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The Urusak Water Purification and Activation device is a complex alchemical device that turns enlivened water into holy water that is made for the optimal healing and activation of the person creating the water.

The device creates a spiral movement of the water through two 6-spiral coils with activated Quartz on six alchemical wheels, and this recreates the tube torus around the body and around each cell.  The alchemy structures the water so that it holds the crystalline hexagonal codes for the full awakening of the Song of the Cells.

Tone or frequency shapes the forms in our reality, and enlivened, activated, holy water has the divine frequencies for every part of your body. This is a vibrational tool that brings coherence to the whole body to become a fluid field of Tonal Luminosity.

The cell is the first level that contains our Song of Self as a unique expression of the Divine. By restoring the cells to their full vital functioning, we are able to ‘land’ in our bodies, our higher dimensional aspects. We become increasing ’embodied’ in our vastness, able to effect all life around us through living lives of ever greater wholesomeness.

To purchase the Device, click on the Urusak Wheel and you’ll be taken to a dedicated website.

The Quartz Crystal sets for the Urusak can be purchased on our shop on the Academy of Alchemy, and we stock all price ranges depending on crystal quality and size.  Activated Herkimer Diamond Quartz are also a useful addition, as are chunks of activated Elite Shungite. You will find these options in the Water Magic sections of the shop.

The Device has been the labor of love of Dave Reedjek, a long-time student of the Seer Almine. He developed a first prototype in 2012 when the technology was first received by the Seer, but it was in glass and prone to breakage when shipped. He then studied 3-D printing, put together custom printers, explored materials, and played with ideas.  In 2020 began the earnest attempt to design a device that was robust, precise, and could be shipped. Assisted by the Pleiadeans no doubt, Dave created the perfected Urusak Device that can be shipped worldwide. Allow for a few weeks from the time to place your order to shipping, as the parts are not always printed in advance.  


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