The Marriage of Light & Love ~ The Alchemical Oil for the Crystalline Body of Incorruptibility


So very excited to announce a new FA oil that has the frequencies of Gold, Frankincense, and Myrrh — three substances that alchemically blend to open the body to higher aspect of self that dwell in realms of light. This combination also clears overlays of unreality from one’s environment, so that there is revealed ‘what is’.  It is time to express from true authenticity and manifest a ‘real’ environment that is an expression of what we are.

This FA oil has been patiently held as a possibility for years, but only now can it fully activate higher aspects in us, as only now are we able to shape the true body of coagulated White Light…that which we are. Infinite praise and thanks to the Seer for creating it!

The oil is applied to the locations of chakras 8 and 9 (where a woman’s ovaries are…applies to men as well), which provide the foundation in body, to ‘land’ our higher aspects of self. We are merging  refined Light into the body as the substance of love, which includes and assimilates all — in this manner the body becomes a portal of purification.

The ultimate gift to the Holy Mother is for our presence to spiritualize Matter and exalt it into the holy substance of Love. This FA Oil is the one to support this “Marriage of Light and Love”.

Comes with a Power Sigil that is a Power Source Wheel as well (laminated), with 24 angelgods to be invoked.

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There is much lore surrounding the three precious substances of gold, frankincense and myrrh, and in Almine’s work we see these in alchemical equations to lift reality into higher orders.

The new oil was given several possibilities for names, as all would be suitable in terms of expressing the powers of oils. These were

  • Immaculate birth
  •  The Dawn of a new reality
  •  Holy conception
  •  The holy trinity
  •  Sacred conception
  •  The marriage of light and love

I chose The Marriage of Light and Love because I have been questing for true embodiment of our higher selves into a body that was a fluid field…in the Fluid Geometry of Wholeness. For this, light has to come from our higher dimensions — the higher chakras where our consciousness in Oneness is vastly different than it is on the lower seven chakras.

This is the alchemical oil needed to master the Holy Matter Alchemy, and be able express the body as a fluid, coagulated field of crystalline White Light. And as the body becomes, so too our environment expresses anew, as sacred crystalline structures in fluid refined Light of Infinite’s Intent.

To learn about two new alchemical equations to take back the Earth our Home, go to the product pages and explore what has become possible!

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