Alchemical Oil Trio for Establishing Self-Sovereign Space


This protocol involves 3 alchemical oils–each specific to stopping the leaking of resources to a lower reality of collective programming.

Specifically, the protocol supports a person to leave the lower human paradigm of a collective, programmed reality, in order to awaken in the real…and be able to manifest a ‘real’ environment or a higher order.

You can read more about the details on how the oils work on the block post on the website, linked to below.

Alchemical oil blends are:

  • Flight of the Falcon – aligns the 3 centers of Head, Heart, Gut and heals the nervous and alarm systems–opening a person to the true reality of heaven on earth.
  • Forever New – plugs up a major leak in our auric field, and stimulates the brain stem in support of cellular renewal (erasing stories of the past)
  • Sacred Space – clears and combats the detrimental effects of the hostile electromagnetic (EMF) waveforms we are continuously being bombarded with, which cause holes in our fields that result in illness, emotional manipulation, and mind control.

The product includes a EMF/ELF power stack to sleep on or to place under a WiFi box, as well as a sigil to protect against cell phone damage.

Price for the kit is about 12% below purchasing individually.


This protocol of 3 alchemical blends is discussed in the blog post: Fragrance Alchemy Protocol To Stop Leaking Creative Power into Illusion ~ Manifesting a Self-Sovereign Reality


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