Herkimer Quartz “Diamond”


Herkimer Quartz ‘diamonds’ are a unique type of quartz that forms as small, stubby, clear, double-terminated stones. They got their name because they were first discovered in Herkimer New York. They are now found in other locations. They are clear,  yet can have small dark specks in them.

They are on the higher vibrational spectrum of the family of Quartz, and have the power to enhance and uplift.  The energy of these diamond-like quartz seems to lift one out of density and into a state of lightness and gladness of heart. Its energies can be delicate or subtle, yet there is a distinct capacity to lighten the mood and bring illumination.

This special type of quartz is known for its power in meditation and dream work, because it stimulates the Crown and 3rd eye centers. It has been called an “attunement stone”, that can be used to attune more deeply to another person, situation, or environment. Read more below.(1)

Herkimer diamonds are an ideal gemstone to access the higher chakras (8 to 12), because they have the quality of higher refined light that must be felt to be interpreted.  In this regard, it also is useful to attune to the real. That is the power of upliftment, which can lift us over the unreal obstacles, and into a reality of grace.

They can used at night, to enhance dreamtime when we enter into those etheric dimensions of our being. Read more below.

We offer a pack of 6 small crystals for the Urusak Water Device (see below for details), single larger Herkimers (18-20 grams) for meditation, medium size gemstones (roughly 7-12 grams) and pendants with a small Herkimer gemstone and irregular Herkimer beads.

All purchases come with the following:

  • A Power Sigil for Quartz crystal, received by the Seer (laminated)
  • A Power Sigil to restore the pure song of all gemstones, received by the Seer (laminated)
  • A short PDF describing the higher functions of activated Quartz
  • A short PDF describing ways to use Herkimer Diamonds
  • For the necklace and single stone options, you get  a meditation to emphasize the diamond-like quality to see beyond limitation, from boundarylessness.
  • For the 6-stone option, you get a short PDF on how to use the gemstones with the Urusak and the impact to the water.


While they are a unique, higher vibe quartz, they also have the capacity to store, transmit and amplify energies as programmed. Yes the gemstone resonates to intentions rooted in oneness. Herkimer gemstones assist in connecting to our divine essence and to our higher spiritual levels, and from that, they can assist us to embody those higher aspects, which effectively serves to spiritualize life on Earth.

Considering that we are ‘ascending’ in the body at this present time through expressing the body as a fluid field of coagulated, crystalline White Light (from the Seer’s teachings), Herkimer Diamond is a very useful stone to this end.  As we become a crystalline field that is resonant with All That Is, all that we refine in ourselves becomes the higher ‘standard of illumination’ held in the activated Quartz grid on the planet.

Herkimer Quartz Diamond is a harder stone than the usual quartz, and grows naturally as double terminated stones that resemble diamonds in the rough.  Herkimers have the ability to ray out their energies in all directions, just like diamonds do.

Herkimer stones amplify the song and energies of any gemstone it is placed next to. This is similar to the power of Quartz, but with Herkimer it is exponentially amplified.

Placing a Herkimer gemstone on the Crown or the 3rd eye in meditation while emptying the mind, fills the head with refined light from our higher dimensional levels of self. The quality of light is so refined that it brings in non-cognitive information that must be felt to be interpreted.   Herkimer quartz assists in embodying these higher levels of our being that have dwelled outside of physicality until now. It is a perfect gemstone to embrace life from our whole being on all dimensions of reality, which has as effect to spiritualize matter, turning it into holy, incorruptible Matter — the substance of Infinity.

Herkimer diamonds may be taken to bed at night (placed in a pillowcase or pouch around the neck, or on a bedstand near your head, with the gemstone on its Power Stack).  This will enhance clarity of dreams and insights upon waking.

As an attunement stone, you can program a pair of stones and place one, say in your sacred space at home, and the other you wear on you, to enhance the sense of being in sacred space wherever you go, as you will be attuned to the other stone and its environment. You can program a pair to hold a space of upliftment and give one to your child to keep in their pocket at school, as you wear or carry the other one while being in a field of Hope that uplifts.  These are just examples.

According to the author of “Love is in the Earth” Herkimer diamond quartz are good for the dispersal of toxins in the body, for rebuilding cellular structure, and correct imbalances in RNA/DNA. (1)  This may be something that can be enhance through a Power Sigil in future.

Hermiker Diamond on a Strand of Herkimer beads

The pendants we carry have been made into power objects that open the body to our higher dimensional selves, so that the process of expressing the body as a fluid field of crystalline Tonal Luminosity is supported. They are programmed to amplify the emanation of Tonal Luminosity that dissolves illusion and establishes truth and our ability to discern it.

The pendants come with a few additional Power Sigils for self-refinement.

The Single Herkimer Gemstone

These stones vary in size and are sold by weight. The pieces are either clear, or may have a smoky quality or have some inclusions. They are good stones for meditation and dreamtime, and they are very effective at stilling the mind and filling it light. They can also be used to enhance the power of other gemstones you work with. If the gemstones you have are small (often for more pricy stones), they can effectively amplify the energies so it’s as though you have a very big one. (2)

Quantities are very limited presently. The specimens offered here are double-terminated, clear crystals. They come with the diamond power wheels, the quartz crystal power sigil, and a meditation to emphasize the diamond-like quality to see beyond limitation and perceive from boundarylessness.

Set of 6 small Herkimer Diamonds

The set of 6 is to be placed in the carafe of the Urusak Water Device. Once you have turned your living water into holy water, then having the water in the carafe with the 6 Herkimer Diamonds will maintain the purest vibe of the water, and cause a specific resonance with the 6 alchemical wheels that activate in the spiral.

You can also just use one larger Herkimer and program it to resonate with the meaning of the 7th or the 8th wheel.

For some, the effect can be too intense, so it is recommended for those on an accelerated path of awakening.

Note: Placing Herkimer diamonds in water that has not gone through the Urusak process will not purify the water — so this usage is only for those who have the alchemy for ‘water magic’.


(1) Love is in the Earth, by Melodie – Earth Love Publishing House

(2) From the Book of Stones, by Robert Simmons & Naisha Ashian

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Herkimer Necklace, Herkimer Stone (lrg), Herkimer Stone (med), Herkimer Earrings Studs, Herkimer drop earrings, Set of 6 small Herkimer for the Urusak Device, Set of 6 small Herkimer diamonds + 1 larger for the Urusak Device


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