The Alchemical Oils for the Five Elements Kit


The work of the great mystic Almine continues to amaze and lead us deeper into the mysteries of creation and the depth of being.  These latest oil blends support the leveraged powers of the meridians, and open up a ‘bridge’ of  communication between the masculine and feminine, supporting us to a life beyond opposition, in which there is easy flow from intent to form.

Recommended for daily use, these potent oils support clearing at deep levels and bring blessings to all in your environment.

The 5 alchemical oils are:


Mastering the Five Elements and Fields of Existence ~ Becoming Self-Sovereign Co-Creators

We have lived too long from surface mind–the mind that plans, justifies, judges and separates…the mind that has many drowning in deafening noise….Yet we also exist at a deep non-cognitive levels from where our creative spark, inspiration, and juices flow. We have lived the great divide between the two, and their reconciliation has not been possible until recent years.  This has caused us to be in repetitive stories, bound to replay what we have not yet resolved, which is cause of density, blockages, and leaked resources.

We were missing the tones of the 5 elements, which are layers of deep cognitive mind that operates below the surface mind. These layers correspond to the brainwave states below the faster beta state of rational mind. There is nothing wrong with rational mind–but it serves a distinct function.

Rational surface mind is not the creative director of our life, as it is the least knowing and the least powerful. It is closed to the unknown and when we rely on it to manifest a life, our outer sense organs function at only a fraction of their true capacity.   We are meant to be creative beings through visioning beyond the reality we know…When we open to the unknown in each moment, life force flows unimpeded through the body’s meridian system. When we live from surface mind, on the other hand, we block life ever new, and will experience varying degrees of depletion, aging, and decay.

The 5 elements represent 5 levels of reality that play into the equation of manifesting life. We manifest through the 12 ordinary meridians, yet we are sustained from the resources of the 8 extraordinary meridians–the reservoirs of Source.   The 5 elements are the bridge between these 8 reservoirs and the 12 rivers of intent through which we may manifest  a higher life.

The 5 elements, as deep cognitive levels to powerfully explore our individuation, may be summarized as follows:

  • Field of the Material – Earth Element –  Individuation through the gift of unique perspective, within the context of our vastness yet to be expressed, which comes in the diversity around us.
  • Field of Cause – Water Element -Cultivation of pure emotions for pristine creation, and deep feeling states to actively be cause for our inspired desires. Becoming the central expresser of our life as a work of art.
  • Field of Intent – Fire Element -Living by passion and joy that brings oneness to the body, in self-love and romance with life. Passionate, full presencing of embodied experience.
  • Field of the One (awareness) – Wind/Metal Element -Active appreciation that causes value to be revealed and enhanced. Feeling and receiving the full potential of the moment through sensitive attunement to the inspirational stirrings within.
  • Field of Consciousness – Aether/Wood Element –  The Collective Dream, where we actively vision beyond boundaries, beyond what we may imagine… in full expectation of and ability to perceive the miraculous.


In 2017, the seer Almine accessed formulas for 5 alchemical oil blends to activate higher aspects of the 5 elements, which were coming online, in preparation for such time that the lightbearers would step up to take back the Earth our Home. That time began in early 2023 and is picking up momentum.
These 5 Element oils are formulated to clear the meridian system and establish the bridge where resources flow easily in support of the Heart’s dreams, held within the purified ordinary meridians.  These 5-element oils are unparalleled in their potency, and they clear across all levels of the body so that outer and inner reality become one…outer becomes an expression of the true self rather than an oppositional mirror.

In late 2017, the 5 elements began to change from what was known, to a new configuration and dynamic interaction, as given in this alchemical wheel.  It has been the subject of deep study ever since.

To explore the five elements at greater depth, you may wish to explore upcoming offerings on this website,.


Properties of the 5-Element Alchemical Oils

This fresh fragrance with earthy undertones helps balance the tendency to resist change, and the inclination to become over-ambitious. It encourages flourishing through grateful acknowledgement of the gifts of the moment.

This blend is experienced as movement between the multilayered notes of the fragrance. Its alchemy is formulated to encourage the fluidity needed for a masterful life of grace.

The passion stirred by this alchemical oil provides the impetus to follow our inspired vision, empowered by courage and self-confidence. It promotes inner strength and fortitude in the face of adversity.

This fragrant blend encourages the unencumbered freedom of authentic expression. It balances the wisdom of being true to your heart, with the compassionate consideration of the impact of actions on the Interconnectedness of all life

The powerful effects of this multi-dimensional oil, include inspired creativity, empathic communication, and awakening the fuller power of the spoken word. It delivers its profound gifts by tapping into the current of consciousness arising from Infinite Intent.

Please note, the oils of the Five Elements are formulated to integrate and balance masculine an feminine expression. There is, therefore, no “ masculine” or “feminine” oils among them.

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