The 24 New Tones of Creations


Twenty four layers of cosmic membranes surrounded individuated life, forming a lens that created reflections of cosmic life outside its parameter. The removal of this ‘cosmic skin’ was imperative, since reflections create illusion the way a mirror shows a backwards and sometimes distorted image of what is.

Twenty-four layers also exist on the body skin and this is particularly visible on the face that reflects the layers of karmic distortion from unyielded experiences, which makes up the mask of personality. It is also found as layers of density just under the skin. (See the Rose Quartz Body Skin Activator Tool that also works to clear this.)

To eliminate any lens-like boundary is done by incorporating new tones of living frequencies into existence, and into our expression in life. This video set assists in activating the frequencies to thin and release those membranes.

What you get:

The Twenty-four New Tones of Creation in a 2-part video set, along with a PDF of affirmations, and other support materials.

Read below for more details.

The 24 New Tones of Creation is the original work of the Seer Almine, LLC Spiritual Journeys,


From the video:

Living frequencies are not just felt with the heart, but experienced with the whole body. Whole body being and expression…They liberate us from the bondage of old belief systems and perspectives. And they expand perspectives into unlimited omni-perspectives through which innocence preserved is set free. With innocence within spiritual maturity and harmlessness, the Power of the One flows freely to support the manifestation of Infinite Intent through our unique Song of Self. In addition to the alchemical videos of the New Tones of Creation, you receive materials extracted from the Whole Being Flourishing platform, where we explored and supported deep clearing of the programs that keep us in separation consciousness.

The massive destructuring and exposing of deception and lies that is happening on the planet  presently, calls forth for us to be in self-transparency, able to embody highest truth through fluidity in perspective, so that we may access potentials as inspired. When perspective is fixed due to programmed limitation, unlived potentials become shadows that we cast, where artificial life infiltrates.

The battle on earth is for DNA — create a world of lies, and the DNA is compromised and potential is lost. The resolution is for all who feel called to, to deepen in truth that sets life free. And so, clearing all programs of separation is imperative presently.

Materials included:

  • 2 videos of the New Tones of Creation
  • A pdf with the new tones and affirmations for each
  • Two pages with discussions on where we are presently in what is unfolding and what where we must put our focus…
  • Steps to purify the 12 Ordinary Meridians–the rivers of our life…
  • A 3 centers alignment process to triangulate a space of inspiration (audio meditation)
  • A short audio to open into the mindset that anything is possible
  • The alchemical video to Restore Freedom through Canceling Mind Control and Nano-technology

The videos:
The first video has the music elixir of the 5 Elements, composed by Sergey Achkasov, and the second one is a deep brainwave induction track to reach the gamma state, by AmYa.
The videos use a Kaleidoscope to further induce the deeper brainwave states. These are beautiful creations by Ken Meyering,


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