, and rough gemstones are among the offerings that have been alchemically activated and blessed by the Seer.

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The Amber Gemstone Protocols

The Gemstone protocols emerged from correspondence with the Seer, as Amber was revealing information about its role presently. In sharing this with Almine, she came up with two gemstone protocols in support of its work on the planet and our ability to establish an impervious moebius of indivisibility between inner and outer realities. This step is key in activating the bridge from outer sense organs to inner sense organs, so that nothing can interfere with inner sensing of Infinite Intent and Presence, and our ability to actualize that in outer life.

The processes lead us to manifesting with soul depth, from inner space that has 9/10th of the power. You can read about them in more detail on the product page: Amber Gemstone Alchemy Protocols by the Seer