The Alchemicals Oils for the Four New Etheric Meridians


Experience the power of 4 alchemical oils, to activate a third category of meridians: The Etheric Meridians of the being the Bridge.

With these meridians, the  lightworkers on the planet have a Home in the ‘twilight’ — neither outer nor inner space, we dwell in both simultaneously, mastering the expression of a real environment in form (outer), that emerges from the depth of the extraordinary meridians (inner), the flows of Source.

With a true Home in the etheric, outer reality becomes a holographic screen shaped in inner space, and inner and outer become an indivisible moebius of ever greater expression. We become both dreamer and dream, and matter becomes incorruptible, aware, fluid Matter.

These alchemical oils activate the new etheric meridians, enabling us to be the cause of new reality, engaging fully with life as our work of art, and no longer being programmed by the false matrices that have plagued us for so long.

This product comes with the FA oils and their power sigils to keep them fully activated.

  • The  exquisite, interdimensional Heavenly Rose oil to activate the Etheric Meridian of Heaven on Earth
  • Seven Veils from the High Magic oils activates the Etheric Meridian of the Holy Home within
  • Prince of Egypt from the High Magic oils activates the Etheric Meridian of the Holy Journey
  • Realms of Innocence activates the Etheric Meridian of Controlled (self-paced) Flow

If you wish to explore the meridians in greater depth, choose the option with materials. You will receive

  • A PDF elaborating on their function and exploring their correspondences to the 4 new Principles of Hope and 4 new emotions
  • A 5o-page PDF of posts extracted from a membership platform, with much more in-depth exploration
  • The 4 Power Sigils for the etheric meridians


Sizes Options: The kit may be purchased in 3.5 ml, 5 ml, or 18 ml bottles that have the convenient dropper caps.


The Emergence of a Third Category of Meridians!

When Almine accessed the 9th extraordinary meridian back in 2018, she mentioned that there were 3 additional ones, but did not come forth with them as it was not yet time. From doing the Space Clearing Protocol – a process aimed at stepping up as Guardians of Space and of Time and restoring the Fabric of Existence to being inviolate to the infiltration by the nefarious ones – I began to sense some new flows in my body. So I asked Almine if it was time to access these meridians. In the first week of September 2022, Almine was able to access the additional meridians, but was told that they were not actually ‘extraordinary’ but rather etheric meridians. They make up a 3rd category of meridians, and the mastered triad of ordinary (outer reality), extraordinary (inner reality), and etheric (neutral pole or the ‘Bridge’), opens up a space to create a real environment.

We explored these meridians in a series of blog posts on Adventures in Boundlessness messages, and they clearly take us deeper into creating our self-sovereign vehicle to move through a new spacetime fabric that emanates from our being as source.

The fact that she was able to access them indicates that we are ready to expand into the Fluid Geometry of Wholeness and be effective with proxy magic. When in fluid wholeness, all of our actions are proxy for all life, because nothing we do excludes any part of creation. With focus exclusively on the Infinite, with actions born of inspiration from within, and with visions of potentials that can flow with life ever new, all that we do evolves life incidentally. Without attachment yet in inclusiveness of all life, the Infinite moves life through our being.

The Four new etheric meridians are:

  • The 9th etheric meridian (which we have had for some time) is called “Heaven on Earth
  • the 10th takes that further to carrying Heaven within, wherever we go, is called “Holy Home”
  • the 11th is the “Holy Journey“, where we see the holy perfection through the darkness, and find paths illuminated before us
  • and the 12th is “Controlled Flow“…where we discern when to let go of the old and bring in the new.

Almine said they presented to her as little melodies, and that is because the etheric realm is ‘tonal’. And their powersigils are quite unique…they even look musical!

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