Ceremonies of Gemstone Alchemy ~ including the Crystals Activation in Spine and Joints


This product contains audio meditations and PDFs to activate the alchemy of the Mineral Kingdom, and in particular, the Gemstone ceremonies that have important alchemy to activate in our bodies presently.  The materials were created to highlight these important teachings of the Seer that are foundation to taking up Crystalline and Gemstone Alchemy as part of our Incorruptible White Magic.

As we embody as what we are: fluid, crystalline coagulated White Light, we need activated the qualities of that have been safeguarded in the gemstones. You can read about this on the pages of Crystalline Alchemy and Gemstone Alchemy.

This product has the foundational activations upon which the 12 Triangulations of Hope of the 12 Ordinary Meridians rely, which supports us to create fluid spaces for the materialization of Infinite Intent.


** Ceremony and PDFs to activate the 36 Crystals in the magical centers along the spine, in the 13 joints, and 3 other body locations

** Ceremony and PDFs to activate the 24 Attitudes of Exhilaration needed to create a common language between the true Masculine and the Feminine aspects of being — effectively closing down the poles through becoming their Reconciliation

** A meditation (and PDF) for the dynamic balance of the god and goddess archetypes so that we express in the fluidity of whole beingness across all dimensions

** Simple exercises to awaken the Magic of Man held in the heart of the Diamond Gemstone

** Power Sigils for the Diamond Song that restores the pristine tones in all gemstones


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