Amber Gemstone Alchemy Protocols


The Seer has given us two gemstone protocols with daytime-activated and nighttime amber pieces, to support our ability to establish a reality where inner and outer space are in indivisible union. This step is key in activating the bridge from outer sense organs to inner sense organs, so that nothing can interfere with our interpretation and sensing of Infinite Intent, and our ability to actualize that in outer life.

Through the processes, we are increasingly able to 

  • Hear and follow inspiration as the Voice of the Divine within.
  • Develop keen discernment of what is true and what is deception, so that we can steer our lives and our resources away from the unreal.
  • Fulfill our potential in a most graceful, paced manner.
  • Ensure our dreamtime serves our manifestation efforts, and increasingly be able to tap into the power of our higher dimensional selves from our vastness in inner space.
  • Live from soul depth, with the power of warmth to close the gap between potential and actualization.
  • Establish in a sovereign reality where everything we do in on paths of inevitability to our highest destiny.
  • Evolve the outer and inner sense organs for perfect self-communication.
  • Increase vitality and conscious use of all resources flowing our way.

The product comes with PDFs, Power Sigils, Rune protocols on the Rune app (free access), audios, and videos. Amber pieces are sold separately, as there are many options for daytime and nighttime use. 



The Amber Gemstone Alchemy Protocols

The Gemstone protocols emerged from correspondence with the Seer, as the spirit of the Amber gemstone was revealing information about its role presently. In sharing this with Almine, she came up with two gemstone protocols in support of its planetary mission and our ability to establish an impervious moebius of indivisibility between inner and outer realities. This step is key in activating the bridge from outer sense organs to inner sense organs, so that nothing can interfere with knowing Infinite Intent and being able to actualize a reality in outer life resonant with it. When all gaps between potential and its actualization have closed, we manifest a holy and self-sovereign environment.

To read about Amber’s properties and mission at this time, go to the information page: Amber Gemstone ~ A Dimensional Bridge Through Depth of Living

Amber holds potential, and the nighttime amber assists us to immerse in the unarticulated potential that will take us beyond current paradigms, and this gets seeded as potentials in our daytime environment. Then during the day, the daytime amber ensures that we notice those potentials through what life presents as options, through the quality of warmth. With the nighttime amber we access what has been unarticulated over ages past, and with the daytime amber those potentials unleash into our lives to become articulated.

The processes lead us to manifesting with soul depth, from inner space which has 9/10th of the power. Living with soul brings quality and warmth to life, and warmth is a tool of manifesting inner intent in our outer reality. Warmth increases the speed of awareness particles which speeds up manifestation.

The Amber process also removes obstructions from the Bridge of No Space, which ensures that spaces fluidly emerge to support the actualization of potentials being focused on. As we align deeply with Infinite Intent, life moves through us as a river of synchronicities and all comes to us more effortlessly on our willingness to engage in new ways.

1- The Moebius of Indivisibility – Accessing Unarticulated Potential with the Enhanced Daytime Amber and the Nighttime Amber

This gemstone protocol is done through meditation morning and evening, where we tap into inspiration and set intent (for the day or the dreamtime). The process uses two pieces of amber — one for daytime and one for nighttime. Because color variations occur with amber stones, Almine found that in order to function as the perfect gemstone to tap into and actualize potentials that were stirred up with the nighttime amber in the dreamtime, the daytime amber pieces needed to have a specific potency of light — a specific quality of dynamic balance of expansion that is instantly able to ‘land’ through paced, higher ordering of our reality. It prevents potential we called forth from not being realized, and as we are assisted to perceive and engage it, other areas of stagnation release as well. This enables all that has been suppressed from past cycles, to be brought into the present moment where life is ever new.

2- Activating and Uniting Inner and Outer Sense Organs

This gemstone protocol is done through Rune protocols and meditating with amber that has been resting of a specific power stack designed for this function.

This is one of the functions of Amber, that is, to create a unified field of the outer and inner sense organs. For that to happen, the outer sense organs must activate their inner, etheric capacity, which has been missing and has sustained humanity in the dream of separation.

For example, Inner smell is an organ of discernment that can ‘smell’ the truth or the divine connection in things. When that is activated, we become so finely attuned to what is enlivening and inspiring, and what is not. Smell is the sense organ that has never separated and so only knows oneness…it has the power to remind us of and take us back ‘Home’.

Inner taste brings awareness of tones activating in us as we commune with the plant kingdom in eating wholesome foods (we then eat to remember tones to express toward reaching wholeness). But inner taste is more than this when the senses are a unified field. We then can taste the quality of life around us, which adds a level of nuanced interpretation and discernment of life around us.

Inner sight perceives what can emerge to optimize the alchemy of the moment….what can fill the spaces of illusion that now are seen as blank spaces to be filled with the real.

All outer sense organs have an inners aspect, and Amber is the gemstone to bring these capacities online.

The Gemstone Alchemy protocol uses a power stack to augment the power of our day and nighttime gemstones. There is also a set of Rune protocols to further activate the sense organs, and these are done with our amber on us, and the power stack beneath us. Comes with access to Rune protocols, Light Elixirs by Almine, and a video on the sense organs.


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