Seven Chakras and the Unified Chakra Field Oil Kit


The seven Fields of Perception are levels of awareness of a fully evolved being.

Evolved awareness equates to power and potential in life. When we are able to operate from all 7 levels of awareness, a life of grace and ease in manifestation results.

These alchemical oils clear and evolve the seven chakra system to its higher function, that is, to perceive in the new feminine cosmos that we have entered. The traditional chakra system has evolved., and these oils will support you to that higher evolved state.  Read more below. I addition, an 8th oil has been received (2022) to unify the chakras into a harmonious Field of perfect self-intercommunication. The vitality that unleashes from self-communication is tremendous.

You may purchase the oil kit only, or the oil kit with support materials.

This basic FA kit includes the 8 alchemical fragrance oils:

  • Goddess Blend – to clear and activate the Root chakra
  • Lion of Judah – Sacral chakra
  • Lotus – Solar Plexus chakra
  • Lily –  Heart chakra
  • Blend of the Gods – Throat chakra
  • Gardenia – 3rd eye chakra
  • Magnolia – Crown chakra
  • Unified Chakra Field Blend – The Unified Field of the 7 chakras

Along with the 7 + 1 FA oils in the kit, you will receive the following materials:

  • A pdf to keep your oils at high potency
  • Information on the 7 Fields of Perception and on the Unified Field

Additional Resources and Activation Program

If you wish to explore further, look at the Chakra Activation programs offered on the shop. There is lots of information on product pages to guide you along to your next step.

7th Field of Perception Wheel by Almine,  LLC Spiritual Journeys,


The Chakras

There are 7 quantum fields available to man: 7 different realities or dimensions. Not only is this the case in the macrocosm, but also in man, the microcosm, where these manifest as the 7 bodies of man. Each field relays subtle information, which is received by the seven chakras. Consciousness is determined by how much information we can access from life around and within us, in the moment. The proper, higher functions of the chakras to download information to the endocrine system are therefore essential for consciousness. The debris of old trauma and programs blocking the chakras and distorting their proper functions caused  problems that disrupted our abilities to access interdimensional and subtle information.” Almine, from the Book of Runes

The Evolution of the Chakra System

The chakras have acted as receptors only up to now, and they evolve to being both expanded receptors of information and emitters that put forth our aligned intent for manifesting reality.  The plug in the middle of the blocked chakras held debris of unresolved issues, and as the plugs clear, the chakras become spheres of light. Eventually, through the alignment of the ‘clearing houses’ of heart and pineal,  the chakras intercommunicate to such a degree that they become a unified field–a great sphere of light that encompasses the whole being.

From the Book of Runes and other material include:

  • The pineal gland was unsupported by key brain areas, and in compensating for this, has had to do functions it was not designed to do: the interpretation of subtle information received from the other chakras. Rather than aligning to divine will from the information of the full chakra system, it then imposed its own will on life.
  • The language of the chakras was incomprehensible to the pineal gland, with the exception of the 6th chakra or 3rd eye. However the images received were being inverted.

These disruption may be cleared now, and the chakras can speak a common language. The Fragrance Alchemy oils for the chakras are alchemically calibrated to clear all the disruptions, and evolve the chakras into a unified field of cooperative communication and mutual support. The evolution of the chakra system is further supported through living certain principles and perceptions of higher living.

When all 8 Fragrance Alchemy oils are used, there is leveraged alchemy and accelerated change. 

You may read up on each of the FA oils in terms of their effect on evolving each of the chakras, by going to their product descriptions. Links are provided below. The newest addition is the Unified Chakra Field oil. The oil will have effect on its own, but for greatest power, doing the activation program with the 8 Power Wheels and Ceremony is recommended.

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