FA Oil Kit to activate the 24 Chakras and Body of Magical Manifestation


Read more detail about the oils below.

The four FA oils are:

  1. Unified Chakra Field
  2. Unified Field of the Earth/Heart Connection
  3. Haaraknit Unified Field
  4. Marriage of Light & Love

Comes with a short PDF describing the oils, placement, affirmations, suggested uses, and several laminated Power Sigils to work with.


This kit of 4 powerful oils is very timely, for as we express the body as a field of crystalline White Light, so our reality emerges in matter made holy, fluid, and incorruptible. It is best used as a complement to study of the chakras (see below).

Unified Chakra Field ~ this is the first of the oils, that is used to refine known chakra, from 1-7 or Root to Crown, which are the chakra of reality in form. Once these chakras are a unified field, we experience Home in the Heart. In the full 24 chakra activation, this oil supports the ‘upper loop’ of manifestation, connecting us to our higher dimensional selves.

Unified Field of the Earth/Heart Connection ~ The next step is to activate the chakras 8-12, and connect ‘heaven to earth’. When these activates, we establish Home in the Lahun chakra (above the Crown, creating a ‘halo’ of light around the head. This alchemical oil facilitates the activation of the lower 12 chakras, that anchor our being deeply with the Earth.

Haaraknit Unified Field ~the 3rd step is to integrate the upper and lower loops into a moebius of indivisible flow, so that potential and actualization become one. The ‘fuel’ to power this manifestation is the perpetual assimilation of ‘what is’, which becomes the stepping stone for what is becoming…This happens in the place of power in the Gut area, particularly in the etheric center known as the Haaraknit — ‘place’ no time and no space wherein is birthed the new.  This alchemical oil helps to fulfill our purpose as the Reconciliation of all polarities, cause of new reality, and bringers of hope.  This activates the full 24 chakras of magical manifestation that are supported by the fully activated meridian system of the 8 extraordinary and 12 ordinary meridians as a unified field. This activates Home in the Haran chakra. The body is now in the ‘Fluid Geometry of Wholeness’, emanating higher hormones as codes of higher living, and we bring ‘heaven’ to earth.

Programs to activate the 3 levels of the chakras are available on the Academy of Alchemy website. (www.academyofalchemy.com)

Marriage of Light and Love ~ This is an alchemical blend and activation of the Gold, Frankincense, and Myrrh — that form an alchemical equation to dissolve unreal overlays that obscure the true divine reality, as well as to open the body to receiving our higher dimensional aspects.  It is the oil that ‘lands’ our spiritual levels in the body, creating the body of fluid, crystalline, incorruptible White Light. And as our body expresses anew, so reality does, in the matter made holy and incorruptible — a portal of infinity.

This kit has the three oils for the chakras to form a unified field, operating in consolidated purpose to manifest a beautiful life and have that be a venue of proxy magic to uplift all life. As well, a fourth oil opens the body to receive our spiritual levels as refined luminosity. Together they support the body to become what we are, that is, fluid, coagulated, crystalline, White Light that contains the Allness within

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