The Alchemical Oils to Clear and Activate the 12 Ordinary Meridians – Organizers of Life in Form


Experience the power of 12 alchemical oils received by Almine, to clear the 12 ordinary meridians of debris from false emotions and painful memory that keep us bound in repetitive cycles and under the forces of decay.

These alchemical oils have the power to dissolve memory and trapped emotions from the meridians, when used regularly. And they cause instantaneous shifts to emotional states.

This product comes with the FA oils, the basic manual, and some additional support material. More extensive materials can be purchased for an additional $37). (In product options).

Included in this product for the 3.5 and 18 ml sizes are the following materials:

    • Meridian clearing booklet by Almine, on how to use the oils
    • Sheet of sigils and quick reference
    • Reference sheet for points
    • PDF with additional info on the ordinary meridians

Full support materials may be added for an extra $37 (they come at no extra cost with the 18 mls kit):

  • Special point categories and protocols to explore more application with the oils: the four gates, horary points, points for chronic imbalance, points for acute imbalance, to clear organs, and clearing 13 main joints of the body
  • Audio meditations with FA protocols, to clear the past, activate the meridians through the entry-exit points and clear guilt, to release the tribe, and to find resolutions born of stillness


The Power of Clearing the 12 Ordinary Meridians

The 12 ordinary meridians (OMs) have as function to organize life according to the parameters received by the 8 extraordinary meridians that are the meridians of ’cause’.  When the ordinary meridians are blocked by distorted emotions, then the 8 extraordinary channels are inactive, and we are unable to bring our dreams to actualization in form. We are  then locked into the repetitive cycles of linear change in a life of struggle and disappointment. This is no longer viable at this time.

The 12 OMs are the rivers of our life that we journey upon. The Lemurian angels have described them as the “rivers of filth” due to the polluting emotions and memories that bind up to decay. They have acted as gatekeepers of the matrix, binding us to illusion through holding memory as pollutants that seep into the moment unfolding. Yet when they clear, and the 8 extraordinaries activate and flow into them perpetual resources from the reservoirs of Source, life becomes magical.

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