The Alchemical Oils to Clear and Activate the 8 Extraordinary Meridians ~ Flows of Source


Experience the power of these 8 alchemical oils, received by Almine, to clear the 8 extraordinary meridians of deep seeded trauma and the eight primary illusions that have kept us trapped in fear, in a matrix of illusion.

The 8 extraordinary meridians, which have been called mysterious, imponderable, miraculous flows, are the channels that are first-cause of our lives, and the deep reservoirs of source. Read more, below, on the importance of clearing and unleashing through them, the power for a miraculous life!

This kit includes the following 8 fragrance oils:

  • Lily
  • Secret of Nefertiti
  • Magnolia
  • Blue Lagoon
  • Luxor
  • Hathor
  • Papyrus
  • Arabian Nights


The FA protocols to dispel illusions from the eight extraordinary meridians is the original work of Almine, LLC Spiritual Journeys

In addition to the 8 FA oils (in 3.5, 5 or 18 ml sizes), this product comes with

  • The manual with alchemical equations for the meridians
  • A pdf with sigils to print and place your oils on to keep them pristine
  • Two protocols with the oils (to dispel illusion, and clear abuse from the body**)
  • An Atlantean angel music elixir (sung by the Seer) to support boundlessness (used in a suggested exercise)
  • An audio meditation to eliminate the gaps between the breaths (where trauma is stored).

**This latter protocol also uses the 12 FA oils for the ordinary meridians


The 8 extraordinary meridians are the miraculous channels that are first-cause of our lives, and the deep reservoirs of source. They activate on the vibration of joy and praise. They are the masters of the hormones, which are timing mechanisms. The hormones refine as we move out of the illusions of opposition and cause and effect, and our reality flows fluidly with grace.

Once the 12 ordinary meridians are cleared of debris and pollution from the accumulated drama and trauma over the ages, they then begin to flow with new vitality and life, which comes from the 8 extraordinary meridians. The 12 ordinary meridians can then bring fluidity to the experience of outer, spatial awareness on the vertical axis of existence in form.

From the 8 extraordinaries, the 12 ordinaries were birthed, and the 8 affect the 12 but not the other way around, as the created does not impact the creator. So the activation and refinement of the 8 EMs is key in expressing a flourishing life through the 12 ordinary meridians.

The role of the 8 extraordinaries is to sing the songs of harmlessness, indivisibility, and profound fertility to the 12 ordinaries, which then carry these frequencies into form. So long as the 12 are blocked, life is a mirrored illusion. When they clear, life becomes our expression, and it is through the power of the 8 extraordinaries, that we reach ever greater refinement in expressing a real environment.

These alchemical oils help to clear and refine the 8 extraordinary meridians, so that we may truly live an extraordinary and miraculous life, beyond mortal boundaries.

Explore the many blog posts on the meridians (on, to understand their primary importance in living a higher life. Also explore the support materials to clear these important channels–flows of Source.

Products to Activate the Eight Extraordinary Meridians

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