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Selenite clears negative energies and distorted frequencies.

In 2022, the Seer augmented the power of Selenite to absorb hostile waveforms, in support of the Space Clearing Protocol. And she received a power sigil to boost its capacities in support of clearing our spaces and our bodies, as the interference from 5G, EMF pollution, radiation, and so much more is at unprecedented levels. Selenite’s power to purify the spiritual bodies has also been boosted, and it has been balanced to work with the powerful elite shungite in a harmonizer process. (See the Harmonizer process on the shop.)

With all purchases, you will receive the power sigil for Selenite, to augment this stone’s capabilities — it is to be placed under the sphere. The selenite sphere cam absorb hostile waveforms in an entire space in which it is placed.

The Sphere comes with a ring-stand, a laminated Power Sigil to activate and keep it at highest potency, a power stack to neutralize distorted frequencies, and the Shield of Innocence. Read more about the power of Selenite below.



These Selenite spheres absorb hostile waveforms, which purifies the space where they are placed, and this effect is amplified with the Selenite Power Sigil.

Selenite is the stone that cleanses because it holds onto nothing and innocently opens to ever higher vibrations. In its purity born of innocence, all frequencies simply pass through it as a revolving door to ever higher states. It can purify and recharge the gemstones in its vicinity, which becomes even more important as the crystalline body forms to an increasing degree and crystals in the body must also be kept purified. To this end, having one near where you sleep is recommended.  Pairing it with an activated Elite Shungite and Quartz crystal will increase the benefits (see note below).

The Keeper of Selenite spoke to the Seer as the Space Clearing Protocol was being developed, and it asked for a Power Sigil in order to increase its power to fulfill its role in the protocols and at this present time. Selenite’s power now unfolds in resonance to the qualities of awe and wonderment that activate Innocence. Innocent Perception, from a place of spiritual maturity and humility, opens a person to a life of grace, and to having revealed the secrets of the universe.

Through embodied innocence, awe, and wonderment, the spirit bodies become expansive powers that bring illumination to the body as a fluid infrastructure to embody vast consciousness. The stone is used in the Harmonizer Process that prepares the physical body to unite with the spirit levels. A wonderful imagination for the power of selenite in the body is the unfolding of our Wings of Light that open up our self-awareness to our inter-dimensional presence.

It is recommended to have a selenite sphere in your space, and assign it the task of absorbing all hostility and distorted waveforms that can disrupt the harmony at all levels of being for those who enter the space. For your part, hold only elevated thought and emotion, and see through eyes of innocence, awe, and wonderment.

Note on Increasing Potency and Benefits

** The activated gemstones get their added potency from Power Sigils received by the Seer Almine, as well as alchemical ceremony I do on them.

** Selenite cleanses, purifies, and lifts our vibration as we strive for purity and see all life as innocent and full of wonder.

  • Paired with the Elite Shungite that clears the unreal from the body, we have the perfect yang/yin gemstones working in harmony to support body evolution.
  • Add an activated Quartz cluster, point, or sphere, and you get the added benefit of crystals purifying and activating in the brain, to enhance telepathic communication and attunement to the true reality of Source.

You may wish to set this up next to where you sleep.

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