The God / Goddess Archetypes ~ Meditation and Ceremony

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There are 20 pairs of god and goddess archetypes (1)  that are significant powers that we may master, in order to manifest a self-sovereign reality. They are the masculine and feminine poles of an aspect of being.

We know that when we ‘pulse the poles’, i.e. emphasize one and then the other, in mutual support and harmony, we create a state of dynamic balance between the poles that is a leveraged power to live in dynamic balance…in the androgynous expression that is simultaneous across outer (masculine) and inner (feminine) realities.

They were received as part of a ceremony to activate the DNA to higher expression.  Working with these pairs and living them in dynamic balance, produces a language that causes manifestations in the new reality beyond separation.

This product contains the following (all downloadable):

  • An audio meditation to explore the pulsing and dynamic balance of the god / goddess archetype pairs (44 mins)
  • A reference table to the 20 pairs (PDF)
  • The alchemical wheels and Gates of the 20 god and goddess archetypes (PDF, by the Seer Almine)
  • And angel elixir (sung by the Seer) from the Angel that eases the polarity between the masculine and feminine aspects of our being (7 mins)
  • A suggested ceremony to work with the audio meditation or on your own, to activate the god/goddess pairs

(1) Received by the Seer in 2014, and given in the ceremony, Entering Godhood 3,


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