Crystal Waters ~ The Alchemical Oil to Support Gemstone Alchemy


Gemstone alchemy’s time has come, as the gemstone qualities activate the magical centers of the true spine liberated from the matrix of linear time. As we manifest a timeless existence from whole beingness wherein the masculine and feminine aspects are lived as one, our spiritual bodies permeate the physical, the body become a fluid field of tonal luminosity, and matter becomes spiritualized, fluid, incorruptible Matter. The activated qualities of the gemstones support new spiritualized matter, as it is the most powerful alchemy that combines Light, Frequency, and Matter.

This FA oil was received by the Seer (in 2023) to support our ability to activate the tones and qualities of the gemstones in us. The alchemical oil was created to purify and awaken the Gemstone Kingdom in our bodies. It’s name,  Crystal Waters, came directly from the oil (they are conscious beings).

From the Seer:  “It’s a unisex oil – floral overtone over a masculine base… Apparently, crystals, like Purple Tourmaline among others, are very potent at integrating the masculine and feminine.” This oil goes on top of the head, in the middle of the crown.

All purchases come with the sound elixir by the Seer, to merge masculine and feminine aspects, so that we may manifest from integrated oneness.


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Sample (2.4), 3.5 mls, 5 mls, 18 mls


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