The Thirteen Goddess Oils Collection


A collection of alchemically enhanced fragrant oils to awaken the aspects of the goddess within, through the thirteen goddess archetypes. This brings the deep peace of a balanced life, not only to the individual, but also to the environment.

It is recommended that we contemplate and incorporate the principles each of the goddesses represent, respectively, one a day. This practice and living of these goddess archetypes (called the ‘moon goddesses’ in native cultures ), will result in a deep peace and inner strength. The practice of articulating these goddess principles in our external experiences, while wearing the representative alchemical oils, will evoke the goddess aspects within.

The goddess collection of fragrances, is a bridge between inner and outer life, resulting in intuitive self-guidance throughout our eternal journey of existence.

~ The Seer


The goddess archetypes express the feminine aspect of our being that brings in vast resources and power to manifest from inner space, from the Heart of the Infinite Mother.

They are not related to gender, as we all have a divine masculine and a divine feminine expression; moreover, mastery in manifestation is done through the dynamic balance of both aspects lived in mutual cooperation.

Learning about these archetypal powers is critical at this time, as the feminine cosmos is now awake, and living from depth of soul has now become the cosmic focus. Manifesting from our feminine vastness is not at all direct as it was in a masculine cosmos.  With the feminine, life is more fluid and dreamlike, and holding only slight intent while presencing the moment fully without agenda, brings most graceful unfolding.  And it is that full presence in the moment that is enhanced by grasping the 12 goddess powers that leverage to the the 13th power to move to a higher reality. Eventually as they activate automatically, we stand still and all comes to us for instantly manifested glory.

The goddess powers support manifestation of full potential through participation of aspects that make up our wholeness. Through their distinct  perspectives on reality and practices of self-mastery, their contribution in  an alchemical equation leverages power to pierce through a paradigm, into a whole new order of reality.

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This set includes the following 13 oils:

  1. Pana-Tura (Goddess archetype blend 1)
    Goddess of germination: the Mother. She is the essence of life-giving energy that births into form. She midwifes potentialities into materialization.Application: Apply a drop or more on top of; on the front of, the left ankle.
  2. Ama-Terra-Su (Goddess archetype blend 2)
    Goddess of history. On earth she is the keeper of the history stored in the rocks, sand, and soil. She keeps the record of the loop of time, which is our biggest history.Application: Apply a drop or more on top of; on the front of, the right ankle.
  3. Ka-Li-Ma (Goddess archetype blend 3)
    Goddess of equity and destroyer of illusion. She brings balance by creating potentialities that can compensate for distortions that create karma.Application: Apply a drop or more behind the left knee.
  4. Ori-Ka-La (Goddess archetype blend 4)
    Goddess of prophecy with the farseeing eye. She is the oracle and holder of the key to changing the future.Application: Apply a drop or more behind the right knee.
  5. Au-Ba-Ri (Goddess archetype blend 5)
    Goddess of sound or frequency. She utilizes the rage of Lucifer to break up stagnant portions of Creation. She is the cosmic sound healer who works with the potential manifestation the spoken word creates.Application: Apply a drop or more on the side of the left hip where the thigh joins the hip.
  6. Hay-Hu-Ka (Goddess archetype blend 6)
    Elevating vision to see beyond the illusion of time, it helps dissolve the chains that bind from the past. This releases power to the practitioner to create change by changing within. The alchemy is designed to create change in the large picture thereby releasing available power to manifest the new. It is a powerful aid for manifestation — especially when used in conjunction with affirmations.Application: Apply a drop or more on the side of the right hip where the thigh joins the hip.
  7. Ishana-Ma (Goddess archetype blend 7)
    Goddess of beauty, grace and elegance. She facilitates the peaceful interaction among her children for harmonious co-habitation. She is a mediator and promotes joyful cooperation. She is the goddess of self-love.Application: Apply a drop or more on the inside of the left wrist; where the hand joins the wrist.
  8. Apara-Tura (Goddess archetype blend 8)
    Goddess of cycles. She is the operator who opens doors for cycles that are opening and closes doors for cycles that are closing. She celebrates the beginning and end of cycles.Application: Apply a drop or more on the inside of the right wrist; where the hand joins the wrist.
  9. Hay-Leem-A (Goddess archetype blend 9)
    Goddess of resources. She is the weigher of the consequences of today’s actions on all life, including nature and future generations.Application: Apply a drop or more on the inside of the left elbow (also called the crook of the arm).
  10. Ur-U-Ama (Goddess archetype blend 10)
    Goddess of creativity and inspiration. She knows true art inspires altered perception and that life should be lived creatively.Application: Apply a drop or more on the inside of the right elbow (also called the crook of the arm).
  11. Amaraku (Goddess archetype blend 11)
    Goddess of new beginnings and forging new ways. When the old is gone, she invents a new approach. She is the innovator.Application: Apply a drop or more on the front of the left shoulder where the arm joins the shoulder.
  12. Alu-Mi-Na (Goddess archetype blend 12)
    Goddess who guards the unknowable. She guards the source of all spiritual knowledge from being accessed by those with impure motives. She is the gatekeeper who determines who may cross. Application: Apply a drop or more on the front of the right shoulder where the arm joins the shoulder.
  13. Ara-Ka-Na (Goddess archetype blend 13)
    Goddess of the power to transcend all boundaries. She is the guardian of the portal or passageway between Creator and Creation. She represents the gateway hidden within the core of human DNA that enables us to become the I AM that I AMApplication: Apply a drop or more in the middle of the back of the neck right below the hairline.

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